Bahrain to Release Code of Conduct to Regulate Religious Speeches

Which doesn’t mean the Bahraini police doesn’t monitor what goes on in the mosques; the Moslems know that mosques are a fertile breeding ground for jihadists and plotters, in Turkey the kuthba (the Friday sermon) has to be approved by the government, the same in Tunisia, Morocco and many, if not all of the Islamic countries. It is only in the West that we are totally unaware of the politically explosive nature of Islam that we excuse these activities with ‘Freedom of Religion” – who could  imagine thirty years ago that within a relatively short time we would have millions of hostile aliens among us who build mosques and madrassas and plan our demise?

Bahrain to Release Code of Conduct to Regulate Religious Speeches

Suad Hamada / Khaleej Times Online

MANAMA – Bahrain plans to release a code of conduct for religious speeches to regulate Friday sermons and Islamic lectures.


The code aims to counter those scholars who try to politicise religious gatherings. Under-secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs Fareed Al Muftah said in a statement that the code would bring to an end violations of religious norms by some scholars, especially those with sectarian leanings.

He said that the code would also promote religious dialogue in Bahrain and pave way for modernisation.

Earlier this month, a lawmaker Jassim Al Saidi was stopped from delivering sermons after complaints by six societies that he passed improper remarks in his Friday sermon.

Action Against MP

The lawmaker was asked by the authorities to submit text of his sermon to investigate whether it promotes sectarianism and anti-national sentiments.

Action would be taken against him if charges were found true.

Besides Al Saidi, scholar and opposition leader Hassan Mushama has been stopped from delivering sermons and religious lectures after 14 terror suspects accused him of encouraging them for their terror plans in their TV confession aired on December 28.

The code will suggest life ban on scholars who failed to pay heed to initial warning from the ministry.

It will also highlight a guideline for scholars for speeches and sermons that shouldn’t go against the kingdom’s principles of national unity.

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  1. Personnaly I would wait until one can see an authorised version of the supposed code.

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