Afghanistan: Pro-Sharia lawmakers block law criminalizing child marriage and banning prosecution of rape victims for adultery

Well, you can see their point. Pedophilia plus sharia is sacred and holy.

Building a modern nation for a bunch of illiterate third world savages is not working. Not for them and even less for us. Especially not under sharia:


Afghanistan: Pro-Sharia lawmakers block law criminalizing child marriage and banning prosecution of rape victims for adultery  (JW)

This AP story uses “conservative” to refer to the pro-Sharia Muslims who blocked this women’s rights law. That’s in accord with common journalistic practice, which refers to religious people of any religion as “conservative” and to more secular types as “liberal.” The common journalistic practice runs into a contradiction, however, with the global alliance between Islamic supremacists and the forces of the Left. That leads the mainstream media to term opponents of Sharia “right-wing” and even “far-right,” their all-purpose term to semaphore to readers that we are bad people and decent folks should stay away from us. But that means that in the U.S., opponents of Sharia are “conservatives,” while in Afghanistan, proponents of Sharia are “conservatives.” If ever (and this will never happen) a counter-jihad, anti-Sharia movement arose in Afghanistan, AP’s collective head would explode.


Afghan MPs block divisive women’s rights law

Again, the word “conservative” is used for radical headbangers, who are therefore perceived as the savage version of Tea-Partiers. And “divisive” is this other BS-word that stinks out the room like a dead fish. Islam has divided the world in haram and halal, and until the last AP scribbler understands that no progress can be made.

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Pakistan: Protecting Children From Pedophiles is “Western Agenda”

Child marriage

“Traditions like vani and swara that cannot be eradicated overnight”

Pak Tribune/thanks to halalporkshop

Bill to ban child marriage rejected as “western propaganda”

“You can have a marriage contract even with a 1-year-old girl, not to mention a girl of 9, 7 or 8,”–Dr. Ahmad al-Mu’bi 

In what can only be described as a missed opportunity, the Child Marriage Restraint Amendment Bill 2013, presented in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Assembly last week, was rejected by most lawmakers. What makes this particularly telling is that ANP MPA Munawar Sultana, who was presenting the bill, was unable to get the support of her party members, especially parliamentary party leader Mian Iftikhar Hussain who in 2010 had said he supported imposing restrictions on child marriages. Mr Hussain appeared to have reneged, saying that there was no age limit in other Islamic countries for marriages. Ms Sultana should be commended for recognising just how child marriage stunts a child’s growth on a personal, health, social and educational level and how this impacts society but sure enough, she was slammed for promoting a Western agenda.

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Women's Business: Muslim Child Bride Becomes "Successful Entrepreneur"

Surrey cabbie gets 18 months in jail for sex assault on teen passenger

The cabbie claimed the girl had offered him sex because she couldn’t afford to pay for her ride–BCF has more:     “Friends and family describe him as a deeply religious person”

I was forced to marry at FIVE – while living in UK:

Horrific story of the British child bride

Relax. Nothing to do with Islam. She tells us “the practice is un-Islamic”:

  • Victim tells how her childhood was shockingly ended by the ceremony she mistook for a birthday party
  • Forced abroad to live with her husband in Pakistan, she suffered years of abuse before finally finding the strength to seek a divorce 
  • Now a successful entrepreneur, she wants to show girls in her position there is light at the end of the tunnel  
Successful entrepreneur? She is no such thing. She is still sucking on the public teat pretending to help Muslim women in need. 
The journo is simply too dense to understand her language:

Above all, she wants to emphasise that forced marriage is completely contrary to both the teachings of Islam and the dignity of human beings.

She said: ‘Islam safeguards women’s rights, and I am delighted that I found the Islam that God sent down – not the one that has been hijacked by the jackals who misrepresent its true teachings.’  

Trapped: Mrs Shah – who has adopted a pseudonym for her own protection – was forced into marriage at just five years old, despite living in an ordinary British town (picture posed by model)

A successful businesswoman has told of her agony after being forced into an abusive marriage at the age of five – despite living in Britain.  

