Turkey: Islamic supremacist government preparing sweeping new anti-alcohol laws

Can’t a fella have a dwink?

Turkey: Islamic supremacist government preparing sweeping new anti-alcohol laws

As Turkey’s Islamization is now galloping forward, before too long Turkish secularism will be a thing of the past and Sharia will be fully implemented. “Islamist Turkish government prepared alcohol ban everywhere in Turkey with new laws,” from National Turk, May 15 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Turkish AKP government has prepared a draft law that would ban advertising alcoholic drinks in what officials say is an effort to protect children but could further divide religious and secularist Turks.

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Turkish Police foil attack on church; EU will lose Turkey if it hasn’t joined by 2023: Erdogan

Good on them if they did. But did they really?

Turkish police have arrested 13 suspects accused of plotting an attack against members of a Protestant church and their pastor in a northwestern city, a local official said on Friday.

“The suspects who were arrested by the counter-terrorism units on Tuesday are accused of plotting an attack on the members of the Christian community and their leader” in the city of Izmit, the official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Very well. Now comes a whopper:

Several attacks in recent years have targeted members of the Christian community in predominantly Muslim but staunchly secular Turkey. (Thanks to the ROP)

I get it. They are “secular” like the Muslim Brotherhood. Good grief!

Caliph Erdogan: EU will lose (something) if it doesn’t cave in to Turkish demands:

Yet another visit to Germany by this insolent, venomous Islamofascist?

This time he demands ‘more integration’-(which means he wants to see Turks lording over Germans, which, by the law of allah,  is their rightful place) Not long ago he declared assimilation a ‘crime against humanity’.

Needless to mention that Erdogan also demands that Germany offer asylum to about 100.000 Syrian ‘refugees’ who are presently hauled up in Turkey.

As far as I’m concerned we lost Turkey back in 1453 with the fall of Constantinople. If the Turks  declare political and economic bankruptcy and hand it back we shall help them resettle in minor Asia. Other than that we cannot ‘lose Turkey’ because we never had it since then.

EU will lose Turkey if it hasn’t joined by 2023: Erdogan

(Reuters) – The European Union will lose Turkey if it doesn’t grant it membership by 2023, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.

It was the first time Erdogan has given an indication of how long Ankara might continue down the path towards EU entry, and his comments came at a time of growing alienation between Turkey and a political entity it feels has cold-shouldered it.

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Turkey: Parliament Speaker Warns Against Racism &"Islamophobia" In Europe


Did you know that the worst racists in the world are Muslims?  (BNI)

It’s a dirty little secret that the media and bleeding heart liberals are happy to ignore, but the evidence is clear: Even in Muslim countries, the darker your skin is, the more inhumanely you are treated.

Desperately trying to conflate racism with our God-given right to defend ourselves from slavery. “Islamophobia” is a term concocted by the Muslim Brotherhood to make us defenseless:

Europe needs to ensure social and cultural integration to ward off  “tendencies contradicting European values,” Turkish Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek said April 20.

“There is no place in today’s Europe for racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and discrimination. It is a task for all of us to prevent further dissemination of such thoughts,” Çiçek told a Warsaw conference of EU parliament heads.

Don’t you just love it when these brain-dead morons are lecturing us on  being stoopid so they can screw us some more?

More from those insolent Turks:

Amnesia Intentional:  Muslims in EUrabia Face Discrimination

Non-Muslims in Islamic countries don’t get a mention from this corrupt and perverted ‘rights’ corpse. Ever since Irene Khan was wailing about the “Gitmo Gulag” (and long before that) Amnesia lost all credibility. Like “Green-peace” and the UN, the original purpose for its existence has long been perverted. We should throw Amnesia on the scrap-heap of history!

Like a Saint, he can’t do no wrong:

Mildly Stoopid


“Mildly Islamist.” That’s Like Being “Mildly Pregnant,” Right?

 Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO!

Long overdue!

The Turks should have never been in NATO in the first place. Any Islamic nation that calls upon NATO to defend it from their co-religionists should be  charged whatever they can pay in gold or oil until the lights turn blue.

