Sharia for the UK!


UK conference to “emphasise the need for all Muslims worldwide to struggle as much as they can for the sake of Allah (SWT) to implement the Shari’ah on the earth”

In a sane world you would scoff at these nutters and shrug it off. But the way the British government kowtows to their oppressive Muslim minority beggars belief. And then there are always complete frauds like this one who are ready to sell the house and the kitchen sink:

Archdhimmi of Canterbury: Society is coming round to my views on sharia

Sharia is inevitable; accept it, UK

Its nice to be a lunatic:

According to this “Christian” clergyman, “a number of fairly senior people” in the UK now agree with him that “parts” of sharia should be enshrined in the UK. “Archbishop of Canterbury: Society is coming round to my views on sharia,” by Martin Beckford for the Telegraph, February 16:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has defended his controversial comments about the introduction of Islamic law to Britain and claimed that public opinion is now behind him.

On the anniversary of the interview in which Dr Rowan Williams said it “seems inevitable” that some parts of sharia would be enshrined in this country’s legal code, he claimed “a number of fairly senior people” now take the same view.


He added that there is a “drift of understanding” towards what he was saying, and that the public sees the difference between letting Muslim courts decide divorces and wills, and allowing them to rule on criminal cases and impose harsh punishments.

However critics insist that family disputes must be dealt with by civil law rather than according to religious principles, and claim the Archbishop’s comments have only helped the case of extremists while making Muslim women worse off, because they do not have equal rights under Islamic law.

The Archbishop, the most senior cleric in the Church of England, faced calls to resign last February when he said it was likely that elements of the religious principles based on the Koran, concerning marriage, finance and conflict resolution, would be enshrined in British legislation one day.

But in July he was supported by Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, who was then the Lord Chief Justice, while it later emerged that five sharia courts are already operating mediation systems under the Arbitration Act, and that the Government allows Islamic tribunals to settle the custody and financial affairs of divorcing couples and send their judgements to civil courts for approval.

When asked at a recent conference of Anglican leaders in Egypt whether he feels he has been vindicated, Dr Williams replied: “It’s been quite interesting to see how a number of fairly senior people have observed that certain kinds of limited aspects of Muslim law are imaginable within a British legal framework, without upsetting the apple cart of undermining human rights.

“People are maybe beginning to distinguish the general question of Muslim law, and the extremes of appalling practice which disfigure it in so many parts of the world or the extremes of trying to push Sharia law upon an entire society.

“So I think there is a drift of understanding of what I was trying to say, perhaps I like to think so.”

But Douglas Murray, the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “He has started a process which is deeply dangerous, damaging to Britain and to Muslim women in Britain.

“It was a wicked move because it undermines the progressives and gives succour to the extremists.

“How does the Archbishop of Canterbury know, sitting in Lambeth Palace, that a woman in Bolton has volunteered to give up half her inheritance to her brother?”

Neil Addison, a barrister who specialises in religious discrimination cases, said: “I think the Archbishop has failed to give a justification for sharia law. What’s the advantage it would bring to British Muslims and to British law?

“I believe his speech was deeply harmful to British Muslims because it helps the separation of them from the rest of society.

“What he was asking for was sharia dealing with wills and divorce, which are public areas of law, not private ones.”

Back to the Story:


“For over 1300 years this magnificent superpower dominated world affairs and introduced a law and order that lifted the masses from the darkness of man-made law and into the light of al-Islam.” And institutionalized discrimination against and the subjugation of non-Muslims and women. Yet its reestablishment is “inevitable.”


In the West we’re constantly told that only “Islamophobes” claim that there is any political or supremacist agenda within Islamic tradition and teaching. Conferences like this one, however, show otherwise. Where is Lord Nazir Ahmed? Shouldn’t he be telling these people that they have misunderstood Islam, and that they should renounce all intentions to impose Islamic law in the UK or anywhere else in the West, and should live as loyal subjects of the British Crown? Why is his ire focused exclusively upon Geert Wilders, for daring to call attention to the violent and supremacist texts and teachings of Islam and the ways in which some Muslims are carrying out those violent and supremacist directives? Shouldn’t he be working instead to change the minds of those Muslims who teach the things to which he apparently objects so strenuously?

