Hamas fires rockets from BBC building in Gaza, staff used as human shields, BBC keeps silent…

BBC Silent about being Terrorized in Gaza: Discretion or Cowardice?

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Al BeBeeCeera slogan: “Remember: the responsibility of manufacturing truth is a great one”

Hamas jihadist among human shields

* Update from the Cairns Candlelight Vigil for Hamas Terrorists: A Non-Event!

Israeli media reports that Hamas took over the first floor of the building that the BBC offices in Gaza last night and fired rockets from there, trapping the journalists above. Despite the fact that their reporters have now escaped the building, the BBC has so far not said anything about this.

When I was interviewed on the BBC last week, I commented on the pervasive intimidation of the MSM in Gaza, which is one of the reasons that there were none there when the hostilities broke out. I pointed out that the last journalist resident in Gaza, Alan Johnston, now the editor in chief, only survived because he was so openly pro-Palestinian, and even he got kidnapped and brutalized.

* BS: Johnston was not kidnapped and not brutalized. Johnston faked his kidnapping. It is confirmed that this son of a whore was in the enemy camp all along, but still gets awards and recognition from Britain’s dhimmi government. Why? Because he’s a Muslim ‘revert’-you go figure!

Threat of law-suit:

“I’ll cut that out to spare you a law suit, my interviewer said. You’re impugning the integrity of a journalist, and without his credibility he can’t practice his profession.” I was at once struck by the combination of concern for reputation and shamelessness involved in such a “favor” to me.

But here’s the BBC, used as human shields by Hamas, and they won’t let the public know.

Now on the other hand, the Foreign Press has decided to boycott the visual material released by the Army Spokesperson’s Unit (Dover Tzahal) because they object to not being allowed to go into Gaza and — get this — to the Israelis shelling buildings that hold press offices in Gaza. (I kid you not.)

From: The Foreign Press Association

Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 2:27 PM

Subject: Urgent notice to members

The FPA rejects and condemns the IDF policy of controlling the news coverage of the events in Gaza. by preventing the entry of foreign journalists into Gaza andbombing buildings housing offices of international media – contrary to IDF assurances that these media buildings would be safe – the IDF is severely violating basic principles of respect for press freedom.

As a result of these unconscionable breaches, the FPA calls on all its members not to broadcast or print stills and videos the IDF provides as a substitute to independent reporting – until such time the IDF issues a formal apology for the attacks on the media buildings and offers assurances that no such event will occur in the future.

The Foreign Press Association

It’s hard to find a finer illustration of the sad truth that the media will behave in craven fashion towards those who will hurt them if the journalists displease them, and in arrogant fashion towards those who won’t retaliate. Despite the many and vociferous denunciations of the Israelis in their statements during the current conflict, not one discusses misbehavior by Hamas.

And the righteous indignation of the letter further illustrates my belief that, unable to admit to either their public or themselves that they are intimidated, they hid behind a pseudo-ideology that permits them to wax morally eloquent. Alas for the state of journalism. Alas for the MSM’s Western public! Alas that Israel won’t denounce these hypocrites.

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  1. The MSM is a lost cause but then especially in the UK they are almost all with a few honourable and notable exception extreme left wing PC Moonbats brainwashed at their left wing Colleges and Universities so you can expect nothing more from them. Anyone who relies solely on the MSM for news is being thoroughly propagandised and lied to.

  2. Realist, check out this “journalistic masterpiece” from “The Age” business section, blaming
    Israel for everything from the destruction of the WTC to the London & Bali bombings…


    Israelis are living high on US expense account
    Michael Backman
    January 17, 2009

    THERE’S a memorable scene in the Stephen Spielberg film Munich. After the 1972 Munich Olympic Games killings of Israeli athletes, prime minister Golda Meir tells confidants she wants to show the plotters that killing Jews “is expensive”. She then organises for the assassination of each of the plotters.

    Today, it is Israel itself that has become expensive. Most directly, it is very expensive to the US, which subsidises and arms it.

    But Israel’s utter inability to transform the Palestinians from enemies into friends has imposed big costs on us all. We have paid for Israel’s failure with bombs on London public transport, bombs in bars in Bali, and even the loss of the World Trade Centre towers in
    New York.

    [……..] It gets worse!

  3. With the war in Gaza raging on, I have a great story for you – your readers will want to hear about this.

    On Thursday morning, I met with Michael Fenenbock, a veteran political consultant (Robert Kennedy!) and founder of “the18” (www.the18.org). He and his wife, Daphne, made a lightning visit to the Gaza war zone this past Wednesday to interact with IDF troops near the front. The area he reached is unreachable to the International Press. He said that the soldiers looked confident and in high spirits (“not like during the Lebanon War”) and felt that they had everything they needed to get the job done. They had every intention of “finishing it” – ending this conflict for good.

    I would be more than happy to forward you his full account of the experience.

    You can view his pictures from the experience here: http://picasaweb.google.com/daphne325/Selects?authkey=AnsPBN8hU6E&feat=directlink#

    Please let me know if you will be able to post this story on your blog. Also, do you know of anyone who would be interested in interviewing Michael on TV or radio?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Elie Klein
    Account Executive
    Ruder Finn Israel
    Direct: +972-2-589-2013
    Mobile: +972-544-676-967
    E-Mail: elie@ruderfinn.co.il
    Website: http://www.ruderfinn.co.il

  4. In ancient Rome there was a legal principle “qui tacet consentire videtur” which translates as: “he who is silent is taken to agree.” Thus, silence gives consent. Sometimes accompanied by the proviso “ubi loqui debuit ac potuit”, that is, “when he ought to have spoken and was silent.”
    We may take it then that since the BBC is silent in this matter that they agree that Hamas may use their property to wage war against Israel and thus are de facto allies of Hamas and support the agenda of Hamas i.e. the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish population there.

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