Islamization Setback in Austria and Norway

                               Eat Pork You C*nts!


Viennese School Draws the Line at Schnitzel

Bonus: NO hijab for police officers in Norway!

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Professional School: Muslims must also eat Schnitzel (made of pork)

There is some excitement among Muslim parents in Vienna: Training to become a restaurant worker can only take place if principles of faith are violated.

There are piles of protest letters of Muslim parents in the Vienna editorial department of the Turkish newspaper Zaman. “People are upset. They say it is against human rights and the Austrian constitution, what is expected of students at this school for business professions,” explains Aynur Kirci, editor of the newspaper.

The headmistress of the school for business professions in Meidling [district of Vienna], Elisabeth Berger, is forcing parents of students for next year’s classes, including those of the Muslim faith, to sign a form.

The content of this form: In the class called “Kitchen and Service” all students must learn how to prepare Viennese food and drinks as well as how to advise guests on their food and drink choices. This includes a “proper appearance”, which means: no headscarf while working as a waitress. And because pork is part of Viennese cuisine, students must be able to prepare and to taste pork. In addition, the form says, every student has to — at least — taste alcoholic drinks.

Muslim parents deem all this “a scandal, politically and democratically”.

Vienna school president, Susanne Brandsteidl [a Social Democrat], believes this procedure is absolutely justifiable. “All students must adhere to the house rules, in this case the syllabus. The same rights and responsibilities apply to all.”

It is not possible for students to attend instruction to become a restaurant worker and then refuse to adhere to the curriculum or refuse certain parts of it due to reasons of faith. Brandsteidl also stands behind the school’s headmistress with a legal opinion: “The aim of the curriculum must be adhered to. It is not possible to relieve students from parts of the curriculum for reasons of faith.”

Adds the school president: “Austrian cuisine, a major component of which is pork, is prominently featured in the class curriculum. Advising guests also includes the tasting of alcoholic beverages.” Furthermore, the job description of a restaurant waitress includes “the wearing of proper clothing.” In plain text: If a Muslim girl works as a waitress in a restaurant, she is not allowed to wear a headscarf.

The Turkish daily Zaman is announcing plans to report widely about this “scandal”, perhaps even worldwide. Especially interesting about this: The Turkish media company, active all over the globe, awards an annual prize for “International Understanding”. Current Zaman award-winner in the category politics is: Vienna’s mayor, Michael Häupl.

Comments by ESW:

This is an interesting story, especially since the protagonists are from the Social Democratic party. Susanne Brandsteidl is a known fan of political correctness, multifaith, multi-everything. However, true to Turkish behavior, Zaman is already threatening to expose this “scandal”. This may well turn into a litmus test for the socialist-run city of Vienna about its reaction to Muslim pressure.


Norway drops hijab for police officers

Earth Times



Oslo – Norway will not go ahead with plans to allow women police officers to wear the hijab – the Muslim headscarf – as part of their uniform, the justice minister said Friday. Knut Storberget and his ministry has come under fire after the recent proposal to change regulations for police uniforms to allow religious headwear to be used was announced.    

“Today we have decided not to go ahead with the proposed changes,” Storberget told reporters. 

He cited discussions with the police, other parties including the Labour Party which is the main force in the red-green coalition as factors that contributed to the decision to drop the idea. 

“We concluded this is not a sufficiently strong measure to recruit minorities” to the police force, he said. 

The justice ministry probe was launched after a 23-year-old Muslim woman last year asked if it was possible to wear the hijab during police training and as a trained police officer. 

Storberget said efforts would continue to increase recruitment from representatives of people from all walks of life, ethnicity and faith traditions. 

The minister’s statement was welcomed by the Norwegian Police Federation that has opposed any form of religious headwear, saying the police force had to be viewed as neutral. That stance was also supported by members of minorities in the force, the union said.



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  1. Great news on both fronts. Lots more of this I hope in the future for Europe. Not before time. Better late than never.

  2. Send them back to whgere they came from. That would solve all your problems.

    The affected Parties too will have no problems because they will be back with their homefolk of like minds and habits and they would have no need to print newspapers and send them all over the world to tell others – who are not interested or bothered – about their ungrateful grievances in lands which have given them a second chance in life.

    A hijab may be necessaty in the sandy sedesrts from where these folks come from. Same token for stockings.

    Funny. When they have so little water in their own homelands – do they really bathe or wash their …. parts. Must be really smelly if they carry on with the habit in Norway and Vienna. One wonders if the Human Rights Commission would look into this aspect as a concern for those not affected by these ridiculous dressing “BATMAN’ habits.

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