Samina Shah, who is now in her 40s and too frightened to reveal her real name, spoke out after revelations that Britain’s Forced Marriage Unit had handled the case of another five-year-old girl last year.  (More below the fold)

Ukrainian girl Oksana Makar dies after horrific gang rape

DONETSK, Ukraine – A Ukrainian teenage girl died Thursday three weeks after being set on fire in a gang rape attack by youths which shocked the nation and raised doubts about the competence of police.   Read more

Muselmanic Love Affair:

From the Far Side:

The new civility:

‘Take Out’ Republican ‘Occupiers’- Dem state senator Nina Turner  from Ohio referred to Republican elected officials as “occupiers” and urged women among other things to use their passion to “take out” the “right-wing occupiers.”

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There are many places where Muhammad can buy a 10-year old bride for $ 1.000 dollars….


‘Child Marriages: 10 Year-Old Girls Traded for Rs. 100,000 [Approximately $1,150]’

Because Mohammed, profit of Islam, married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. Because Mohammed was the perfect man who gave his followers a beautiful pattern of conduct, to be emulated by all the believers, for all time.

On November 29, 2010, police officials in the Pakistani town of Sheikhupura raided a wedding hall and arrested the bridegroom and wedding guests as the marriage of a six year-old girl, Uzma, was being performed. Bilal Zafar, a local police officer, confirmed the arrest of Maulvi Ghaus, the cleric who was performing the marriage, as well as the 23 year-old bridegroom. Zafar stated, “we received a tip-off about the marriage but it took us a while to find the place as the wedding was being conducted in secret.”

The incident drew an angry response from a newspaper reader, who wrote: “Surely this is a sign of pedophilia; how else does one justify a man in his 20s marrying a girl who is just six years-old? Why are we as a society so tolerant of such barbaric and medieval practices?” It seems that a large number of child marriages are taking place in Pakistan, especially in the rural areas of Sindh province, though only a few such cases are actually reported by the Pakistani media.

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Child marriage, child abuse and muta'a, (temporary marriage)

INDONESIAN prosecutors have demanded a wealthy Muslim cleric who took a 12-year-old girl as his unofficial wife be convicted of sexually abusing a child and given six years in prison. (Thanks to Islamization Watch)

  • Bonus: Husbands are allowed to beat their wives and children – as long as they don’t leave any physical marks, an Islamic court in the United Arab Emirates has ruled. (Daily Mail)

This is the man’s second wife ~ he ran an Islamic school and picked one of the kids from it for his ‘wife’. But the Indonesian court did not buy his ‘Muhammad did it’ line and put an end to his child molesting days.

Pujiono Cahyo Widiyanto, 45, from the Central Java city of Semarang, sparked nationwide controversy over his decision to marry poor village girl Lutfiana Ulfa. “We recommend six years prison for him. He has been proven legally as being sexually abusive towards women, especially towards this underage person,” prosecutor Suningsih, who goes by one name, said. “As the owner of a religious school he doesn’t set a good example,” she said.

Widiyanto, also known as Sheikh Puji, married Ulfa in August 2008.  Indonesian law has harsh penalties for paedophilia, but unregistered and therefore unofficial marriages between older men and under-age girls are common in rural areas. AFP (In other words: in Aceh its sharia law and nobody does a thing about it)

VIDEO: Sexually Molesting Young Boys in Islam

Atlas Shrugs

Video: Imam caught sexually groping boy in mosque during prayers back in August.

The video is not related to the story below, though it appears to be systemic, Afghanistan’s dancing boys notwithstanding. These accused devout Muslims teach “Islamic lessons” at the centre.
It is a brutal story involving 12 children, and includes allegations that dogs were allegedly set upon victims.
The accused were arrested, charged, and ordered to hand in their passports, and are now out on bail.

Abuse of temporary marriage flourishes in Iraq

Temporary marriage is one way in which sexual immorality is cloaked with respectability in the Islamic world by those who scoff at the West’s alleged immorality. Even the ridiculously anti-free speech, politically correct and thoroughly compromised NPR was able to run this story, so the abuse must be widespread. “Abuse Of Temporary Marriages Flourishes In Iraq.” by Kelly McEvers for NPR, October 19:

The practice of temporary marriage has long been common in Shiite Muslim communities, especially in Iran. The idea is that rather than having an affair, a man who wants to be sexually involved with a woman should marry her — for a few months, or even, hours — so the relationship will be legitimate.

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Turkish Dancing

Hmm, if music is ‘Incompatible’ with Islam… (‘haram’ in Islam-speak) what makes dancing halal?

