Yusuf Rubs It… For Ghandi!

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UK Foreign Secretary praises Obama for the release of man charged with making dirty bombs in Kabul


When an Islamo-shyster invokes Ghandi and calls himself a “small c-conservative” you know you’re in for a bit of torture. In his latest support puff-piece for Islamic terrorists in Gitmo Yusuf yammers about the  “Briton” Binyam Mohamed, who was just released into British custody per private jet, costing the British taxpayer an amazing £120,000. To add isult to injury, Binyam is at present preparing to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK and receive a possible £21,600-a-year in benefits and allowances.

The former detainee, a failed asylum seeker from Ethiopia who was once granted British resident status, may also try to sue the British Government for hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages.

Yusuf, who regularly posts dishonest drivel for which he proudly apologizes when taken to account, even got the Canberra Times in trouble recently  when they  printed his garbage. Blogger BECK calls Irfan “a proven liar and an intellectual fraud.”  Another poster calls Yusuf a “mendacious drama queen and as dumb as a stump.”

If Yusuf proves anything, then that he is nothing but an attention seeker. Some of the posters on Tim Blair’s blog have his number:

If I may make an observation, Irfan’s editorial on Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see” makes perfect sense if, by “you,” Gandhi meant Irfan.

tim maguire of NYC (Reply)
Thu 26 Feb 09 (09:18am)
kae replied to tim maguire 
Thu 26 Feb 09 (11:51am)

They don’t make mirrors that big, Tim.

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  1. Sure, Binyam may be a scummy Jihadi terrorist, but it’s not like he made a “hate-film” like Fitna.

    If Geert WIlders expects to ever get into Britain again, he should join al-Qaeda.

  2. I just thought I’d let you know that the name is spelt G-A-N-D-H-I.

    I realise English language and spelling aren’t among your strengths.

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