Medics with guns and other "innocent" Gazans

Newsflash: Impoverished, starving Pali population increases 40% in 10 years

What are they going to do next? Accuse Israel of banning imports of birth control measures? 

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        Meet Naim the “medic” and the other innocents

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun

The slaughter of the innocents in Gaza turns out to be not quite what the United Nations and the Leftist media claimed:

While the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, whose death toll figures have been widely cited, reports that 895 Gaza civilians were killed in the fighting, amounting to more than two-thirds of all fatalities, the IDF figures shown to the Post on Sunday put the civilian death toll at no higher than a third of the total.

The international community had been given a vastly distorted impression of the death toll because of “false reporting” by Hamas, said Col. Moshe Levi, the head of the IDF’s Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA), which compiled the IDF figures…

Basing its work on the official Palestinian death toll of 1,338, Levi said the CLA had now identified more than 1,200 of the Palestinian fatalities. Its 200-page report lists their names, their official Palestinian Authority identity numbers, the circumstances in which they were killed and, where appropriate, the terrorist group with which they were affiliated. 

Of course, the Israeli army would say that, wouldn’t they? But already we’ve had some cause to think there’s been a gross exaggeration of Israel’s “crimes” during its Gaza operation – with independent reporters who checked Gaza hospitals finding a shortage of the victims claimed by Hamas, and the UN caught out in false claims that Israel bombed one of its schools, killing 40 civilians, when in fact troops had returned fire on terrorists on the street outside who’d launched mortars from among a crowd.

But speaking of that non-bombed school, that seems not the only distortion of the facts in this most celebrated of Israel’s alleged atrocities:

In fact, he said, 12 Palestinians were killed in the incident – nine Hamas operatives and three noncombatants…

“From the beginning, Hamas claimed that 42 people were killed, but we could see from our surveillance that only a few stretchers were brought in to evacuate people,” said Levi, adding that the CLA contacted the PA Health Ministry and asked for the names of the dead. “We were told that Hamas was hiding the number of dead.”

Then there’s this:

The CLA gave the Post the names of several fatalities who it said had been classified by the Palestinians as “medics,” but who it stated were Hamas fighters, including Anas Naim, the nephew of Hamas Health Minister Bassem Naim, who was killed during clashes with the IDF on January 4 in the Sheikh Ajlin neighborhood of Gaza City.

Following the clashes, the Palestinian press reported that Naim was killed and that he was a medic with the Palestinian Red Crescent.


Of course, I do not deny – and do mourn – the innocent who were killed in the Gaza operation, either accidentally at the hands of Israel, or deliberately at the hands of Hamas:

Earlier, rival Fatah movement called for forming an international investigation committee to probe the killing of its 27 activists in the Gaza Strip, in addition to shooting of dozens in their knees and legs after torture… Fatah said in a statement that “it also wants a real and serious investigation in the Gaza Strip after dozens were executed and tortured by Hamas militants.”

But I do wonder: why are the UN and the media so peculiarly susceptible to Hamas’ spin?

Two possible reasons here:

UNRWA sees to it that no one ever dies in Gaza!

While Al Reuters reports nothing, nothing but the truth for truthers, like here…


The Hamas way of government, and protection of its own people, as captured by video. PLEASE don’t watch if extreme violence upsets.