Queen of England congratulates Iranian Mullahs on their 30th Anniversary

Does 30 years in power make genocidal lunatics respectable? You’d wonder why she is not having them over for tea:


                              Watch my zebiba grow!

* at the same time, the worlds most useless watchdog justifies Arab-Muslim nuke pursuit.. but then again, Mohammed El Baradei was never one of us, he was always one of them..!

From the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi via DW):

Feb. 10, 2009: Queen Elizabeth congratulates the Islamic Republic for “national” day. In a brief notice on her official website, the Queen of England sent her greetings to the ruling clerics of the Islamic Republic of Iran. She is the only foreign leader we know of who has ever referred to the anniversary of the Khomeinist revolution as Iran’s “national” day. For the record, the Islamic Republic itself has decreed April 1 – not February 10 – as its “independence day,” because that was the day in 1980 that the Islamic Republic regime was officially decreed.

* In other news: A British university student who became a suicide bomber in Somalia is believed to be the first in an outbreak of Islamic terrorism.

Many Iranians consider their true independence day to be August 5, the anniversary of the 1906 constitutional revolution).Iranians have long suspected the British government of interfering in Iran’s internal affairs; some have accused Britain of conspiring with Khomeini in 1979 to bring down the Shah. The Queen’s statement could have been written by modern Iranian novelist Iraj Pezeshkzad, whose comic hero, dear Uncle Napolean, saw a British hand behind every ill of Iranian society.

6 thoughts on “Queen of England congratulates Iranian Mullahs on their 30th Anniversary”

  1. I assume she knighted little lord Ahmed. Time to sever ties with these “defenders of faiths”.

  2. The Queen is almost powerless in this instance, it is her bloody ministers who decree whom to write when, who has bribed the government enough to be given a Knighthood or made a phone Lord.
    She even has to install whatever Archbishop the PM chooses. Only the Royal Victorian Order is in her absolute discretion.

  3. The Queen might be powerless, but her voice carries a ‘morale’. And I will say again that we should not be so glib or quick to wave byebye to the Brits. They have been a close ally and once they are gone they will be replaced with the same sort of ilk as saudi arabia and Pakistan. both rubbish – or more like pig puke.

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