You will never find that elusive Islam promised by its apologists…

A Varied and Inextricable Tangle
Western society is being bombarded with a primarily Arab propaganda that insists we finally accept the view, despite our conscientious objections and refusals, that the Jew, according to certain Quranic sources, really is evil and quite deserving of our scorn.

Quran-incitement“I do not accept the mendacity of the so-called Moderate Islam. I do not believe that a Good Islam and a Bad Islam exist. Only Islam exists. And Islam is the Koran. And the Koran says what it says.” –Oriana Fallaci, 2006  (thanks to JW)

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Pope gets another invite to embrace Islam

Not for  the first time. The pope gets these ‘invitations’ all the time:

Relax: Imam meets Pope, says “Islam is a religion of peace that loves life and condemns any act in the name of religion against the very principles of the religion”

“Say (O Muhammad): O ye who are Jews! If ye claim that ye are favoured of Allah apart from (all) mankind, then long for death if ye are truthful.” — Qur’an 62:6

“The Americans love Pepsi-Cola, we love death.” – Afghan jihadist Maulana Inyadullah

“We love death more than you love life!” – New York jihadist Adis Medunjanin

“Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! There are hundreds of other [Qur’anic] psalms and Hadiths [sayings of the Prophet] urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

“Pope Meets With Holy Land Rabbi, Imam, Druse,” by Nicole Winfield for the Associated Press, November 10:

First of all you gotta learn to speak Islamic. Jihad  Watch readers are doing a good job at translating, here….

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Jihad in Canada's Schools

Gates of Vienna

Brainwashing the Schoolchildren of Toronto

As you may recall, back in June a huge controversy developed over the“mosqueteria” at the Valley Park Middle School in Toronto. Not only did the Toronto District School Board allow Islamic prayers in the cafeteria during the school day, but the participants were segregated by sex. To make matters even worse, menstruating girls were required to sit separately from other girls.

The furor over the issue has not died down over the last three months; it may even be intensifying. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news report from Canadian television:

“We want respect for all religions. We want the Toronto District School Board to be consistent and stop discriminating [against] one religion over others.”

“I think that what we’re doing is what we should be doing as a school board and that is accommodating students’ needs no matter what their religion is.” Still, I doubt that the same policy would have been implemented for Christian or Jewish or Hindu students. Can the Toronto District School Board point to any school in which any comparable accommodation has been made for any non-Muslim students?

“Tempers flare over prayer in schools,” from the CBC, September 18 (thanks to JW):

Two sides squared off outside Toronto District School Board headquarters Saturday over religious prayer in classrooms.

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Rape 'impossible' in marriage, says Muslim cleric

UK: Rape ‘impossible’ in Marriage, says Leading Muslim Cleric

Maulana Abu Sayeed of the Sharia Council of Britain

Doesn’t look as if these “Sharia Councils of Britain” contribute anything of value, or do they?

According to Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain, it is not possible for rape to occur in marriage. He claims women falsify rape claims to try and obtain a divorce. If a woman is brutalized by her husband, he claims this is undesirable, but an apology should suffice. Sayeed runs the largest network of Sharia courts in the UK. His comments have brought an outcry among law enforcement officials who fear that Sayeed’s comments will further discourage women from reporting being raped. (hat tip Atlas)

Note to feminazis who carry water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world: lay back and enjoy it, slave.

Rape ‘impossible’ in marriage, says Muslim cleric (thanks to Atlas Shrugs)


Stories of SELF-IMMOLATION: Why Muslim women try to burn themselves to death (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

It is stated that an average of 10 Muslim women self immolate every month in Afghanistan alone, worldwide over 100 a month. Why? They no longer wish to live as slaves under Islam.

Sweden under the scimitar

Sweden Democrat fears Islamic revolution

The Local/thanks to Mullah

An Islamic revolution akin to the one that swept through Iran in 1979 could easily take place in Sweden, claims the second highest ranking member of the far-right Sweden Democrats.

“It can happen really fast,” said Sweden Democrat party secretary Björn Söder to the TT news agency.

Söder is number two behind party leader Jimmie Ã…kesson on the Sweden Democrat party list. As party secretary, his role is to stake out the party’s line on key issues.

The Iranian revolution came up as Söder was explaining statements made by Sweden Democrat international secretary Kent Ekeroth, who could also find himself with a seat in the Riksdag following Sunday’s vote.

