'Hamas Is Al-Qaeda' Chants Resonate Outside UN

Jewish Groups Out In Force In Defense Of Israeli Offensive; International Politicians Working Feverishly On (final?) Solution

Marcia Kramer

 CBS News Interactive: Mideast Conflict

While the fighting continued in Gaza, it was a busy day in New York at the United Nations. Demonstrations of protest were held outside, while negotiations took place inside. 

Jewish groups protested outside the UN building Monday, chanting “Hamas is al-Qaeda.” They tried to send a message to diplomats that any solution to the current crisis in the Middle East must end the chokehold on the area by Hamas terrorists. 


Lies and denial from the  Ham-ass lickin’ UN:

* Hamas Uses Israel’s Warnings to Prepare Human Shields

UN rejects IDF claim Gaza militants operated from bombed-out school


Christopher Gunness of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said the organization is 99.9 percent certain there were no militants or military activity in its school. 


But the UN is full of Muslims who do what good Muslim brothers (and sisters) do: promote the causes of Islam above all else…

Have you heard of Karen AbuZayd?  “Hamas is NOT to Blame! Karen Abuzayd United Nations”


 “Protecting Palestinian rights is a universal obligation” 

*  See if you can find something in Karen’s bleeding hearts essay about Israeli rights! This good Muslimah  is firmly in the Muhammedan camp!  More? Here..

It is high time that Western nations, all democracies, not only the US, delegitimize these agents of Muhammedanism…

And then this: 

The head of the UN administration in the West Bank and Gaza admits Hamas members are on his payroll.

Media outlets ignore it.


                                      Hansen: firmly in the terrorist camp…

“I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don’t see that as a crime… we do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another.”

With this statement, Hansen verified what Israel has long contended ― the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), rather than performing a neutral humanitarian role in Palestinian regions, is actually infested with terrorists who use international funds and UN safe havens to facilitate attacks on Israeli civilians. More, much more here…

How the U.N. feeds Hamas

The High Commission is mandated to help refugees get on with their lives as quickly as possible, and works to settle them rapidly, most frequently in countries other than those they fled. UNRWA policy, however, states that the Palestinian Arabs who fled from Israel in the course of the 1948 war — and their descendants! — are to be considered refugees until they return to the homes and villages they left more than half a century ago (which actually no longer exist). The principle they apply is called the “right of return.”

Read the whole thing…

Continued from above: “Hamas is Al Qaeda”


“Israel should not cease fire now, until either Hamas is defeated or Hamas relinquishes its power,” NYC Councilman David Weprin, D-Queens, said. “Until that time comes, Israel must continue its current course of action. Israel must finish the job.” 

The demonstrators talked about the thousands and thousands of missiles launched against Israel by Hamas since 2005. 

“What nation on the world … would Paris, would London, would New York, would Los Angeles … accept missiles falling in their cities and not react with the fullest force?” Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind asked. 

Inside the UN, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki tried to come up with a resolution that would end the hostilities. 

“International observers [should] be dispersed along the different crossings and an international force [must] provide protection for the Palestinian people,” Al-Maliki said. 

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to address the Security Council Tuesday. 



Here’s the whole thing from Atlas Shrugs

The last minute, thrown together pro-Israel rally in NYC today was so packed, so overwhelming, they were turning Jews away. You could not get to the rally. The support parade was across from the Israel consulate between 42nd and 43rd. The police could not contain the throngs of happy, peaceful supporters and forced folks off 2nd Avenue. It was unbelievable.

I have been to all those Jew hating rallies, and they take over whole swaths of New York (this past weekend, for example) – they are given huge amounts of space, but the cops would not let us into the barricades. The Israel supporters were pouring into the streets. The young and the old – what a stark contrast from the haters’ demonstrations. Dark vs. light.





Robert Spencer spoke to the cheering crowd




Blocks of this





The anti-semites in Jewish costume never miss an opportunity to exhibit their nazism.

Nycrally1608_078 Nycrally1608_079

The speech makers went to extraordinary lengths to declare this is not a war against the “Palestinian” people, this is to stop Hamas. The Jews always say this. Always. I have yet to hear a similar declaration made at the anti-Israel, pro-jihad rallies. Never did I hear this is not a war against the Jewish people.

UPDATE: Heartfelt thanks to Atlas reader Nancy, who snapped and sent this pic in of Atlas and Jihadwatchman 🙂



UPDATE: The Red Squirrel caught video – check out it out here.

UPDATE: Robert Spencer has a great post on it here.

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