FBI Defends Decision to Spy inside American Muslim Mosques

Death by a thousand papercuts

070524_americanmuslims_widehlarge-300x187                                  Jihad in America’s mosques…

* The real question is why should the FBI have to defend its decision to investigate those who openly  engage in jihad activities and use the mosques to recruit their soldiers?

“What matters to the FBI is preventing a massive attack,” said former counterterrorism chief Robert Blitzer. Mosques and other religious institutions are of particular concern, he added, because potential terrorists could consider them a safe place to plot attacks.”

It’s also time for the FBI to start recruiting Jews and Lebanese Christians emigres from the Middle East that are fluent in Arabic and Islam. The present policy against this is untenable. The excuse, that such individuals might come with a bias, is ludicrous given the bias that results from relying on Muslims for the truth.

Yes indeed, its ridiculous, its stoopid and scandalous. May sanity prevail…