China: "We want our jihad apes back…"

* Associated (with terrorists) Press totally un-PC:

“Uighur militants have waged a long-simmering campaign to overthrow Chinese rule…”


China warns against providing asylum to Chinese jihadis released from Gitmo

Realistic: “China briefs: Other countries warned not to take Uighur Muslims released from Guantanamo Bay,” from AP, H/T DW

BEIJING — China warned other countries Thursday not to accept Chinese Muslim detainees released from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, reiterating a long-standing demand that they be returned to China. 

Three of the 17 ethnic Uighur Muslims in custody have been cleared for release and have asked for political asylum in Canada, lawyers for the men and the nonprofit Uighur Canadian Association said Tuesday.

The U.S. government and human-rights groups say they could be abused and tortured if returned to China. Uighur militants have waged a long-simmering campaign to overthrow Chinese rule.

4 thoughts on “China: "We want our jihad apes back…"”

  1. So these Muslims want to go to Canada, another Western Christian country. Why? Hav’nt they heard that the UN is deeply copncerned about the welfare of Muslims in Canada?

    Look, we import so much stuff from China, it is only right and proper that these people should be sent to China, specially so when there seems to be a “demand” for them.

  2. Send them to Saudi Arabia. That is the right place for them. After all IDI AMIN spent his retirement there.

    If you send the jerks back to China – they may be used as organs for live transplants and no one would be wiser. That is a good way to treat Jihadis so that they will arrive earlier as martyrs and capture the nest of the 70 virgins in Islamic Paradise.

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