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F*kcing (with) Fiction: The “war of the civilisations” is nothing more than a troublesome myth

* Indeed: you may be right, Yusuf! You got to have a civilization first, not the barbarians at the gate. But it seems to be a myth that troubles you, Yusuf.  Just like it troubles this conspiracy fantasist here, from the Muslim Brotherhood:

 “The Jews and Hindus attacked Mumbai, not Islamic jihadists”

Sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan tells us “cultural warriors” once again that we got it all wrong, like a cheating husband who, when discovered in flagranti by his wife, shouts at her “who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

About Mumbai:

“Its complicated”,  sez Yusuf,  “did our local “experts” bother reading Indian newspapers? Were they not aware that Hemant Karkare, the anti-terrorist squad chief in Maharashtra state gunned down with two colleagues by the terrorists, had earlier received death threats from followers of the Hindutva extremism that inspired Mahatma Gandhi’s assassins.” 

So what? Maybe he did, perhaps he didn’t. Fact remains, he was killed by Muslims who yelled “Allah akbar” just like all Musulmanic killers do,  from Mohammed Atta to the guy who saws the head off a helpless hostage with an old knife in front of a camera. Fact is, these Pakistani madrassah-boyz never met a Jew in their lives, but Arabs hate Jews and all Muslims are Arabs’ bitches. Fact is, these 10 Pakistani headbangers, those soldiers of Allah, came to kill Jews, first and most of all, as we can see here:

Mumbai jihadists’ prime target was Jewish center

“When asked during interrogation why Nariman House was specifically targetted, Ajmal reportedly told the police they wanted to sent a message to Jews across the world by attacking the ultra orthodox synagogue.”

“Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans” — Qur’an 5:82

“Nariman House, not Taj, was the prime target on 26/11,” by Somendra Sharma for DNAIndia, January 5 (thanks to Pamela):


Islam has declared war on the West – on their favorite target, the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists – it’s in the koran. Convert or die.

The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History


Just because you can’t believe your eyes, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

So here you have it, Yusuf: from an Indian Newspaper. Yes, Islam “is not a monolith” (but I still don’t eat baked beans) and you may not like the Saudi religious establishment. You have music  on your  iPod (which is haram)  and you would like to be a Jew when it suits you, just like you want Australia to become Islamic under sharia. And you keep lying like a liar Muslim does. But all of it doesn’t add up. None of it makes sense and it doesn’t change the fact that FGM in Indonesia was not a pre-Islamic custom that can be cured by our Australian imam’s” but in fact introduced by your co-religionists…

Want more, Yusuf? Here’s more:


So once again, Yusuf: take your taqiyya where it belongs and don’t forget to flush!

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  1. Having read of the many cold blooded murders that Hamas is responsible for against its own people…Palestinian Gazans(stemming from fears that these do not agree with its ideology)..

    ….makes me wonder …really wonder and shudder at the indifference from Western media on this very subject. Why on earth do they not report this!

    Hangings,cold blooded torture in slaughterhouses! dragging of corpses in the streets..etc.

    How can western media reporters live with themselves!

    Both the Nazis and the Stalinists are known for the cruelty that they perpetrated on their own civilians…and yet our Western media remains silent on Hamass methods against its own population! How ghastly and truly horrible for westerners to live in such ignorance, perpetrated by their own media.

    What are they hoping to gain from this silence?! Is this not utter blasphemy to our own Western values…

  2. Mohammad loved mutilation and since Muslims love to emulate Mohammad none of this is unexpected by those who know the life of the warlord murderer Mohammad. Forgive me for using the word love. Love has nothing to do with Islam.

    Islam is the only “religion” in the world without the universal “Golden Rule”. Love your neighbor as yourself. In Islam it is “Only love your fellow Muslim”. Even this rule is violated on a daily basis.

  3. great to see you nazis drooling over fotos of jewish blood on the floor. fucking nazi cunts. i wish you were in jorgen haider’s car.

  4. Idiot who pretends to be George W Bush,
    Muslims killed these innocent Jewist people. YOU and your idiot friend Gay were to asked to comment on the murder and torture of non-muslim people by your scum bag muslim friends. You kept your ignorant and hateful mouth shut – you are basically a muslim troll.
    As you were told before no-one here has an issue with jewish people. The contributions make by the Jewish folk far outweight the murder and hate contributed to the world on a regular basis by muslim scum like yourself. The two people whose bodies can be seen in the image were people who sent their time looking after others. They were tortured and murdered in Chabad House by Muslim scum. These two people did more for the betterment of mankind than a hate-filled idiot like you ever will. However, enough is enough. We (ARE NOT RELATED TO THIS BLOG) now consider you a potential terrorist (along with your friend Gay – it is possible that you are both the same) and we will formally identify you. As far as we are concerned you have spat on the graves and the memories of those wonderful people who were murdered by muslims in Mumbai and there can be no forgiveness for this. Expect us when you see us.

    BTW – study the numerous Pali proganda shots – a significant number of “bodies” suggest that the Palis have perfected genetic cloning for humans, or that many of the dead bodies are not dead but staged. Furthermore, Hamas are now using schools from which they can attack both the civilian population of Pali and Israel – some evidence now exists that civilian casualties attributed to IDF by MSM are in fact terrorist actions by Hamas.


    BTW Haider was principally against unrestricted immigration – it seems that you muslims can only spout irrational hatred without any logic,

  5. Regarding the lack of coverage about so many atrocities committed in the name of islam, I suggest we all copy and past to every news media that we can including online newspapers. Some of this will surely get through. I pray fervently for the Jewish couple so brutally murdered and for the child they left behind.

  6. If you troll the internet for Chabad, you will find more data on the family that was destroyed by these muslim scum. Also, people should check out the Islam4UK website – the hatred and vitriol that spews out of these particulary mindless muzzies (particularly Bilal and Anjem has to be seen to believed). However, their logic is the same tired old muslim shite that we have come to associate with the whining religion. Incidently, I suspect Bilal and Anjem are trols under different western names on this blog and the LGF blog. I wonder if Bilal is urdu for bile – would fit.

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