A Sick Joke: Pariah States Accuse Canada of "Yuman Rites Violations"

 Parasites Throwing Stones

UN panel calls for better treatment of Canada’s Aboriginals, immigrants, Muslims

 “Aboriginals & immigrants” in this context is a cover for “Islamophobia” , which means any obstacle to the spread of Islam. Note: all but Cuba are Islamic countries with only one agenda: Islam!


GENEVA —The Canadian Press: A United Nations panel is calling on Canada to improve the treatment of its Aboriginal people and other disadvantaged groups such as new immigrants and minorities.

The UN Human Rights Council mentions in particular the need to protect Aboriginal women who face discrimination in various areas including “employment, housing, education and health care.”

*  Sowdi Arabia, a beacon of Yuman Rites, disabuses the West again

The council also points out the “inequalities” that exist between Aboriginals, recent immigrants and other Canadians.

Canada’s human rights record came under review in Geneva this week with a Canadian government delegation appearing before the 47-country council for several hours Tuesday.

It took just 15 minutes Thursday for the council to adopt a report containing 68 points based on concerns voiced by dozens of UN member countries about the situation in Canada.

“A lot of attention was given to indigenous issues. So, from the perspective of lobbying from the outside, we were quite successful,” said Willie Littlechild, regional chief for Treaty Six, Seven and Eight in Alberta.


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NOTE: ‘Gabi’ had the nerve to disguise herself as an Orthodox Jewish woman, even though she’s not Jewish.

“Canada is being called to the rug by other states concerned about the rights of indigenous people in Canada, in particular women and children, and its lack of support for the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights,” he said. Littlechild is one of 10 Aboriginals who came to Geneva to attend the review of Canada’s human rights record carried out by the council under a new mechanism called the Universal Periodic Review.

A federal official said Canada was generally praised for its “constructive and serious approach” at the review.

“We recognize that no country, including Canada, has a perfect human rights record,” said Gwyn Kutz, a director at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“That is why it is essential that every country open its human rights record to scrutiny, domestically and internationally,” Kutz said.

Even frequent critics of Ottawa’s commitment to human rights have high praise for the way in which Canada presented its report and responded to its critics at the UN panel.

David Matas, an international human rights lawyer from Winnipeg, views Canada’s presentation as “exemplary.”

“In fact, it is better than any other country in the whole world,” Matas said. “It is not just better than the worst violators, but better than other countries that try to respect human rights.”

He noted Canada is willing to take criticism without considering it as an unfriendly act. Because Canada takes everything seriously, he said, it “may seem to have more violations than a country which is fending off and ignoring everything.”

Canada came under rebuke by countries such as Cuba, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia on a wide range of issues.

These include charges of racism, xenophobia, discrimination against ethnic minorities, poverty and homelessness, the treatment of vagrants and deportation of asylum seekers to countries where they might be tortured.

For example, Cuba criticized Canada for its discriminatory policies against Aboriginals and for cutting HIV/AIDS programs.

Saudi Arabia (a beacon of light in a world of yuman rites!) said there has been a re-emergence of “anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.”

Iran urged Canada to take measures to put an end “to discrimination ag

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  1. Well, you know what Hitler said about treaties is true-they are mere scraps of paper.
    If the US gets a real leader after any BS treaty is signed it will be rightly treated as such. A real leader puts his nation’s interests ahead of those of the UN’s.

    As for the “Human Rights” Council taking Canada to task one hopes the Canadians will merely laugh at it.

  2. All nations deserve whatever they get from the UN. Sending representatives and money to these raping, stealing, child-prostituting degenerates makes us all accomplices to everything they do. Membership has its privileges.

    We elected a government that the UN didn’t fully approve of, we have voiced support (albeit tepid) for Israel and America… what did we think the UN would serve us? Cookies and hot tea?

  3. If you didn’t hear Gore’s speech to pre-teens, he told them that their parents didn’t know too much and that they know more than they do about things. He was talking about global warming – the guy who preaches it but doesn’t practice what he preaches unless caught.

    Yeah – Al Gore. And that with the brainwashing in our schools by teachers on who the kids should vote for and making them feel bad if they place a vote for an unapproved candidate by the looney left – we are going to have our kids walking the goose step soon. I think there was a video of kids in Chicago (Obama’s old stomping ground) goose stepping and saluting.

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