Aussie Bushfire Catastrophe: 'Man' sought over 'deliberately-lit fire' at East Ivanhoe

* Nothing, nothing to do with the Religion of Peace,  promise!

POLICE have released an image of a man sought for questioning over a scrub fire that threatened houses at East Ivanhoe, in Melbourne’s northeast.

                                         Police suspect    
                                Could it be a Mohammed or Abdullah?


Suspect … police have realised this image of a man sought for questioning over a scrub fire / AAP

* Fires destroyed 1831 homes

* Arsonists strike as nation digs deep

Up to 50 Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) officers fought the three hectare blaze blaze in scrub that began in the Yarra Flats at East Ivanhoe about 3pm (AEDT), police said.

It’s believed the fire was deliberately lit and police are investigating.


Update: Churchill arson suspect arrested

  • John Silvester
  • February 13, 2009 –The Age

Police have made a breakthrough in Victoria’s massive arson investigation with the arrest of a Gippsland man this morning.

The 39-year-old Churchill man was arrested by members of police taskforce Ignis, which has been investigating the cause of the fires.

He is expected to be charged with arson causing death.

The maximum penalty is 25 years. At least ten people died as a result of the Churchill blaze and police expect the toll to rise.

The man is expected to appear in court later today.

More to come.

Continued Bush Fire….

The fire disrupted traffic on nearby Banksia Street and sent a plume of smoke across several suburbs.

“Investigators would like to hear from anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area at the time,” police said.

The man they seek has a dark complexion, and is in his early-to-mid 20s. 

He is about 180cm tall and was seen wearing black pants, a polo shirt and yellow-rimmed sunglasses and carrying a black back pack.

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  1. Brown skin, black hair. Definitely a Moslem. Couldn’t be an Aboriginal or a Tamil or a Brazilian. Only a Moslem. Fucking Moslems, ay Sheikh Yermami? Only a fucking bloody dark-skinned Moslem.

    I’d better go take my aropax. What are you on these days, Yermami? Does your shrink still give you Teflex? Or are you having ECT?

  2. My dear golly,

    when Aboriginals or Tamils or Brazilians threaten us with forest jihad I will question their intentions.

    I don’t give a flying f*kc about skin color, but the fact that you go apeshit when we report about Islam shows that we’re on the right track: thanks for your contribution!

  3. Any suspects caught should be handed over to those who suffered losses in the fires. Let them apply real justice to the bastards.

  4. Golly<

    My husband
    is American of Mexican descent and posts here regularly
    Sheik is aware of his race and has been nothing but welcoming to him
    my husband has great respect for mr Sheik
    You need to apologize

  5. He was a home grown white Australian arsonist, and a home grown white Australian collector of child porn…and a shithouse speller.

    Typical of you try to see a Muslim in this event. It’s like you’re using a tragedy to further project you own ideas onto others.

    So when you run out of milk, is it the Muslim’s fault?

  6. @matt
    If there was a terrorist threat to Australia last October that stated they encourage Muslims to wipe out our dairy industry and 3 months later it happened, well yes, I may suspect Islamic extremists.
    If your neighbour threatens to burn your house and a few months later it gets burnt, do you suspect him?

    We’ve caught the textbook arsonist Brendan who started the Gippsland blaze. Lets just see who has started Marysville and some of the others? The identikit of the Ivanhoe blaze suspect suggests it definitely wasn’t Brendan.

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