Cairns "Peace Activists" to hold Vigil for Hamas Terrorists

 Red ‘n Green makes Brown: Anti-Semites to  hold candle light vigil against da Jooozzzz…


* Lets hope it won’t be quite as bad as this:

                Oslo Muslims use children as human shields


Or here in L.A.


If you’re going sent us your report and pic’s…


Update 1:

* Here’s a report from one who went and doesn’t want to be named: 

Cairns Candlelight Vigil: A Non-Event

6:30 pm, Cairns City-Place:

A bunch of middle-aged and elderly people showed up, up to 30 of them, some beards, some obese,  some with keffieh, mostly Aussie, one clean shaven guy (probably gay) who sported a “Free Palestine” T-shirt talking to a reporter who eagerly noted everything he said (a supporting pen-pal for the cause) 3 Arabs, (probably Lebanese) a sign saying “Give Peace a Chance” and a few others similar, but nothing threatening. Stuck on stoopid in the sixties. Useful idiots, all of them.

Strange however that these good people are virtually blind when it comes to Hamas shooting thousands of rockets into Israel, hitting hospitals, schools and kindergartens with intend to kill as many civilians as possible. I was going to ask the guy with the “Free Palestine” T-shit  what he meant by ‘freeing Palistan’, because Gaza is already Judenrein, did he mean to free Palistan from da Jews or did he want it free from Hamas terrorists? But then I decided it wasn’t worth it. Waste of time. I watched for about an hour before I left. Passers-by didn’t show any interest either. Cairns is -still- a good place to live…

Update 2:

“Peace” group supports Israel dissolution

Mark Henderson | January 9 2009

The so-called “peace” activists at the Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group have revealed their true colours – they advocate a solution for the Middle East that involves “dissolving” Israel.

The group made its views known at a “peace” rally in Sydney last night.

The group’s spokesman was asked why a “peace” group supported Hamas when it doesn’t recognise Israel’s right to exist.

The answer – “neither do we”.

When asked how this should be put into practice, the spokesman said that Israel should be “dissolved”.

That involved the naive view that Jews could live in a new, expanded Arab and Muslim-run Palestine.

The spokesman was unable to explain what sort of peace such a plan would bring to the Middle East.

Given the murderous attitude held towards Jews by the terrorist organisation Hamas, it would be highly likely that not long after the state of Israel was “dissolved”, its Jewish inhabitants would be “liquidated”.

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  1. sheik – have you got any friends, even two or three, who can go along with you to counter-protest? Unfortunately, I’m way too far away to help out. But for what it’s worth: I’ll pray that the Good Lord will send down the rain in waterfalls, and a strong enough gale to whisk their banners away and drop them in the scrub. That should dampen the haters’ enthusiasm a little.

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