Turkey will never allow any third country, particularly Israel, to use intelligence obtained by a NATO radar system, its foreign minister said on Friday.

“We will never allow any third country to use any NATO facility. Our position will be even more clear if it is particularly Israel,” Davutoglu told a joint news conference with visiting NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Ankara. (More from Breitbart)

Turkey annexing northern Cyprus?

The  bumbling, America & Israel hatin’ Muselputz in the white house will just sit back and yawn:

Turkey’s “neo-Ottoman” Imperialism: Considering annexing northern Cyprus (Pamela Geller)

TURKEY would consider annexing northern Cyprus if talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots failed to reach a deal on reunification of the island, Turkey’s European Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis told a Turkish Cypriot newspaper.

Jailed Journalists in Turkey

Turkish Comedian Fatih Çevikkollu:

The Katzenjammer Mullahs

Turkish FM: Israeli Attack on Iran Will be a ‘Disaster’– (For Iran.)

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu sounds just as ominous and threatening as the imbecilic Daisy Khan. He warns against attacking Iran, calls for diplomatic dialogue with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

Gimme a break! We’ve done the dialogue thing for 30 years and all we got is lies, threats and deceit. Its over, Ahmet! Go home!

Iranian UN ambassador: Israel wouldn’t dare attack us

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Khazaee, was interviewed by NPR on Thursday morning. You can listen to the interviewhere and there’s a summary here. Here’s the mildly amusing part. (Carl)

Daniel Pipes: “The Public is Receiving Much Disinformation”

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, gave an interview with conservative political activist, Ezra Levant, as was reported by Israel Matzav, the popular blogspot for issues regarding Israel and the Middle East.

Regarding the continually deteriorating situation in Syria, Daniel Pipes stated that it is only a matter of weeks or months until the Syrian “tyranny” topples.  He noted, as others have written,  that the most important aspect, from a strategic point of view, is that a regime change in Syria will almost certainly result in the breaking of the Syrian alliance with Iran, which will cause “a real blow” to the Iranian regime. As of now, Iran uses their relationship with Syria as a means of transferring arms and money to Hizbullah and Hamas, and gaining influence in “the heart of the Middle East.”

Related links from Barenaked:

Is Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan about to throw another temper tantrum? JPost reports that Turkey has managed to have Israel excluded from what would have been its first participation in a NATO mission. But it almost doesn’t matter. Despite Turkey, NATO is on the verge of upgrading relations with Israel.

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Wilders: Nothing to Celebrate, Gul is Not Welcome in the Netherlands

This is the kind of ‘let me be clear’ we can all appreciate:

Wilders slams Dutch-Turkish celebrations

 PI has more, in German

Anti-Islam Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says next year’s celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Dutch-Turkish relations should be called off. His comments which appear in the opinion section of Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant on Saturday have been published online.

He writes that Turkish President Abdullah Gül is not welcome on a state visit to the Netherlands. He says there’s nothing to celebrate.

“Gül’s Islamic regime and his party colleague, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, are no friends to the West and therefore neither to the Netherlands. President Gül is not welcome. Turkey has no place in the community of European values and there’s no reason for a party.”

“Whoever looks further than his nose can see that the regime of Gül and Erdogan is busy killing off Turkey’s secular constitution in order to re-Islamise the country.”

Next year marks 400 years since the then Republic of the Netherlands set up its first diplomatic mission in Istanbul, at the time the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Major celebrations are planned to mark the anniversary.

Swedish Daily Pimps Arabic as ‘Just Another European Language’

Arabic, a European language like any other….?

We’ve heard worse, from no less than Nicolas Sarkozy: “Arabic Is the Language of the Future” 

Not. I repeat: (spit) NOT! Never was, never will be….  Read the whole sordid mess here. H/T: Baron Bodissey

But don’t take my word for it. Just believe what the elites tell you and you’ll be right.

“We Got the Good Muslims”

Cheradenine Zakalwe posts   a response to the question asked by Martiness yesterday in a comment to this article.

I’m astonished at how worse off the continent is than us, when most of their rulers don’t even have the excuse of an imperial relationship with their colonisers. Why do you think this is so?