From the Religion of Peace

Turk Arrested for Abusing Wife Claims He Was Dancing…

Another kind of dance, another culture:

‘Moderate’ Indonesia Flogs Couple for Adultery…

More Islamic dancing:   Big Love in Turkey as PM Advisor Scopes Fourth Wife...

Malaysia to Permit Child Marriages for Muslims... and yet, there will always be more angry Muslims who keep writing to us telling us that we got it all wrong and that we have no right to tell Muslims how to live their religion…..

SINGAPORE  in dhimmi mode: A 44-year-old self-employed man has been sentenced to two weeks’ jail for leaving behind a card that insulted Islam on a car belonging to a Malay man.

Venom & Bile from the 'Arab Street….'


Muhammad wants to kill them all:

Egyptian Cleric Calls on Egypt to “Annihilate” Iranians and “Bahais in Our Country”

The same Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Al-Zoghbi:

The Accursed Jews are Masters of Terrorism Who Wallow in Mud and Spread Corruption Wherever They are

The following excerpts are from a show with Egyptian cleric Muhammad Al-Zoghbi, which aired on Egypt’s Al-Rahma TV on March 17, 2010.

To view the clip on MEMRI TV, visit

Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: “Tonight’s show continues what we discussed in previous shows. I call tonight’s show ‘Who is the Terrorist?’ in order to show the entire world – near and far, from north to south, from east to west – the tolerance of Islam. I will show the entire world who the real terrorists have been throughout history. Therefore, let me tell you that tonight’s show is very important.

“I will not be talking about my personal beliefs, nor will I recite poems in order to make women cry. Absolutely not. The time has come for us to raise a generation of real men, to unveil the real criminals and terrorists, and to reveal the true tolerance of Islam. […]

“The annals of history bear witness, in letters of light, to the tolerance of Islam, and to the tolerance of Muslims throughout the times. History also bears witness to the terrorism of the accursed Jews, of the hostile Crusaders, and of the enemies of the Muslims. This has been recorded in black letters in the annals of history. I will begin with the terrorism of the sons of apes and pigs in the Holy Land. I will begin with some indispensable words. Oh monotheists, know that wherever the Jews may be found, they wallow in mud and spread corruption. […]

“I would like to tell the entire world that these people are the masters of terrorism. They are producers of terrorism, they are criminals and murderers. […]

“Know that terrorism has never been perpetrated by the monotheists. I challenge anyone on planet Earth to produce one piece of evidence or one case in history of terrorism perpetrated by the monotheists against others. No! […]

“What have we been doing for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque? Crying like women? Reciting poetry? Making hollow statements, enticing speeches, and deceptive promises in order to purge our hearts of rancor towards the enemies of Islam? What have we been doing for the sake of all the mosques that are being transformed day in and day out, into archeological sites by the sons of apes and pigs? […]

“The Jews falsely claim that they killed Jesus, son of Mary. The truth is that they did not kill him, yet they take pride in this, because they are the slayers of the prophets and the messengers, and because they have no heart or brains whatsoever. […]

“We have not learned a thing. This is why our destiny is determined by four million dogs.”


Deputy Head of Egyptian Arab Lawyers Union Abd Al-Azim Al-Maghrabi: The Zionists Produced the Hepatitis C Virus and Injected 400 Prisoners with It


Saudi Cleric Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif Defends the Marrying Off of Under-Age Girls in Saudi Arabia: Atheists, Christians, and Fornicators Are Responsible for Human Rights Treaties

‘When a Girl Reaches the Age of Nine, She Becomes a Woman’/MEMRI


Internationally Recognized Egyptian Geologist/Cleric Zaghloul Al-Naggar: Our Way of Dealing with the U.S. Military Is By Preaching Islam – We Persuaded 20,000 U.S. Troops to Convert to Islam in the First Days of the Gulf War


“We suggested that they convert to Islam and be saved, or pay the jizya poll tax, or else, we would wage war against them”

Thanks to Robert Spencer

Just the other night on Staten Island, a Muslim American Society spokesman insisted that the Qur’an’s martial verses applied only to a long-vanished time and place, not to today. These Egyptian Muslim clerics, however, and many others don’t seem to have gotten the memo. “Egyptian Clerics Reminisce about the Victories of Early Islam and Lament the Loss of Andalusia,” from MEMRI, June 11:

The following excerpts are from an interview with Egyptian cleric Hamdan Badr of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which aired on Al-Shabab TV on December 8, 2009.To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit

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Ready for another Aisha story?

