Islamic World Conquest? Allahu Akbar!

The people you see in this vid want your demise. Don’t think for one moment that its only the thugs from Hamas who call for permanent jihad and world conquest: its a religious obligation for every soldier of Allah…

Bad News of the day: Obama camp to legitimize Hamas with direct talks

Latest video: Muslim ‘Youths’ riot in support of Hamas in Oslo

Hamas terrorists kill other Muslims in Gaza / Hamas executing Gaza residents accused of helping Israel

with thanks to Pamela

3 thoughts on “Islamic World Conquest? Allahu Akbar!”

  1. gee, i wonder if those usefull idiots at CNN will report or play this video. highly unlikely.

  2. Christian Prince, maker of this video, rules! Go C.P.! Check out all his videos! Check his utube chanel.

    nabi ZK (peace be upon me)

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