Violent Muslim hordes descend on London, France, Norway, Greece, Malaysia, Sweden, Bosnia, Lebanon, Thailand, South Korea, India

Update: Livni with balls?

Livni: Israel will not show restraint 

Foreign minister speaks with Washington Post, says Israel will not back down from Gaza offensive until operational objectives are met. ‘We don’t ask the international community to fight with us. We ask it to give us some understanding and time’

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Pamela has the latest: Muslim riots all over the world.

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Listen to the screaming allahu akbar! And they’ll keep telling you this is not about Islamic Jew hatred or Islamic imperialism. And Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace!’

Update from “This ain’t hell”

Pro-Hamas theater meets Free Republic

Lafayette Gaza 079

This afternoon in DC, at Lafayette Park, across from the White House amidst preparations for the Inauguaration, several thousand protesters gathered ostensibly to show their support for Gazans, but as you can see by the flag above, it was more an Israel Hate Fest than support for anyone.

About three blocks from Lafayette Park, in Farragut Park, I ran into a prayer session;

Lafayette Gaza 010

Lafayette Gaza 009

Inside Lafayette Park, it was interesting to see who was behind the protest;

Lafayette Gaza 017

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Note the Starbucks that was trashed in this video, there have been texts ,e-mails and comments on muslim forums saying that McDonalds and Starbucks were donating this weekends taking to Israel, complete nonsense of course and so what if they were?

And you have love how these violent Muslims and leftist march under a banner of “stop the war”. Yes, believe it. Believe your eyes because everyone is lying to you


Protesters clash with police as 100,000 strong London Gaza demo descends into violence

Violent clashes occurred between police and around 20,000 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in London – with an estimated 100,000 protesters airing their views around the city.

Windows were smashed and policemen were injured – with one officer knocked unconscious in the running battles and two requiring treatment for facial injuries.

The protesters – mainly young men – knocked down barriers threw missiles including eggs, red paint, sticks and shoes as 300 officers in full riot gear tried to maintain the peace.

Yeah Britain, keeping bringing in those Muslims. Good luck with that!

More from Jihad Watch:

In sixty years Pali-Arabs have multiplied 8 times. Originally about 700 000 Arabs fled from the Muslim armies who vowed to ‘wipe out the Jews’- since then they engage in excessive breeding and jihad, supported by the clueless “International community”… 

The black flag of Jihad

“Gorgeous” Gallowswine


There were reports that some protesters had tried to set fire to police vans.

The violence, which broke out in front of the Israeli Embassy, appeared to be led by a hard-core of masked and hooded youths.

A national demonstration against Israel marched from Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park today to the Israeli embassy in High Street Kensington.

It was estimated there were around 100,000 protesters in total across London, including the Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and Kensington protests.


A Starbucks coffee shop in the area was stripped of chairs and had its front windows smashed, and protestors also removed fittings from the shop.

Residents living in flats above watched the scenes from their windows, and many people pleaded with police to let them out of the cordon.

At one point, the protesters were seen to throw shoes at mounted police posted in the Notting Hill area.

The march ground to a halt outside the Israeli embassy as tens of thousands of people surged past carrying placards.



A Thai Muslim steps on burning Israeli flags during a protest in Muslim province of Yala, in southern Thailand


A South Korean protester shouts a slogan during a rally in Seoul, South Korea

Across the Irish Sea, a 5,000-strong crowd gathered in the centre of Belfast, in a pro-Palestinian protest event organised by the Irish Congress of Trades Unions.

Belfast Lord Mayor Tom Hartley of Sinn Fein said: ‘The full-scale military assault on Gaza has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people including the slaughter of women and children.

‘Our demands today are simple: The war in Gaza must end now.’


Protesters push and shove during demonstrations outside Parliament in Oslo, Norway

Elsewhere in the world, some 20,000 people took to the streets in Berlin and other German cities.

Protesters threw snowballs at two Israeli flags that hung from the windows of a house along the demonstration route, but otherwise no incidents were reported.

In Amman, Jordan, more than 2,000 took to the streets and in Syria, another 2,000 marched in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus shouting anti-Israeli slogans.

There were also demonstrations in the U.S., France, Norway, Greece, Malaysia, Sweden, Bosnia, Lebanon, Thailand, South Korea and India.




