Jihad from the doctor's house

* Gaza impoverished? Take a look…

* This is a story that went around the world. A Jewish mother put a Pali doctor in his place as he tried to make political mileage for the Pali-cause by whining for Pallywood. Looks like some people wizened up to Pali-prop. Curiously, in an unexpected twist, it turns out that  the daughter and the niece of the good doctor  have pieces of metal  from a Grad-type Katyusha rockets – and not from any ammunition used by the IDF – in their heads. Israel doesn’t shoot Katyusha rockets. Hamas does.

(IsraelNN.com) The IDF and a Gaza doctor who works in Israel traded charges on whether people in his Jabalya home were armed with guns or love. The IDF shelled the building, killing three of his daughters and wounding three others.


Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish, who formerly worked at Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva and now works at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, protested the army shelling at a press conference at the Tel Aviv hospital.

Levana Stern, whose sons are serving in Gaza, interrupted the media event to protest, “Why is he engaging in propaganda? He is talking against Israel at the Sheba hospital. You should all be ashamed. All my children are serving in Gaza. Who knows what he had at his home?”

The IDF said his home was the source of gunfire at soldiers.


* Debbie Schlussel cops a lot of flak for exposing the radical Islamic medical students in the US, mostly Arabs, who promptly go apes#*t and threaten to sue her. Stay tuned…

The doctor told reporters, “Were they armed when they were killed? They were not armed with weapons, but rather, with love; love for others. They planned to travel to Canada; I got a job in Canada and they wanted to come with me.”

After he was interrupted by Stern, Dr. Al-Aish replied, “They don’t want to see the other side; they only want to see one side. They don’t want to see the others.”

Stern said her heart aches over his children’s deaths but added, “I don’t understand why the people of Israel give him a platform at the hospital while our soldiers are lying here wounded. He needs to tell the story, but tell it once, and that’s it.”

Carl in Jerusalem has more:

Palestinian’ doctor’s daughter may have pieces of Grad rocket in her head


It’s the story that has kept Israelis occupied most of the weekend. Three daughters and a niece of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a ‘Palestinian’ doctor who lives in Gaza and works at Tel Aviv’s Tel HaShomer Hospital, where he is the director of the fertility clinic, were killed – allegedly by an IDF shell – in Beit Lehiya, Gaza on Friday. Here’s raw video of the doctor getting word of his daughters’ death during a newscast on Israel’s Channel 10 on Friday.

* Sorry folks, looks like the video’s been pulled…

The IDF allowed ambulances to come straight to the house, and the doctor’s daughter, niece and brother were rushed to the hospital – first to Barzilay in Ashkelon and then to Tel HaShomer.

From the beginning, the IDF maintained that they were responding to sniper fire from the doctor’s home.

On Saturday, Dr. Abuelaish held a press conference at Tel HaShomer, and Levana Stern, the mother of three IDF soldiers wandered in and started screaming at the hospital for allowing him to hold a press conference. This is from al-Jazeera:

* That vid has been pulled also…

Ms. Stern was interviewed on the radio this morning and she said that she was enraged that the doctor was being given a platform while the war was going on.

The story has made headlines all over the world. Here’s an example from the New York Times (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).

Israel Television has just reported that shrapnel removed from the daughter and the niece, who are now in Tel HaShomer, shows that they may have pieces of metal that are from a Grad-type Katyusha rocket – and not from any ammunition used by the IDF – in their heads. Israel doesn’t shoot Katyusha rockets. Hamas does.

The saddest part of this is that Dr. Abuelaish is apparently the rare ‘Palestinian’ who strives for peace. Apparently, even he could not keep the terrorists from using his home.

The Muqata blog just posted the following.

9:40 PM Breaking News. 

The CAT head scan of the niece of Gazan doctor, Dr Ayash whose 3 daughters were killed in his building reveals conclusively that the shrapnel in her head is NOT from IDF muntions…rather like those from Hamas-used rockets.

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