Could Beverly (Khadija Abdul Qahaar) Giesbrecht’s Kidnapping in Pakistan Be A Jihad’s Scam?

Discovered on “Crooked in Canada”


Is Khadija trying to make a -not so fast- buck for the Taliban?

Sheik yer’mami reported this case under “Jihad Freaks” and Afghanistan: update on the Giesbrecht Kidnapping

* Looks like good ol’ Khadija is trying to make the Taliban a fast little buck. Yvonne Ridley comes to mind: think she could have done the same way back when she was ‘kidnapped’ by the Talibs?

* Here’s Khadija spinning some enemy propaganda for an Islamic website

After an al-Qaeda terrorist cell flew a couple of hijacked jets into the World Trade Center in New York a Canadian woman, Beverly Giesbrecht from British Columbia, converted to Islam. Until now I didn’t know she existed.

If it wasn’t for the headline grabbing news story that Giesbrecht, a Canadian citizen who now goes by the name of Khadija Abdul Qahaar had been kidnapped at gunpoint (so the story goes anyway), I probably never would have heard of her as I don’t tend to go out of my way to visit Canadian pro-terrorists websites like the one she runs and publishes on at

Nevertheless I find her story intriguing, and dare I say, hardly believable. Although I could be wrong about Giesbrecht aka Qahaar, and though I don’t really care if I am or not anyway, I think the 52-year-old woman is running some kind of scam to help out the jihad cause she supports. More here

B. C. woman reportedly abducted in Pakistan

Canadian kidnapped in Pakistan ran ‘pro-terrorist’ website

Kidnappers demand $1.5M for release of B.C. web publisher: report


Kidnappers of a Vancouver web publisher are demanding a $1.5 million ransom and the release of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan, according to a Pakistani newspaper.


The News International, an English-language Pakistani newspaper, quoting non-government sources, said along with the money, the hostage-takers are calling for the release of their colleagues from the U.S. prison in Bagram in exchange for the freedom of Khadija Abdul Qahaar.

Bagram holds what the U.S. military claims are captured Taliban fighters.

Citing privacy concerns, Canadian foreign affairs officials will not say who they believe abducted Qahaar or anything about their demands. Up until now, there has been little information about her fate.

Qahaar, 52, was kidnapped two months ago while shooting a documentary on the Taliban in Pakistan’s violent Bannu district. A convert to Islam, she had said she wanted to show the human face of the Taliban.

But on Nov. 11, as her shoot was winding down, she was abducted by armed men.

Qahaar was a Vancouver businesswoman involved in internet publishing who used to go by the name of Beverly Giesbrecht. But she became outraged after the launch of the War on Terror, converted to Islam and founded a pro-Islamist web magazine named Jihad Unspun.

Glen Cooper, a friend and former business associate of Qahaar’s, said he was relieved to find out she’s still alive, but worried about her health.

“She has a problem with her back and her eyes have been giving her problems over the past few years,” Cooper said.

*Foggeddabboudit! Leave her there! She ain’t worth the price of met?

6 thoughts on “Could Beverly (Khadija Abdul Qahaar) Giesbrecht’s Kidnapping in Pakistan Be A Jihad’s Scam?”

  1. people who join cults always try to encourage outsiders to see the “human” side of the gang leader, sort of like the Mafia boss is really a nice guy at heart, you just have to get to know him. It’s fear that leads someone like Beverly Geisbrecht to want to find a way to show us that the misogynist thugs called the “Taliban” are just a bunch of nice guys. Is she stupid or something…when the Taliban were the government of Afghanistan they legislated and strongarmed all females into the cloister of the home, no women were allowed to have employment, and girls were not permitted to go to school, and worse things happened like shooting women who were “adulteress” in the head in former soccer stadium. Is this woman Geisbrecht out of her mind? Or, perhaps she is just a terrorist who thinks it’s ok to treat people like slaves.

  2. She should be now converted back to Christianity. Because now she have seen actual face of terrorist by Jesus Christ.

  3. Beverly Giesbrecht should have stayed in her home country instead of wandering in an area of Pakistan where even well equipped Pakistani soldier would not dare to travel like her. For Taliban, she may be Khadija Abdul Qahaar from Canada, it seems they do not want a Canadian Muslim lady to travel alone in Taliban zone. She may have been misunderstood as an agent of CIA or very presence of a lone lady in wilderness of Waziristan would have alarmed Taliban Mullas.

    I wish Beverly is released and she returns home in Canada to publish her memoirs for the aquaintence of interested readers. My heart and prayers are with her.

  4. This is outrageous and very un-Islamic! If they insist on taking one of our women they should at least have the courtesy to pay us a dowry for her!

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