Greece: Riot police attempt to assist a colleague covered in flames from a petrol bomb thrown by protesters, during clashes in central Athens, File Photo



Norway: Islamic Riots  Violent Clash Pro-Hamas V pro-Israeli near the Israeli embassy(video h/t Islam in Action


Netherlands: No Sanctions on Israel; Another Ceasefire IdeaThe government of the Netherlands rejected calls to impose sanctions on Israel. The Dutch Prime Minister expressed understanding for Israel. (Balkenende with balls? that’s a new one…/ed)

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Jewish children who suffered shock after a rocket fired by Muslims from the Gaza Strip



Israel, do not stop. defend yourselves, defend your right to live. The world has removed its mask of acceptance. Evil hates us, it/they always have. Do not lie down.

Arabs Attack Religious Jews in Lod Throw them out of Israel


Netherlands: No Sanctions on Israel; Another Ceasefire IdeaThe government of the Netherlands rejected calls to impose sanctions on Israel. The Dutch Prime Minister expressed understanding for Israel.


An Israeli removes a window frame from inside his damaged apartment after a rocket fired by Muslims inside the Gaza Strip hit in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon




Today, Nidra Poller covered the Jew hating death march in Paris and Jiro Mochizuki sent us the pictures. Punk jihad. Oh and Nidra  just checked the Indigènes video. Yes, they said Obama deserved the shoe. But of course,  It’s America they hate. It’s always been America – the POTUS is merely the most visible  icon of the US.



The French Brigades…of Izzedine al Qassam

Nidra Poller, Paris 10 January 2009

Last Saturday they were 20,000 (police figures) or 25,000 (organizer’s claim). Today they were 30,000 (police estimate) or 100,000 (organizer’s assertion). With a dozen hefty police cars and several rows of riot policemen in the lead, he demonstration left Place de la République at 3 PM, went down boulevard Beaumarchais to the Bastille and from there to Place de la Nation. Some “minor” incidents have been reported in the press so far, attributed to “smashers” who didn’t really belong to the demonstration. For some mysterious reason they went straight to Place de la Nation, where they caused the usual trouble, until they were finally joined by the real demonstration, to which they were not really attached. This unlikely story will not convince anyone who actually saw the demonstration, with its smashers ready to smash.  Their faces covered to show the heights of their courage, they ran in packs, often in the opposite direction to the rank and file.

The march was mean, ugly, raucous, defiant, hysterical, frightening. Hundreds of Palestinian flags, a few Hamas flags, and a huge banner proclaiming support for Hamas, carried by the Indigènes de la République. Watch their video on this site Pro-Hamas, pro-Hizbullah, unashamedly extremist, they claim to resist until all of Palestine (=all of Israel) is liberated. Chanting Palestine vivra, Hamas vaincra (Palestine will live, Hamas will win) the indigenes (the natives) vilify the French president, Arab leaders, Bush of course and, if I heard right, Obama as well. The Indigènes are the hardcore of the demonstration. They are the ultimate in humanitarian protest, n’est-ce pas?  I don’t have to tell you, just watch the video, and you will understand that these people will do whatever their leaders tell them to do. There is no limit.

The rest of the demonstration stretched out in various degrees of jihadism. The banners were slapdash, the “bloodied” sheets were sloppy, the blood libel baby was a dummy. Occasional posters thanked Hugo Chavez (for kicking out the Israeli ambassador), hundreds bore portraits of the founding warlord Izzedine al Qassam. The usual slogans accused Israel of cold-blooded murder, proclaimed “We are all Palestinians of Gaza,” demanded that the media tell the “truth.” Meaning the whole truth, the Hamas truth, and no other truth.  The sound trucks looked like IEDs. The keffieh was de rigueur. Some wore it around the shoulders, some wrapped it around the head…all that was missing was the RPG.

Extreme left anti-capitalist party leaders, Marie-Georges Buffet and Olivier Besancenot, were present and accounted for. There was mention of someone from the Human Rights League. Mouloud Aounit, president of the MRAP, an anti-racist association that known for its dallying with Islamists, announced that the demonstration was a warning to France. They must intervene for an immediate ceasefire and/ or send forces to protect the Palestinians from the Israelis. The demonstration, he said, is not communitarian (ethnic) or religious, it is in the name of justice.

