Women's Bizniss

                                    The liberating burka


Don’t hold your breath:

 KUALA LUMPUR: A new movement organised by a group of scholars and activists brings renewed hope to Muslim women for an end to “unjust laws and discriminatory practices” in Islam. More…

In Islam, you’re never too young to get married:

ISLAMABAD: A case of ‘vani’ has been discovered in a village of Abbottabad district, where two minor girls, whose uncle had married a girl of his choice, have been given in marriage to men of the family of that girl.

Five-year-old Haleema Bibi and eight-year-old Ayesha have been given in marriage to 23-year-old Arshad and 15-year-old Hamayun of the opponent family by a jirga of elders of the area because uncle of the minor girls had contracted court marriage with a girl of opponent family some six months back. More

* Really, really wishing Aisha weren’t nine

* In Islam there is no such thing as rape

* Bogus Science: 

Hizb ut-Tahrir  women’s brigades get organized in Manchester: 

Women’s deputy media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, Sultanah Parvin said only an Islamic government could offer peace to Muslims, Jews and Christians in Israel.

“You only have to look at the rich Muslim history which saw huge prosperity amongst communities in the very same region,” she said. (That’s why they’re all illiterate, stoopid and poor/ed)  More

Face to face with the women suicide bombers


Chilling fanaticisms: Manal Saba’na, 22, who recruited her two best friends to become suicide bombers

Some are raped, others ruthlessly brainwashed. In this exclusive dispatch, KEVIN TOOLIS meets the women who become Al Qaeda’s human bombs

Dressed from head-to-toe in black, seemingly invisible and blending in with the shimmering heat of the Middle East, she is the perfect weapon: the female suicide bomber. 

There is no real defence against her. In traditional Arab society it is haram  -  forbidden  -  for a man to shake hands never mind search a strange woman, even at a security checkpoint. 


“Valentine’s Day ‘haram in Islam,'” from the New Straits Times

Seven out of ten nations among top persecutors of Christians are Muslim states

In which Sharia is a considerable influence. “Behead a Christian, raise your rank: Islam’s Shariah cited in 7 of 10 worst nations worldwide,” by Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily, 

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  1. Steve Brown – all of the items listed to which you find objection are verified by independent sources. Perhaps you might wish to tell us which item upsets your tiny muslim mind. Mullah, I find this gits reference to the bush fires interesting as these fires may have been deliberately lit. It seems likely that Mr Brown might be able to help the relevant authorities – I, personally, would pass his email and net route details to the police (I haven’t had time to check but I suspect this twit is a UK muslim, but if it in in Australia then I definitely would give the police his details.

  2. “The liberating burka”

    Ironic the stupidity Muslims display in refusing to admit their error out of fear of appearing stupid.

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