Pakistan, Jihad, Hype & Bull

Rage-boy country:

We all know that Pakistan,  build on Islam and nothing but Islam, is a beacon of light to all of humanity, just like ol’profit Moe, the inventor of “Allah” and the Muhammedan ideology religion. If it wasn’t for Israel and the evil Jooozzz, Pakistan and the whole ummah could live happily and in peace in a sharia wonderland, which is, as we speak, in the making. But it will never happen unless Israel is destroyed. Can you find Israel on the map?

*  Here are some of Pakistan’s latest activities designed to accelerate this important process:


Pakistan’s ISI training women in the arts of jihad and terrorism

Friend and Ally Update. “Now, ISI training women for jihad in J&K,” by M Saleem Pandit for the Times of India, from JW

UN: Pakistan demands end to Israel’s “ongoing campaign of terror and abominable crimes”

Lots of Pakistani outrage regarding Israel’s Gaza campaign. One wonders when the Pakistani government will actually display similar outrage at what happens daily in its own country — such as the explosion of an all-girl high-school, or the beheading of a “faith-healer”.

“Pakistan calls for end to Israel’s ‘campaign of terrorism,’” from the Daily Times, Jihad Watch

(Pakistan) NWFP: One million kids to miss anti-polio drive in NWFP

‘Pakistan has highest maternal, newborn and child mortality in South Asia’

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