Ekeroth said previously that “Sweden and western countries are at risk of going out with a whimper” because of the influence of Islam, drawing a connection to 1400 years of Muslim aggression.

Good News Update:

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Polls in Sweden show a small anti-immigration party is likely to enter Parliament for the first time in elections Sunday, despite attempts by vuvuzela-blowing protesters to disrupt the nationalist group’s campaign rallies.

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Religion of Assassins

Muhammad, profit of Islam, encouraged assassinations too. (the murder of of Asma Bint Marwan)

Islam, from its inception, is and always was a criminal organization.

Philippine massacre witness shot dead

A witness to the massacre of 57 people in the southern Philippines last year has been shot dead.

New York-based Human Rights Watch called on the government to act swiftly to protect witnesses and their families.   “Massacre witnesses are dying while the government sits on its hands,” Elaine Pearson, acting Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement on Thursday. “This sends the worst possible message to other witnesses thinking of coming forward.”  More>>

Hooded gunmen Jihadists kill 4 commuters in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – About 30 hooded attackers, believed to be Abu Sayyaf militants, shot and hacked horrified victims as they ran for their lives in the southern Philippines, police said Thursday. Four people died and six were wounded in the ambush on a village road. MSNBC

Murder in Vienna Leads Investigators to Chechen President

Trouble is, as long as no Israelis are involved with fake wigs and beards nobody wants to know……


In January 2009, an asylum seeker from Chechnya was gunned down in front of a supermarket in Vienna. Austrian investigators now say that their inquiries have led them to suspect that Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov may have been behind the slaying. Their findings could strain relations between Europe and Russia.

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England's Idiot Prince & the Environment

Arabs are not the sons of the desert, they are the fathers of the desert……

Andrew Bolt

Prince of Veils

Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic ‘spiritual principles’ in order to protect the environment

In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam…

Even the Mohammedans in the audience look bored…..

Charles, who is a “practicing Christian” and will become the head of the Church of England when he succeeds to the throne, spoke in depth about his own study of the Koran which, he said, tells its followers that there is ‘no separation between man and nature’ and says we must always live within our environment’s limits.

Charlie seems to be barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps he should stop watching the Goracles “inconvenient truth and pay more attention to what’s happening closer to home:

Here’s the world biggest Islamic country, just to our north, showing this deep Islamic reverence for nature with one of its routine forest burns:

Indonesia environment protection

Charles, Prince of Piffle

A very silly man gives a very sinister speech.

By Christopher Hitchens

Australia Invaded

Muslim immigration

Alan Jones comments on the debate about Muslim immigration, and says politicians can’t continue…/is anybody listening?

Islam is seditious. Islamic doctrine is more political than religious, and its sole political goal is the domination of Islam over all over religions and all governments.

It is a Muslim’s religious duty to achieve that political goal.

When Muslims move to a country, a certain percentage of them start agitating for special considerations. They start to organize and influence the nation politically in a way that is good for Islam and bad for freedom and equality. When the percentage of the Muslims in a nation’s population becomes high enough, they gain so much political power that freedoms and rights begin to disappear. (Watch this video to learn more.) Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Once they got the numbers we are toast…..

Police finally notice the ethnic gangs now running riot

A leaked police report into the rise of Asian gangs in Melbourne must now end the great deceit.

For years Victoria Police have pretended we don’t have a problem with ethnic gangs. In fact, former Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon even banned that G word:

Nixon: What we saw in that more recent incident was one of two gangs, which I gather was around two women, which started fighting.

Mitchell: But gangs are an issue.

Nixon: Well, we’re seeing some groups of people. I’m not describing them as gangs.

Mitchell: Well, you just did.

Nixon: Well, you know what I mean.

Mitchell: I thought the word gang was banned by your media people.

Nixon: Well, it is . . . it’s got connotations . . . These are groups of people who come together and just cause problems together. Bolt has more>>

Who will intercept KRudd?

Rudd hasn’t deterred them, has he?


This really is getting out of control:

Authorities have intercepted a suspected asylum seeker boat in waters off Australia’s northwest coast… Initial indications suggest there are 39 asylum seekers and two crew aboard the boat.

I still hear excuses (as on ABC 774 yesterday) that the sudden influx is due largely to the war in Sri Lanka – a war that actually started in 1983 and ended a year ago.  I’d suggest the graph shows that Rudd’s policies are in fact the more important explanation. not least because most asylum seekers are not Sri Lankan at all.

