Aboriginals oppose Swan Valley mosque

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* Will be interesting to see how this will play out: when it comes to regular Australians nothing is sacred. Even in the face of overwhelming opposition the Muslim invaders  succeeded in getting a school approved by the Gold Coast  City Council.

* Gold Coast Council doesn’t fear Christian protesters

* Keysar Trad happy: School Approved, Aussie Muslims Happy

* Gold Coast Mayor: MultiCulti ueber alles!

Plans to build a mosque in the Swan Valley have upset Nyoongar elders who claim the Caversham land is a sacred site and has been protected under the Aboriginal Heritage Act since 1984. 
In a submission to the City of Swan, 45 elders and traditional owners of the area have called on the Bosnian Islamic Society to build their 1277sq m mosque somewhere else “where it will not offend the religious beliefs of the indigenous people and original owners of the Swan Valley”. 
“That section of land is a burial ground, very important to blackfellas. Our people were massacred there,” they say. 
The mosque plan is expected to go to the council in the next couple of months.




7 thoughts on “Aboriginals oppose Swan Valley mosque”

  1. * Gold Coast Mayor: MultiCulti ueber alles!

    Interesting that Gold Coast’s “progressive” sister city Dubai is said to be going down the
    gurgler, with economic collapse & the government to criminalise negative reporting that
    “harms” its reputation. No more Dubai Dollars for Ron and Co?

  2. guys support the indigenous
    because if we permit them to build the mosque in the near future
    theyll gonna be a big problem…learn from francefags n britfags where they were forced by the muslims to implement sharia law(inhumane law)
    mostly opposed to women’s rights

    i believe christianity is still the best religion bec they teach of love n forgiveness

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