Rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon

Rockets hit Israel ‘from Lebanon’Al Bebeeceera


At least three rockets fired from the direction of Lebanon have landed in the north of Israel, Israeli security forces say.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said at least one rocket had hit the Nahariya area, north of the city of Haifa.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries or damage.

The news came as Israel reported making 60 air strikes on the Gaza Strip in a single night, targeting facilities used by the Hamas group.

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Lebanon: Nasrallah threatens ‘new war’ against Israel over Gaza



Beirut, 7 Jan. (AKI) – The leader of Lebanon’ s militant Shia group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has threatened a “new war” against Israel in retaliation for its offensive in the Gaza Strip. In a speech delivered in Beirut on Wednesday, the Lebanese cleric also attacked Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for failing to open the Rafah border crossing.

“I say to Israel we are ready for a new war. We are better prepared for any new war than we were in 2006,” said Nasrallah

“We are not afraid of your planes or your threats we and are ready for any scenario.” (of course not he is not afraid. That’s why he is hiding in Teheran and in Syria…)

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Several lightly wounded as Katushas hit Nahariya area

Unclear whether rockets were fired by Hizbullah or Palestinian organizations in Lebanon; IDF reportedly returns fire.

Nasrallah warns Israel, Arab mediators

Demented Arab Cartoon of the Day

Israel is the only country in the world that provides food, medicine and essential services to genocidal Arab terrorists  who are determined to wipe her off the face of the earth…

* Ahmadinejad sends envoys to demand end to Gaza offensive

* Israel takes hit in Gaza propaganda war

* Canada bleeds another 4 million for Gaza

The usual bile from the usual suspects: “the suffering Palistanians”- nothing else matters…

European Union external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner told Israel President Shimon Peres in a meeting on Tuesday that “Israel’s image is being destroyed” by its refusal to heed ceasefire appeals.


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  1. Hey, how did you get Nazrullah to pose?? Was it a guest shot in “Muslim of the Month”??

  2. “allah” & Mo denied that Jesus was crucified, but muslims will admit it when they want to
    use it against Jews, as in the cartoon. Shapeshifters, like a two-headed penny.

  3. Tough shit Bonobo Ferraro-Rocher, far better for Israel’s reputation to be destroyed than for Israel to be destroyed.

  4. Was Israel’s reputation any good in the past few decades? They have nothing to lose,IMHO.
    You don’t define your existence by others’ approval unless you are pretty shallow.

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