Egyptian Cleric Said Al-Afani: Jews Are the Offspring of Snakes and Vipers and Were Behind All Wars


Following are excerpts from a religious TV program featuring Egyptian clerics Sheik Said Al-‘Afani and Sheik Muhammad Abd Al-Salam, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on January 17, 2009:
Said Al-‘Afani: [The Jews] are the accursed people, who incurred the wrath of Allah. They are the offspring of snakes and vipers, the slayers of our Prophet Muhammad, whose death was a consequence of his being poisoned by a Jewish woman.
We should know that the Jews are the slayers of the prophets. They killed the prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) and the prophet Zakariya. They slaughtered the righteous prophet Yahya, and they presented his head as a gift to an Israelite prostitute.
Our hatred of them is purely on religious grounds, and not because of the pure, sacred land, which was blessed by Allah, or because of Gaza…
Muhammad Abd Al-Salam: Not only because of Gaza…
Said Al-‘Afani: …not only because of Al-Aqsa and so on. We hate them, first and foremost, because of their enmity towards Allah, and because they slayed our prophets.
Muhammad Abd Al-Salam: Let me clarify that it is our duty to hate them, as part of our faith.
Said Al-‘Afani: Right.
Muhammad Abd Al-Salam: Let me clarify that it is our duty to hate them, as part of our faith.
Said Al-‘Afani: Right.
Muhammad Abd Al-Salam: People have become confused about this. Some think that it is a territorial or a national issue, or that it has to do with the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, but the issue is much broader – it is a matter of faith. We are obligated to hate them because they are a murderous people, and the enemies of all that is good and of Islam.
Said Al-‘Afani: The Jews were behind World War I and World War II. When the American commander said that Japan had agreed to the terms of surrender, Rothschild the American – or rather, Roosevelt the American – was told by the Jewish loan sharks to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Jews were behind the English Revolution. The Jews were behind the French Revolution. The Jews were behind the U.S. Civil War in 1869-1866 [sic]. The Jews were behind the French coup of 1815. The Jews were behind the war between France and Prussia. The Jews were behind the rise of Communism. Karl Marx was a Jew. The Jews instigated war by means of sex. The Jewish Mathilde inspired Johnson to carry out the 1967 war, as we are informed by Muhammad Hassanein Haykal. The Jews are behind all the ruin and destruction in the world.

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  1. I thought they were descendants of apes & pigs? Now offspring of snakes and vipers? Is that some kind of redundant Islamic curse? I wonder what Chuckles the reptile ruler would say over at little green fartballs about all this evolutionary Jihad on the Jews?

  2. To all my fellow Australian resisters of jihad and sharia: we must keep and copy this sort of thing, with all its particulars – by whom said, and to whom, and where, and when – and communicate it to our elected representatives, of all parties, and of both Houses. After a while some of our well-meaning Aussie politicians might begin to understand why the much -touted ‘Middle Eastern peace process’ is a snare and a delusion; that it is nothing other than a means by which Muslims intend to weaken and ultimately destroy the Jewish state…and why? at bottom, for no other reason than that Israel is full of Jews, whom their [the Muslims’] religion teaches them [Muslims] to hate, hate, hate with a hysterical and demoniacal hatred that is perfectly revolting to behold.

  3. When HATE takes control of man, it will slowly but surely devour him in the end.
    The Jewish State has come to be a fact by itself. The Jewish state existed long before anyone heard of the Muslims. The Kaaba was there long before the Muslims sprouted on the Earth with the special dispensation of 4 wives at any one time so that they could breed like one animal which is famous for its breeding habits.

    The Jews have roamed the earth for nearly 2000 Years. thee is no likelihood that they will give up their scared land of their forefathers. Their tenacity and weaponry and their ‘brains’ are far superior to virtually any race or religion created by the Creator. There must be a reason for this.

    Is it not time to let HATE go away and bring about a lasting peace so that ordinary men and women can go on living like ordinary human beings in the better countries of the world. The warlords, the Politicians, the Drug dealers, the money launderers, etc and the despots who rule the Middle East wouyld not want a state of peace in the Middle East as it is against the grain of their profession.

  4. I have another question to raise. Why is it that since the dawn of this religion that these people have been afraid of the Jews. Is it because of the superior racial stock of the Jews?

    The Jews occupied Israel – their motherland more than 4000 years ago -and turned the desert into orchards and rich farming land. They built industries and produced superior weaponaries. Why can’t the neighbours of Israel have the intellect and the capacity to do that. Surely God did not give them lesser brains? Or did He ?

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