"Sheikh" Khalid Yasin, a good ol'Harlem shyster

Khalid Yasin’s Road Show

Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

We posted a report here last week about Khalid Yasin, who was born in either Brooklyn or Harlem (depending on which source you read) and converted to Islam. Mr. Yasin spent some time in the UK and Australia, and then recently turned up in the Netherlands, where he is giving the Dutch government heartburn over the prospect of his incendiary preaching.

A choice quote from Khalid Yasin:

And how can you put a sacred trust in the hands of a non-Muslim? There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend. If you prefer the clothing of the kafirs over the clothing of the Muslims, most of those names that’s on most of those clothings is faggots, homosexuals and lesbians.

Now it turns out that Khalid Yasin is more than simply a Muslim firebrand: he’s a good old-fashioned shyster in the venerable American tradition.  

While he was in Australia, Mr. Yasin raised money from investors for the “Purpose of Life” Islamic TV channel. But, as it happened, these investments were obtained fraudulently. Once the money was in Khalid Yasid’s hands it was used for no tangible purpose, and, when evidence of his shenanigans surfaced, Mr. Yasin was obliged to depart Australia somewhat prematurely.

The full transcript is available at the ninemsn website.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum, I have been following your Da’awa since 3 years ago, and you inspere me alots. i wish , i will see you in my destoted country, Nigeria where haram had become almost a fashion, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. becouse of lack of practising the true religion of Allah. please my country is in fire. I will be greatfully indebted if you kindly oblige Ya Sheik. alssalamu alaikum warahmatullah

  2. ALhadullilahi Rabil Alamin. I have been looking forward to have more contact with your site but all efforts are to no avail. Last year around this month this time I send my sincere concerned about my country Nigeria and the inebriating manners in every nook and cranny of the country how ever the police and the so elite politicians kept extorting and fabricating a false situation in the name of Religious crises especially the Boko Harram crises and Plateau State Jos crises is an artificial crises that killed thousands of hundreds of innocent ummah in the name of religious crises perhaps this is an devastating situation that need to put and end to through Da’awa by Allah’s willing and send DVD’s Cds e.t.c. throughout the country insha Allah I am 100% sure you strong Allah’s gifted voice will make a loud and strong impact to the innocent umma of my dear so call country… I am not proud to be Nigerian but boldly proud to be Muslim. Ma salam till I hear from you ya Sheik

  3. Assalamualaikum ya sheikh, jazakallahu khaira. i wish to see you one day in nigeria were our muslim brothers and sisters are trying to copy the kafirs of the west in their dressing and many bad things.

  4. Salamun alaika ya sheik, i pray that Allahu subhanahu wata’alla will gathered our faces in jannatul fiddausi, i actually want to make a coment but is lyk my brothers have mention all i’ am triying to say, hope u’ll all ur possible best to help us by contributiy with allah have bless u with , jazakallahu ya sheik

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