Turkey: No Jews to Kill, So Jihadists Attack Christian Bookstores

* Muslim Woman Falsely Accuses Good Samaritan of Rape…

Turkey: Jihadists attack Christian bookstore, smashing windows — second time in a week

“They came at it like a target. They attacked in a very cold-blooded manner, and then they walked away as if nothing had happened.” Just doing their religious duty, as they understood it.


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“Turkey Militants Attack Christian Bookshop,” from Worthy News, February 20 (thanks to JW):

ISTANBUL, TURKEY (Worthy News) — Christian workers in southern Turkey faced a tense day Friday, February 20, after their bookshop was vandalized for the second time in a week by suspected Muslim militants, Christians said.

The Soz Kitapevi bookshop of the Turkish Bible Society in the city of Adana was reportedly vandalized for the second time in a week, after threats from Muslim nationalists.

Security camera footage showed two youths attacking the storefront of the shop Thursday, February 12, kicking and smashing glass in both the window and the door, reported Christian news agency Compass Direct News. The door frame was also damaged.

“They came at it like a target,” Bookshop employee Dogan Simsek was quoted as saying. “They attacked in a very cold-blooded manner, and then they walked away as if nothing had happened.”


The security camera apparently did not clearly capture the faces of either youth, and police were reportedly still attempting to identify the perpetrators. During the first attack on February 7, the glass of the front door was smashed and the security camera mangled. Both have since been repaired.

In published remarks, Simsek said attacks came after the bookshop received threats from Muslim “hardliners and nationalists”.


Conspiracy paranoia may have had something to do with the attack:

Last November, a man apparently entered the shop accusing the store of having ties with the United States Central Intelligence Agency.”You work with them killing people in Muslim countries, harming Muslim countries,” the man was quoted as saying….

Nigeria: Muslims attack Christians, burn churches in “retaliation for burned mosques”

It all started with a broken-down truck that Muslims saw as a provocation. Then the local imams apparently fueled anger at Christians during their sermons at Friday prayers. “Five killed in Christian-Muslim clashes in Nigeria,” from AFP, 

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