Taliban: you can get Khadija at a discount now!

Taliban Wants $375,000 For Kidnapped Canadian Taliban Supporter

* That’s down from $ 1.5 million!


Sheik reported:

* Could Beverly (Khadija Abdul Qahaar) Giesbrecht’s Kidnapping in Pakistan Be A Jihad’s Scam?

* Afghanistan: update on the Giesbrecht Kidnapping

From Jawa Report:

Canadian Beverly Giesbrecht aka Khadija Abdul Qahaar ran the pro-terrorist “Jihad Unspun” website. She’s scum of the earth, tough shit she was kidnapped.

Apparently the Taliban have tired of her and want money to get her off their hands or something like that. She so loves terrorists

BANNU, PAKISTAN and VANCOUVER — Taliban insurgents active in Pakistan’s lawless tribal region have offered to free a Canadian woman held since November in return for a $375,000 (U.S.) ransom. 

The demand came in an interview near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with Qari, a man who preferred to identify himself only by his first name.

Qari says he’s a close aide of Gul Bahadur, the Taliban head in the volatile North Waziristan region who is alleged to be responsible for the kidnapping of Beverly Giesbrecht, a West Vancouver woman who was in the area working as a freelance journalist.

Karma, Beverly, Karma.

Sheik comments: it is more than likely that Khadija sees this as her personal jihad in order to finance the Taliban. It is unlikely that she has really been kidnapped or that the Taliban will kill her if ransom is not paid. We should ignore it and leave her where she is.

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  1. The Canadian government has stated that it has no interest in negotiating her release.

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