Obambi, Islam, Censorship, Insults & Incompetence….

Congressional inquiry into government censorship of Islamic terminology in Gov’t to describe Islamic jihad terrorism

“If government employees are censored in the terminology they can use, then their resulting analysis and plans are also censored…”

Obama Sniper Teams Ordered to Rooftops To Quash “Radical” Tea Party Protest (Video)

Earlier today Team Obama called in the riot squad to deal with the Quincy Tea Party patriots outside the the Oakley-Lindsey/Quincy Community Center.
Team Obama ordered the riot police to march in and contain the violent tea party protesters./Gateway

Barack Obama’s top 10 insults against Britain

The dumbing down of diplomacy: disgraced Foreign Office officials should apply to the Obama White House

Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Israel

Confusion? Not here. Would Malcolm X’s policies differ from Obama’s?

The Washington Post confused Barack Obama today with black radical Malcolm X.
The fact that there was no teleprompter in the photo should have been a dead give-away.
Racists. WaPo Confused with Malcolm X

Perhaps the WaPo perps did it deliberately. What would Malcolm X do differently to Obambi? Tiny minds think alike….

Bagdad Bob causes laughter, repeats most “transparent administration in history…” canard….

Via Weekly Standard/thanks to ZIP

From Politico’s report on reporters’ frustration with White House secrecy:

A few days later, Gibbs said at one of his briefings, “This is the most transparent administration in the history of our country.”

Peals of laughter broke out in the briefing room.

I imagine that some reporters laughed because of the White House’s stingy and selective doling out of scoops–shockingly, the New York Times has a special relationship with Obama–and the fact that Obama “has severely cut back the informal exchanges with the press pool.” Politico reports that “Bill Clinton did 252 such Q&A sessions—an average of one every weekday. Bush did 147. Obama did 46, according to Towson University Professor Martha Kumar.”

But the administration’s stonewalling on national security matters is much worse.

Here’s a headline from April 27: “Administration only partially complies with Ft. Hood subpoenas.

Perhaps the most egregious example of stonewalling is the secrecy surrounding Gitmo detainees. As Steve Hayes reported last month:

The secrecy started early. In early February 2009, The Weekly Standard requested a report on Guantánamo Bay recidivism from the Pentagon. We were initially told that we would have it within days. Then it would take weeks. Then months. The Pentagon finally posted a “fact sheet” on the report in April but only after its contents had been widely reported based on leaks.

An open letter to American Jews

Carl in J’lem

Ben Shapiro writes an open letter to the American Jewish community. This is spot-on.

American Jews, I have one request of you: please pull your heads out of your posteriors.

I mean that in all sincerity. Your continued support for Democrats and an administration that is openly anti-Semitic is a disgrace. Your embrace of a party that seeks to hamstring Israel in the name of a wholly fictitious Middle East peace process is contemptible. Your loyalty to a president who consistently sides with Palestinian and Iranian mass murder-supporters is disgusting.

Your backing of a man who has spent his life surrounding himself with the worst anti-Semites America has to offer — Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi (former Palestinian terrorist spokesman), Louis Farrakhan (“I don’t like the way [Jews] leech on us”), Samantha Power, Robert Malley, to name a few — is nothing short of reprehensible. Rahm Emanuel’s presence in the Obama cabinet doesn’t ameliorate Obama’s anti-Semitism — it just provides it convenient cover. Al Sharpton wrongly called Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell “house negroes”; Emanuel is a kapo.

Even as you continue to buttress a president who seeks the destruction of your co-religionists, you demonstrate your myopia by rejecting the tea party movement and evangelical Christian Israel-supporters.

Read it all.

Jewicidal Jews

Totally deluded:

The president of the Central Council of German Jews, Charlotte Knobloch, spoke at the academy for political education in Tutzing in favor  building of an Islamic center in Munich. She is “positive” that the center will  “become reality soon”  and will contribute  to eliminate anti-Semitic resentment with German Muslims.

Good luck with that. I’m sure its gonna work out really well. Like in France, Britain, or in Sweden….

Link in German: München: ZdJ begrüßt Bau islamischen Zentrums/thanks to Politically Incorrect

What the soldiers of Allah have in store for the Jews once they get the upper hand you can see here

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