5-yr-old girl raped by  Islamic cleric

Zopag News Network/TROP

Muzaffarnagar, April 12:  A 5-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a cleric at Minranpur town in Muzaffarnagar and was later arrested, police said.  65-year-old Abdul Karim was arrested for raping the minor following an FIR lodged by the victim’s father Noshad in this regard, they said, adding the girl had been sent for medical examination.

Child Marriage Horror in Yemen  Was Worse Than Reported:

Nujood, the extraordinary girl who went to a judge to escape her “marriage”

Even the New York Slimes runs the story:

Another Dead Child-Bride

Apologists will be quick to say the aspects of the story that are coming out now are “un-Islamic.” But Islamic law, along with its many inherent defects, creates broader conditions for exploitation and abuse. Thus, playing the “un-Islamic” card in this case would amount to an attempt to duck responsibility for the consequences of Islamic law, which, after all, provides for child marriage after the example of Muhammad himself.

“Dead Yemeni Child Bride Tied Up, Raped, Says Mom,” from the Associated Press, April 10 (thanks to JW):

SHUEBA, Yemen (AP) — A 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death shortly after marriage was tied down and forced to have sex by her husband, according to interviews with the child’s mother, police and medical reports.

The lame-stream western media remains fix-focussed on the pope. A bunch of lunatics who are proud to soil their own nest:

The girl’s mother, Nijma Ahmed, 50, told the Associated Press that before her daughter lost consciousness, she said that her husband had tied her up and forced himself on her. ”She looked like she was butchered,” she said about her daughter’s injuries.

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Top Yemeni clerics oppose ban on child brides

It won’t happen. Change won’t come to Yemen as long as the clerics have a say. Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was nine. And every Mohammedan seeks to emulate the prophet, because he was the perfect man……

Yemeni women hold up the Quran and Arabic placard reading “yes to the legal rights of the Muslim woman” as they take part in a protest outside the parliament in San’a, Sunday, March 21, 2010. Some of Yemen’s most influential Islamic leaders, including one the U.S. says mentored Osama bin Laden, have declared supporters of a ban on child brides to be apostates. The religious decree, issued Sunday, deeply imperils efforts to salvage legislation that would make it illegal for those under the age of 17 to marry.

Shake & Bake women of Yemen from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Associated Press Writers

SAN’A, Yemen (AP) — Some of Yemen’s most influential Islamic leaders, including one the U.S. says mentored Osama bin Laden, have declared supporters of a ban on child brides to be apostates.

Under the Islamic system, apostates must be killed.

The religious decree, issued Sunday, deeply imperils efforts to salvage legislation that would make it illegal for those under the age of 17 to marry.

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For AFP, pedophilia & child marriage is a "conservative" thing…

Far left loons and other progressives know who the enemy is: “Conservatives” …. (also known as “hard-liners, radicals, anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders etc..”)

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything. —Confucius


Another “Aisha” story.

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia’s religion minister on Tuesday defended Islamic laws that allow girls under 16 to marry, amid a controversy over two youngsters who were married off to middle-aged men.

The issue has flared in Malaysia after reports that two girls aged 10 and 11 were wed in the conservative northern state of Kelantan last month. They have now been removed from their husbands.

Muslim children peer over a balcony at the landmark Kota Bharu market

The Fight Against Sharia

Rights groups have called for the reform of Islamic laws that allow marriage under the age of 16 if religious officials give their consent. Sharia law runs in parallel with civil law in multi-ethnic Malaysia.

“There is no need to amend the law,” Jamil Khir Baharom, a cabinet minister in charge of religious affairs, told reporters.

Related News:

“The law already exists… marrying someone aged 16 and below requires the consent of the court. The court does not simply grant the consent,” he said.

“Maturity is a subjective question. It depends on the development of the person. Maturity is not based on age solely.”

Pressure group Sisters in Islam has called for an end to child marriages, saying the practice was “unacceptable” but continued in Malaysia because of a “belief that Muslim girls can be married off once they reach puberty”.

Not simply “a belief”- millions of muslims eagerly try to emulate Muhammad, because he was the “perfect man..”

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