Yes, Minister: "No link between Islam and terror"- sez Pranab Mukherjee

Times of India

* We could of course speculate on Mukerjee’s motives to peddle this garbage, is he just a goose or is he on the take, or does he believe that saying nothing ‘inflammatory’ would pacify the perpetually enraged Muslim ‘community?’ We leave that up to you, dear reader, make up your own mind…


                                           Pranab Mukherjee

KOLKATA: Observing that Islam does not have any link with terrorism, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said that sometimes religious texts are misinterpreted to commit terrorist activities. 

“There is no relation between Islam and terrorism…. In fact, no religion has any place for terror,” Mukherjee said. 

Sometimes religious texts are misinterpreted to commit terrorist activities, the minister said. 

“Terrorists are enemies of humanity,” he said. Mukherjee said this after inaugurating the Dakshineswar Adyapeeth Ananda Vidyamandir at Adyapeeth.


* Yep. Lets keep chasing terrorists… windmills, ‘WoT’, War on “Extremists”, or yes, why not: War on cousins?

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