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* The comical spokesman for the MCB, Inayat Bunglawala, doesn’t like the negative publicity and the general resentment the Al-Muhajiroun headbangers have caused with their vile accusations against homecoming British troops. Don’t wake sleeping dogs, the Bungla tells us, don’t report it and don’t take any notice, because it might damage the stealth jihad in the UK: can’t have that!

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The media should not reward the fanatics who protested against the Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton with the publicity they seek

The latest publicity stunt organised by some former members of the banned al-Muhajiroun outfit in Luton yesterday appears to have gone exactly to plan. It is a simple formula – hold up some offensive placards designed to get people’s backs up and call a local reporter to come along and capture some footage – that has reliably generated acres of media coverage for them in recent years.

Our TV channels and today’s newspapers have very obligingly given over a huge amount of precious broadcast time and expensive newsprint to report the antics of the tiny group of hooligans.

Here’s Pat Condell who tells the Bungla and his ilk to shove it…

Leaflets had been distributed during the past week by the former al-Muhajiroun activists in Luton urging people to protest at the parade of soldiers returning from Iraq. There are over 20,000 Muslims living in Luton and tellingly less than 20 people heeded their call. And yet the irresponsible actions of this tiny few seem to command the airwaves.

Al-Muhajiroun and its variously named successor organisations have always craved media attention in order to help further their goal of creating discord and polarising relations between communities in the UK. Although our news channels and newspapers have adopted a very disapproving tone, the truth is that they have been very much complicit in promoting the divisive agenda of al-Muhajiroun all this time.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from GMTV inviting me on to their Newshour show in the morning. “We want to do a balanced piece making clear to our viewers that these people do not represent the views of all Muslims,” said the woman. Oh, and did I know who these people were? Yes, they are the same morons who have organised similar stunts in the past – one of their representatives Anjem Choudary has been on your programme repeatedly over the years.

A few hours later, I got another call from GMTV. They had managed to get hold of Anjem Choudary, who was, of course, totally supportive of the actions of the protestors, and he had agreed to come on to the show to say so publicly. So, er, they would not now need me to come on to the programme. Well, so much for seeking to do a “balanced piece”!

The success the protestors have had in attracting news coverage in the past and now only further encourages them to carry on and seek out additional new opportunities to inflame passions and stir up mischief. Would it not be a better strategy for our media not to give al-Muhajiroun airtime in order to frustrate their ignoble aims? And if the protestors resort to ever more ludicrous antics to try and gain attention and actually step over the line into breaking the law, then they can always be hauled before a court of law and prosecuted.

This course of action would require our media executives to adopt a more responsible and less sensationalist attitude, however. I am not convinced that they want to, though.

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  1. It sounds like next time there will be a riot..the thugs have already promised that there will be ”a next time”…the good news is this has prompted a big surge in interest in the Bnp.

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