Anyone going to be in Middlesex on March 1? Go to this conference, pick up a shahada flag, and record the talks! Non-Muslims can attend, and “are welcome to embrace Islam as well.” But you might not want to go as a couple, as “strict segregation will be enforced.” And if you do go, be very, very careful. The atmosphere is not likely to be very welcoming.

From Islam for the UK (thanks to J.):

:: CONFERENCE (1/3/09) :: THE ISLAMIC STATE – PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE PDF Print E-mailWhat is this conference about?

On the 3rd March 2009 C.E. it will have been 85 years since the destruction of the Islamic State, or in other words 85 years of tyranny, oppression and injustice. For over 1300 years this magnificent superpower dominated world affairs and introduced a law and order that lifted the masses from the darkness of man-made law and into the light of al-Islam. This special conference will be dedicated to providing an in depth overview of the Islamic State, its past, present and future as well as emphasise the need for all Muslims worldwide to struggle as much as they can for the sake of Allah (SWT) to implement the Shari’ah on the earth.

Who are the speakers and what are their topics?

1. The Reality of the Islamic State in the Past

2. How its destruction led to mankind’s present sufferinng

3. How its inevitable establishment will illuminate human life in the future

[Speakers to be confirmed soon…]

When is it?

1st March 2009

3pm – 6pm

Where is it?
Vale Farm Sports Centre
76 Watford Road
North Wembley

How much will it cost?

There is no admission fee.

Will there be any merchandise available?

DVD’s (£2), Shahadah flags (£5), and other memorabilia will be sold inshaa’allah.

Is it for brothers and sisters?


Please note however, strict segregation will be enforced.

I am a non-Muslim can I attend?

Yes. And you are welcome to embrace Islam as well.

Who can I contact for further information?

Media enquiries: 07956 600 569

General enquiries: 07547 032 668

12 thoughts on “Sharia for the UK!”

  1. I’m sure back before the Crusades, Europe had people who wanted to “just get along” with Muslims, trying to appease them to stay their assault on Europe for the 400 years prior to the battle of Tours & beginning of the route of Islamic armies on the continent. Those people were forgotten in history as gutless cowards not worthy of remembrance.

    This knucklehead deserves a head start along the same process.

  2. * Yet its reestablishment is “inevitable.”

    If its Mahdi is the Antichrist, yes, it is inevitable. But whether the Mahdi proves to be the
    Beast whose number is 666 or not, islam is doomed, along with its followers. But islam
    is not the only bad wolf seeking to devour.

  3. Somebody send the Archbishop a copy of Nonie Darwish’s new book about sharia, and what it is like to live under sharia, “Cruel and Usual Punishment”.

    How I would like to put that Archbishop in a room with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Phyllis Chesler, Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish – all of whom have lived inside sharia societies, or societies heavily influenced by sharia – and let them tell him exactly what sharia is like, for children and for girls and women.

    Seven different kinds of hell.


  5. Thanks a bloody bunch Sheik.

    My rugby team had me feeling all proud to be Welsh … then you had to remind me of that twat the Archdhimmi of Cunterbury, and make me ashamed to be Welsh.

  6. Dumbledoresamy, I too would like to put the Archbishop in a room. A padded cell where he could do no more harm.

  7. It might be an idea if a lot of people go to this thug meeting. So those who are going should perhaps email the sheik who can pass the info onto others who might wish to know how much support for british people, not muslim sharia thugs, will be present. Also get the media informed on this little event.


    Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith considers it to be a “welcome development” …
    (original article in memory hole, but remains on Rantburg …)

    [… Replying to a question the Australian Foreign Minister described Swat agreement with
    Tehrik Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi as welcome development and said problems cannot be
    resolved through military means alone. …]

  9. Well Mullah, this reminds me of how some people think where I work. We cant solve the simple problem so lets work on the difficult one. Pity the poor women in NW Pakistan.

  10. Archbishop of Canterbury: “Society is coming round to my views on sharia.”

    Stalin: “Society is coming round to my views on terror.”

    Hitler: “Society is coming round to my views on concentration camps.”

    Obama: “Society is coming round to my views on Islam.”

    Chris Matthews: “Society is coming round to my views on Obama and cock worship.”

    Nusrallah: “Society is coming round to my views on the audacity of hope for Holocaust II.”

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