Amsterdam: "Seven individuals of Moroccan heritage arrested over planned attack"

* Lets not mention Islam or Muslims, that could make them so angry they might resort to terrorism to defend their religion; can’t have that!

Dutch authorities foil terrorist attack planned by, uh, people

Who was going to do this? People. Men. Well, six men and one woman. Suspects. A person. Uh, Dutch people of Moroccan ancestry, and, er, one of them was a relative of one of the 2004 Madrid jihad attackers.

Hmmmm. What could have been motivating these people, these men, these suspects, these Dutch nationals of Moroccan ancestry? Could it be…the doctrines of Islamic jihad and supremacism?

What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

“Dutch police arrest 7 suspected of planning attack,” by Toby Sterling for Associated Press, H/T JW