Fitzgerald: The Iran "Science Project"


* Atlas: FBI Raids UF’s Nuclear Power Institute and Iranian Nuke Professor – Director’s Home

Has the Western world, and has the American government in particular, gone mad? Does it not see, with Pakistan, the hideous situation created when a Muslim state acquires nuclear weapons? The Americans now are in the position of having to protect the corrupt and hopeless government of Zardari, a crooked zamindar (whose wife, Benazir Bhutto, by the way, though no saint herself, could not stand him). The Americans must do this because they are terrified of what may happen with those nuclear weapons — and they should be — if the government were to fall to the Pakistani “militants” or “extremists.”

And so a country that is hopeless will now become some kind of political and economic ward of the Americans, because they haven’t any idea how to deal with those nuclear weapons. Just Sunday the New York Times reported that “more than 70 United States military advisers and technical specialists are secretly working in Pakistan to help its armed forces battle Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the country’s lawless tribal areas, American military officials said.”

Iran’s nuclear project can be set back, or perhaps destroyed altogether. It requires the nerve to attack. Not the nerve to invade, but the nerve to attack, from the air. And not to attack for years or months, but quickly. And not to attack Iran in general, but only the nuclear sites in Iran. Such an attack would be far less onerous, and far less expensive, than the mad quandering going on in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan. All the Americans have to think of is this: what happens if Iran, if the Islamic Republic of Iran, if the Islamic Republic of Iran that is ruled by people such as those epigones of Khomeini, the deep believers in the Hidden Imam and the imminent return of the Mahdi, manages to acquire nuclear weapons? Can Americans imagine that? Can they imagine that, in all of its aspects? Do they understand that the kind of chiliasm embraced by such people means that those who hold to it are not, as the Soviet rulers were, rational Western men, inhabiting the same universe of logic, and calculation of interest and of earthly consequences? Do they understand that instead, they are True Believers in Islam, and in Shi’a Islam, and in hastening the return of the Mahdi, and that as such they are indifferent to earthly consequences? How do the Americans think things will turn out in light of those realities?

Whether or not Iran’s nuclear project can be stopped is of much greater consequence than anything, anything at all, that could possibly happen, among all kinds of outcomes, in Iraq or in Afghanistan. This should not be hard to understand. But apparently it is.

What are the Americans afraid of? Getting “bogged down” in Iran? But there is no getting “bogged down” if there is no large-scale land invasion, and there shouldn’t be. What are all those planes, all those missiles, for? Should they be kept in warehouses forever while one of the most implacable enemies of Infidels everywhere — and one that has a great many people in positions of power who, from our point of view, cannot be deterred, but only deprived of the means to cause hideous harm — manages to acquire nuclear weapons? What then would the Iranians demand of the British, or the Americans, in Iraq, or in Afghanistan, or in Pakistan, or anywhere they chose? What is keeping this understanding from being widespread in Washington? What are they afraid of if they attack Iran? Are they afraid of the reaction of the Sunni Arabs? Why?

There will only be quiet satisfaction underneath whatever pretense of outrage there might be. Are they afraid of what the Iranians might do that they are not already doing? And what might the Iranians do that they are not already doing? Has there been any attempt to imagine the inhibitions on American and other Infidel governments in the region — there goes Iraq, poof! — if Iran can threaten to use nuclear weapons, teeny-tiny tactical nuclear weapons in some cases, perhaps by handing them over to groups or groupuscules, including Hizballah? No understanding of this? Just to be dismissed? How many centrifuges is it now? 5,000? 8,000? Who’s minding the store?

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  1. I am an Iranian and I support Iran developing nuclear technology.
    Firstly, we have had a nuclear program since the Shah, much has already been invested into the program, and that will be quite a waste to abandon all the expertise and work and investment right now.
    Secondly, the cities in Iran already suffer from a great deal of pollution (many people even wear masks) due to industrial activity. Nuclear energy is both clean and environmentally friendly.
    Thirdly, investment in science has always been a source of pride for Persians.
    Fourthly, we have uranium mines.
    Fifthly, we haven’t invested in the ability to refine our own oil, so we have to import petroleum that can be used for our automotive industry.
    Sixthly, it’s not enough to just have natural resources. Everyone can have natural resources. The intelligent decision would be to market it for maximum profit. It’s going to be a major waste of money for us to use a good part of our own oil and gas for energy when we can sell such a valuable product for a large profit. It just makes business sense.
    Seventhly, the IRI does invest in nuclear medicine and other uses for nuclear sciences.
    Eighthly, it is my sovereign right to use whatever energy I choose in my borders.
    Lastly if not to manufacture nuclear weapons, Iran would at least have breakout capability. As Israel would agree, protection under MAD is essential in this part of the world. Iran has lost hundreds of thousands from aggression or support for invading soldiers, from Iraq and members of NATO and US backed terrorists like Jundullah. Iran has suffered more from chemical and biological agents than any other nation. We are aggressive and have aggressive rhetoric because we are isolated and other nations regularly threaten us, muslim or otherwise. Hillary Clinton recently threatened to “obliterate” Iran in her own words. The Revolutionary Guard has direct control over the military and nuclear program anyway, Ahmadinejad, whatever your opinion of him and the dubious translation of a single line of the destruction of Zionism that is to be repeated ad infinitum as a supposed casus belli, has absolutely nada to do with anything here. Furthermore, even considering the million or so Iranians that have died in foreign war over the last half century, none of the terrorists in the US and EU have ever been supported by Iran. There is no terrorist attack in which Iranians have tried to islamize the west.

    These are the reasons I think it would not only be
    The assessment that Iran has lots of oil so it should be punished for developing nuclear program is simplistic and wrong.
    As a shiite muslim, I believe I have the right to self defence and self-determination and to say whatever I desire, but I also respect your nation’s rights as long as you don’t try and kill me or my relations anymore. I think we as civilized people, in the US or Iran, who want better things for our respective nations, can come to an agreement.
    Thank you for reading.

    1. Iranian minister: Islam opposes nukes
      Unfortunately for the rest of us, Islam doesn’t oppose lying to the kuffar.

      “Iranian minister: Islam opposes nukes,” from Ynet News, March 4:

      The development or use of nuclear weapons contradicts Iran’s religious principles and would violate the tenets of Islam, the country’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says.
      “Islamic Republic authorities have reiterated that nuclear arms are against the country’s religious principals [sic],” Salehi said in an interview with the Euronews channel in Germany said. “We have been committed to the NPT and believe that the proliferation of a nuclear bomb is against the tenets of Islam.”

  2. * As a shiite muslim, I believe I have the right to self defence …

    As a Christian, I believe that it is God’s prophetic will and purpose to gather an alliance of nations (including Iran / aka Persia) against the Holy Land of Israel, to destroy them (the invading nations), demonstrating that He is the Lord in the process (Ezekiel 38 and 39)

    Time is running out for Iran and its coalescing alliance. Warn your fellow muslims, shiite or otherwise, that islam is doomed, along with its followers, but salvation and eternal life is freely available to any or all of them who choose to take it, through the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and his crucifixion for our sins, and subsequent resurrection.

  3. The Pakistanis apparently do not share that “belief” about proliferation.

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