The infidel minority was a bit stronger this time than a week ago. As I presumed then, the UOIF had a lot to do with the turnout. A colleague, Clément Weill-Raynal, confirms that the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood told imams to talk up the Gaza crisis at Friday prayers, and get the people out into the streets. A week of phony humanitarian crisis and atrocity reports in French media has probably mobilized additional support for the Gazaouis and their Hamas government.

This week France 2 admitted, barely, that a 12-second sequence allegedly showing death and destruction caused by an Israeli airstrike on January 1st was in fact footage shot in 2005. They did not bother to explain that the footage in question was used at that time to falsely accuse Israeli forces of committing an atrocity when in fact the casualties were caused by a truck laden with explosives that went off accidentally in the midst of a crowd in Jabalya. The newscaster mumbled the half-hearted apology without bothering to rerun at least a few seconds of the fake footage so that viewers would know which sequence was being retracted and why. And, more important of all, she did not mention that most of the videos the station is showing these days from Palestinian sources are also faked.

French media have slipped headlong into blood libel mode. Just as they did in September 2000 when the pre-planned jihad attack against Israel was disguised as a popular uprising that turned radical because of a disproportionate Israeli reaction to perfectly normal protests. Today, French media are wallowing in blood, steaming hot libelous blood. If anyone in the French media’s Jerusalem studios is checking the videos that pour in, it must be a Hamas operative. Those courageous Hamas combatants are hiding underground and, with the help of Western media, launching lethal narratives at Israel. Talal Abou Rahma of Mohamed al Dura fame gets a credit now and then, but he has too much competition this time around. Not likely to reap rewards for any scoops!

I suppose the same stories are going around everywhere. The Israelis shot at a UN (they don’t like to say UNWRA) contractor trying to bring in humanitarian aid, forcing the UN to suspend distribution; the Israelis gathered over a hundred innocent civilians in a building… and then bombed it;  etc. , etc., etc. Enough atrocities to go around the world…and strangle it. You can see some of them on the front page of the Communist newspaper, L’Humanité, displayed by demonstrators today.

And of course if we object to staged, faked, doctored, and photoshopped images it means we don’t care about the children who really did get killed or wounded. Tell it to the humanitarians who demonstrated today.

Someone from the Lyon branch of a Muslim association warned that France better heed the message delivered today and take a strong position (against Israel of course). If not, the banlieue is going to explode. That’s right, it’s going to explode. There are elements in the banlieue, he said, that can’t be controlled. No one—not the associations, the political parties, the imams—can control them. Israel can no longer be given special dispensation from respect for international law.

If Nicolas Sarkozy hoped to calm the banlieue by his strong condemnations of Israel’s disproportionate response to the Hamas rocket attacks, which he also condemned, it wasn’t worth the loss of dignity. Today’s demonstrators and the masses they speak for won’t be satisfied with half-measures.

PHOTOS: Jiro Mochizuki (Agence shot) Thank you Jim for sending them. I will post more as soon as I get to a machine that can handle me.






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  1. England (in particular) is kaput. Flee you poms. Having abandoned Christianity and embraced these hoards of violent demon inspired pagans they now begin to reap what they have sewn.

  2. ‘Our demands today are simple: The war in Gaza must end now.’

    Your demand might be simple, but if anyone is going to accommodate you, it is most likely
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  3. I wonder WHY the muslims are so concerned for their women and children when they have NO respct for their women and children. They hide behind their women and kill their children. These parasites on society must be dealt with. For them to be allowed to parade the streets, promoting more violence and cowardly murderous acts as they hide their ugly faces is unthinkble. Imagine if the PRO ISRAEL crowd were to parade.

    Time for this to end. It’s been thousands of years that the muslims have warred and killed and murdered. It is TIME TO TAKE THEM OUT.

  4. Bat doo doo,

    I’d like to contend that the ‘pagan’ hordes of the UK’s unelightened white lower classes could, and possibly will, take out the mohammedan masses if allah’s little helpers decide to put an end to the drinking culture or such like when they eventually make their bid for sharia. Or it could be that the once the welfare dependent white underclass begins to feel the pinch as the recession deepens then the situation could turn quite nasty.

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