I’m struck by how often I come across a comment from a European in one country talking about the Muslim invasion of another European country along the lines of: “Our Muslims aren’t as bad.”

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Turkey insults, threatens, whines, accuses and demands…..


All your infidel churches are belong to us:

Thanks to KGS & the Tundra Tabloids

Beats me why the Germans put up with this, why they even allow him back into the country. Smells like deep rooted dhimmitude:

Turks in Germany: The Guests Take Over the House

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in Germany on November 1 and 2 to mark the 50th anniversary of a German-Turkish agreement on guest workers.

Erdogan turned what was supposed to be a friendly photo opportunity into a platform from which to launch a fresh tirade against Berlin for a long list of perceived slights and shortcomings in its treatment of the estimated 3.5 million Turkish immigrants who now live in Germany.

Erdogan said Germany’s insistence that immigrants who want to live in Germany must learn the German language is “against human rights.” He also demanded that Berlin grant German citizenship to Turkish immigrants regardless of the efforts they make to integrate into German society.

For good measure, Erdogan accused Germany of being “an accessory” to the terror campaign launched by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey. He also blamed Germany for derailing Turkey’s decades-long bid to join the European Union.

Adding to the controversy, a group of German scientists, politicians and human rights activists greeted Erdogan’s visit to Germany by filing a war crimes complaint against the Turkish prime minister and nine other senior Turkish political and military officials.

More here.

 Erdogan reinstates the jiziya:

Turkey: Non-Muslims protest special tax from which Muslims are exempt

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” — Qur’an 9:29

Under heavy pressure from the European powers, the Ottoman Empire abolished the payment of the jizya, which is the cornerstone of the system of dhimmitude, in the 1850s. But even the secular Turkish state found a way to reestablish it under another name. As the Islamization of Turkey continues to advance, eventually this pretense will no longer be needed.

Other news from Turkey:

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While the West disarms, Turkey is busy arming itself

 … and then there’s Cyprus.

While the West disarms, Turkey is busy arming itself (thanks to eye on the world)

(Turkey) Last May, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Greece and asked them to cut military spending so that peace could flourish between the two countries and so, ultimately, they could both save money.

Admirable, don’t you think? And promotes the message of peace which Muslims the world over are renowned for. Well, here is something the Turks didn’t mention when they talked about peace in our time last May.

And then there’s Cyprus.

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Now Erdogan wants an apology from… Armenia?

Erdogan’s allures, his insolence and his megalomania become harder to bear by the day.

Israel Matzav

If the World is willing to tolerate the lies and innuendo of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding Israel, will they also tolerate it regarding Armenia? Erdogan, whose country committed genocide against the Armenians 90-100 years ago, murdering a million and a half of them in the process, is now demanding that Armenia apologize to Turkey!

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Today Turkey, Tomorrow the World

Islamo-Megalomaniac Mustafa Akyol  Takes Off the Mask:

“Stop dreaming about the days when Turkey will become hyper-secular again. Those days are gone and Turkey’s Muslim identity is here to stay.”

Some time ago I had an interesting exchange with the self-described “liberal Muslim” Mustafa Akyol, after he declared his support for the jihad flotilla that Turkey sent against Israel. The Turkish columnist Burak Bekdil has characterized the “liberal” Akyol as a pro-Sharia, pro-Erdogan Islamic supremacist. But undoubtedly a sly one. Bekdil says that Akyol is working to further “Islamists’ global ambition to play the modern day, Muslim Trojan Horse at the gates of western civilization.”

Consistent with that, Akyol here says that an Islamic Turkey is coming and that Turkish secularism cannot be salvaged, but that Israelis shouldn’t be concerned: as long as they stop defending themselves against the Gaza jihadists and jihad flotillas, all will be well.

It would be refreshing if the many, many Americans who were taken in a few years back by Akyol’s “moderate” act would reconsider now. But I am not holding my breath.

“Which Turks hate Israel most,” by Mustafa Akyol in Hürriyet Daily News, June 17 (thanks to JW):


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