Peaches & Cream: Daughter of Live Aid Scamster Bob Geldof To Promote Islam in EUrabia

Whatever it takes to ram Islam down your throat:


Peaches Geldof in Islam TV show

Peaches Geldof is to move in with a devout Muslim family in Morocco for a Channel 4 series about religion.

The 17-year-old daughter of Bob Geldof will live with a Muslim teenager and her family for the documentary A Beginner’s Guide to Islam.

Channel 4 said the hour-long show will find out “what the Islamic world makes of this precocious London party girl”.

The three-part series, which will be broadcast in the autumn, will also explore Hinduism and Scientology.

Comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli will become a student of Scientology to investigate the religion made famous by Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls will travel to India to look at Hinduism.


A programme spokeswoman said: “The contributors will come face to face with three of the world’s most talked about religions, exploring their unfamiliar rituals and testing regimes.”

7 thoughts on “Peaches & Cream: Daughter of Live Aid Scamster Bob Geldof To Promote Islam in EUrabia”

  1. The liberal “one world” crowd are prefabricated useful idiot dhimmis for Islam. Taking advantage of such idiocy is all too easy for advancement of Sharia. I wonder if this braindead Peaches Geldof has even considered burka fashion or the pain of having her Vagina hacked off? Do they hate themselves and their fellow westerners that much to hasten another Crusades to save civilization again???

  2. Who the heck cares about another Paris Hilton type. Who cares what a bimbo thinks… And more importantly why should I care about obvious propaganda by the Islamonazis!!!

    Simple fact, if I want to know what Mohammedan are about, I’ll read their Koran and Ahadith, that is blood curddling enough.

  3. Sir Bob Geldof is a tremendous individual, I believe. Having been a fan of his for years, it was apparent to me that he was focused on the suffering of others in many of his B.T. Rats songs, and was very Dylanesque in my opinion.

    I hope he isn’t too liberal to have forgotten to teach his daughter some of the rougher facts of life, and if this show is done properly, this thing could backfire on Islam and work toward the West’s and freedom’s favor

  4. There is another example what Islam is all about.

    Lies & deceit and just plain stupidity.

    Notice he couldn’t speak a word in defense of how perverted Islam is by how Muslims BEHAVE because they interpret THEIR own book in that manner that allows them to do such things…so he has to try to make a case of equivalence, telling us how sick we are, even though Christians & Jews do not act this way as a manner of doctrine in the least. Another words his presentation of the bible doesn’t match Jewish & Christian interpretation because WE DON’T ACT LIKE THAT.

    Where are the Jewish & Christian stonings?

    Where are the Jewish & Christian rapings as matter of biblical doctrine?

    Where are Jewish & Christians slaves owners?

    When do Jews & Christians use the bible as justification for beating their wives or honoring killings of the their children?

    So typical of Muslims to attempt to create a absurd equivalence with the bible according to THEIR interpretation, NOT OURS. I’ve never tried to interpret the Qu’ran…I just sit back and watch Muslims behave according to their own books [Qu’ran and the Hadith]. Which they demonstrate with such clarity in rapes, murders, terrorism, pedophilia, spousal abuse & degrading of women SANCTIONED by the Qu’ran.

    One question there Muzzy. If we actually interpreted the bible in that manner, how come churches & synagogues are not sanctioning & condoning that behavior?

    Islam is a disease.

    Destroy it.

  5. Yeah that is about all you can do with that drivel. It probably took him weeks to come up with it, and it would probably take longer for him to actually respond to my rebuttal. Hah!

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