New Zealand: Muslim cafe owner kicks Israeli women out of his shop

* Hmm, but why did these moonbats visit a cafe’ owned by a Muslim, anyway?

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Islamic Tolerance Alert. “Cafe owner defends booting out Israeli women,” from Newstalk, January 15 (thanks to DW):

An Invercargill cafe owner who says refusing to serve two Israeli women was one small protest from the bottom of the South Island.Mustafa Tekinkaya, who is Muslim and originally from Turkey, asked the two women to leave his Melvana Cafe after hearing them speak Hebrew and establishing they were Israeli .


SHOCKED AND HURT: Israeli nationals Natalie Bennie, left, and Tamara Shefa, with Mrs Bennie’s two children Noah, 2, and Ella, 4, were told to leave Mevlana Cafe in Invercargill because they were from Israel.


He says his actions were a protest over the conflict in Gaza where 1,000 people have now died, half of them women and children.

“And they are killing our future. The human future. (remember: only Muslims are human…) And I just wanted to like make a voice, as one little man in the bottom of the South Island.” 

Mr Tekinkaya says he is happy the women have complained loudly about his actions, as that is exactly what he wanted. He says he enjoyed the reaction when he refused them service.

“One woman I didn’t serve made huge noise. I love it, I love it – it’s how I want it to be.”

Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres says refusing to serve the women because they are Israeli is a clear breach of human rights. He says whatever the rights or wrongs of the Palestinian situation, it is against the law for providers of goods and services in New Zealand to discriminate in such a way.

Mr de Bres says it is important people respect the right of others to hold a different opinion and not discriminate against them on that basis.

But Mr Tekinkaya remains unrepentant and is unconcerned about any complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

“This is my side. If they’re taking their side they are not welcome in my shop.”

13 thoughts on “New Zealand: Muslim cafe owner kicks Israeli women out of his shop”

  1. Liberal Jews need to understand acting like a dhimmi or being a Diaspora Jew isn’t going to gain them any more compassion from Muslims. Islam doesn’t understand the concept of selfless unconditional love. The Islamic moral compass is all relative to the success of Islam, so if murdering a Jew means either chasing away all the rest of the Jews & making others submit, its justified in Jihad.

  2. My advice to any decent non-Muslims from Invercargill: henceforth and forever, BOYCOTT Mr Mustafa’s shop, and encourage all your acquaintance to do likewise.

    The law requires that he serve any customer who turns up; but the law does not require that *you* should give him your custom in the first place. Let him go broke for lack of customers; maybe he’ll get the hint and migrate back to Turkey where he can wallow in vicious antisemitism all he likes.

    If Mustafa hates Jews that much (and in order to find out where Muslim hatred of Jews, not just of Israeli Jews, but of all Jews, always and everywhere, really comes from, I advise any person new to this blog to get and read, as soon as possible, Andrew Bostom’s ‘The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism’) he probably hates other non-Muslims too – I wouldn’t trust him not to put something nasty in the coffee.

  3. Hi Dumbledoresarmy, The book of Hate and War also called the koran would give them that information too in spades.

  4. This muslim shit should be prosecuted under law – why has that not happened. Take the bastard to court.

  5. Unless the women take civil action, its unlikely anything will happen to him. The Establishment wouldn’t want to be seen to be ‘picking on muslims’ and stuff, they have bombs you know.

  6. He did the right thing. Its his right to choose to support innocent killings in israel or not. a typical anti muslim article saying how poorly hurt the isrealies felt. lol bullsh!t. imagine how many billions of people are killed in isreal yet they fail to mention that because this stupid country is now relying on jews to run it, and according to jews, living in any non jewish blood country makes them impure. why dont they just go back to their own country if they feel impure instead of killing innocents and asking the innocent people from palestine to serve them food.

  7. He did NOT do the right thing. Please tell us how many billions are killed in Israel?????????? I presume you are taking about Planet Earth. And which innocent people in Palestine are you talking about????

  8. thanks Kaw..Gemma you are way off base. I grew up near Invercargill and the people of Invercargill and the whole of Southland have always been the friendliest people. This area has long been known as the friendliest part of New Zealand . No doubt the local people helped this git in every way possible when he moved there..soon after this an American cafe owner , in I think kaikoura did something similar. As far as real New Zealanders are concerned if these wacko foreigners want to do things like this , they are more than free to go home and do them. We don’t want THEIR BS in our country.
    One of the Israeli woman had lived in Southland for several years being married to a local. The other woman was visiting her from Israel. Neither of these women had anything to do with any decisions made by the Israeli government. This moron totally insulted the local people.
    Joris de Bres is a well known, longtime Communist..but even he had to say what this moron did was against our laws. As any patriotic person would say..Obey our laws or truck on out…
    I never heard the outcome of this case but like many others I hoped his business was badly affected.

  9. During the Gaza War a well known Jewish owned Café/Resteraunt in Casablanca was subject to abuse by a group of Palestinian residents of the city. In response over four thousand locals (all Muslim) flocked to the Café in solidarity to the owners and two beat-up two of these Palestinians who returned to break a few more windows.

    The entire point about the NZ event is that it is politics, not religious.

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