Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Points To The 600 Pound Gorilla In The Room: "we are scared to criticise Islam and accept death threats by Muslim extremists as normal"

* Update: Australia threatens ‘Durban II’ boycott

* Islamic states: Criminalize defamation of Islam

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With the Vatican promoting Islamic finance, this is hardly a surprise. The dhimmi elements in the Roman Catholic hierarchy appear to be quite firmly entrenched.  Telegraph blog

Pell believes West now scared of criticising Islam

Cardinal Pell is right. The only argument was whether he was right to say it, or whether such double standards are justified: 

THE West has become scared to criticise Islam and accepts death threats by Muslim extremists as normal, Cardinal George Pell has suggested in a speech in England… 

* Makes you wonder why he speaks like this in Britain. Why not start right here?

               George Pell.                        George Pell. Photo: Peter Rae

THE West has become scared to criticise Islam and accepts death threats by Muslim extremists as normal, Cardinal George Pell has suggested in a speech in England.

The outspoken Catholic Archbishop of Sydney said laws intended to promote tolerance were being used to stifle debate, which was “fermenting intolerance under the surface”.

* Islamic organisations receive more public funding for ‘equality’ than all other religious groups put together in Scotland, it has been revealed.

In the March 6 speech at Oxford University, he also attacked a global campaign of “bullying and intimidation” by secular groups trying to drive Christians from public debate and stop churches providing schools, hospitals and welfare.

“Many in the West have grown used to practising self-censorship when it comes to Islam, just as we seem to accept that ex-Muslims who criticise Islam and extremism, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, require round-the-clock police protection,” he said.

“You can be persecuted for hate speech if you discuss violence in Islam, but there is little fear of a hate-speech prosecution for Muslim demonstrators with placards reading ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas’.”

He said the expense and time of defending frivolous hate-speech allegations and the anxiety from “being enmeshed in a legal process straight out of Kafka” stifled robust discussion.

“No one in the West today would suggest that criticism of Christianity should be outlawed,” he said. “The secular and religious intolerance of our day needs to be confronted regularly and publicly.”

Some secularists wanted a one-way street, and sought to drive Christianity not only from the public square but from providing education, health care and welfare to the wider community. “Modern liberalism has strong totalitarian tendencies,” he said.

Cardinal Pell said a Californian referendum that rejected same-sex marriage had been a focus for demonstrations, violence, vandalism and intimidation of Christians.

He said “this prolonged campaign of payback and bullying” would have received much more attention if same-sex marriage supporters had been the victims.

It was strange how some of the most permissive groups easily became repressive despite their rhetoric about diversity and tolerance, he said.

“Opposition to same-sex marriage is a form of homophobia and therefore bad, but Christianophobic blacklisting and intimidation is passed over in silence,” he said.

Cardinal Pell said discrimination laws had been used to redefine marriage and the family. Children could now have three, four or five parents, relegating the idea of a child being brought up by his natural mother and father to nothing more than a majority preference.

He said last year’s Victorian law decriminalising abortion made a mockery of conscientious objection, which had been attacked as merely a way for doctors and nurses to impose their morality on their patients.

Cardinal Pell said Christians urgently needed to deepen public understanding about religious freedom.


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4 thoughts on “Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Points To The 600 Pound Gorilla In The Room: "we are scared to criticise Islam and accept death threats by Muslim extremists as normal"”

  1. Well said. I don’t often agree with the Catholic church, but at least they have the guts to speak the truth about Islam, unlike the dhimmified appeasers in the UK.

  2. This I actually enjoy. Now just find the rest with the balls to keep speaking out and shovel the shit from the leftist groups right back down their throats. Although I have nothing against homosexuals (apart from the fact they always end up in the shit). I actually do not think that they have the right to claim the word ‘marriage’ to define an agreement between themselves and their same sex partners. They should simply find another name for it which better reflects the difference.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, all who resist Jihad and Sharia: I beg you, write to the Archbishop, ASAP.

    If you do not agree with his views on homosexuality, abortion, etc, right now that matters little (you can always – briefly and politely – express your misgivings in a post scriptum); what matters at the moment, more than anything else, is that he should receive truckloads of letters and emails praising him for calling a spade a spade, as regards Islam and Dhimmitude Creep, the fear of Islam that is stifling public debate; and urging him to speak up more loudly on the subject and tell it like it is, right here in Australia.

    I assure you, he knows his onions, I have corresponded with him before and he said he had read Bat Yeor, and it sounded as though he took her work seriously.

    You may also suggest to him that he consider inviting to Australia, to be our guest as ‘scholar in residence’ at the Australian Catholic University, a certain pious, brave and humble Greek Melkite Catholic scholar, best known for writing ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades’. Maybe the Australian Catholic University could even screw up its courage, throw caution – and fear – to the winds, and award an Honorary Doctorate for Studies in Comparative Religion, to that very same scholar.

    One might also hint broadly that you would be delighted, were he to bring to Australia a certain very well-known lapsed Catholic from the Netherlands, to show a short documentary at Catholic seminaries and high schools and at the Catholic university and to lead discussion about it, afterward.

    Come on – let’s write to the Archbishop and dare him to do it! For the sake of the church in Australia; and for the sake of civil society in Australia; in the name of political and religious and intellectual freedom.

  4. Good suggestion Dumbledoresarmy! I will be following your advice. I hope the rest of the people who are concerned about the muslim threat do as well – the public can win this battle if they do not remain silent about the muslim danger.

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