Malta and the Libyan-African Invasion

Italy’s Interior Minister Roberto Maroni speaking recently on RAI Radio warned that two million Africans are ready to travel from Libya to Europe.

“Rivers of illegal immigrants” are ready to cross from Libya to Europe, Maroni said 


Illegal immigration is the greatest challenge facing Malta at present – even residents of our core villages such as Balzan are extremely concerned about the influx of illegal immigrants – let alone coastal areas such as Birzebbuga and St Paul’s Bay – and of course the special problems being faced by areas with detention centres such as Marsa and Safi. 

“We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women…”

Houari Boumédienne, Algeria’s undisputed ruler until his death in 1978, said it clearly In 1974:

 “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

Illegal immigration will not go away by talking about it – we need to tackle illegal immigration with increased vigour.

“Rivers of illegal immigrants” are ready to cross from Libya to Europe.

The Malta Independent

The root of the problem / Why is this happening?

Most of these illegal immigrants arrive by sea from Libya. Illegal immigration on this scale is happening because Gaddafi is not stopping it. He has actually been urging Africans to emigrate to Europe illegally.

To understand why this illegal immigration has reached Biblical proportions you need to understand Gaddafi’s reasoning.

Gaddafi’s mindset is that Europe is in debt with Africa because of Europe’s colonial past.

Reuters reported Gaddafi as saying “Our natural resources were robbed. Either you give us back our resources or you invite us in your countries.” 

Gaddafi is on record, on different occasions, to have stated: 

1. “We are protesting so we must go to Europe in search of work.” 

2. “We must force them (the Europeans) to pay compensation.” 

3. “We have the right to go to Europe because we go after our wealth; we refer to gold, diamonds, iron and copper. They left us empty. We go after our stolen wealth.” 

(Hardly. The ‘Corsairs’ have been raiding the Eruopean coasts for a thousand years, before Europe finally fought back and kept the Islamic jihad in check in the 18th century. But Gaddafi, the Muslim, insists that infidels pay the jiziyah in order not to be attacked/ed)

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Silvio Berlusconi appears to have accepted Gaddafi’s arguments and signed an accord with Libya last year (30 August 2008) – Italy will pay $5 billion in compensation for “misdeeds” committed during its colonial rule between 1911 and 1943 

Berlusconi commented that the accord ends “40 years of misunderstanding”, adding that “it is a complete and moral acknowledgement of the damage inflicted on Libya by Italy during the colonial era”.

As a further goodwill gesture, Berlusconi also returned an ancient statue of Venus (the headless “Venus of Cyrene”), which was taken from Cyrene by Italian soldiers and taken to Rome during colonial rule. (Quite naive. It won’t work, it will lead to more demands/ed)

Berlusconi expects that in return Libya will stem the flow of illegal migrants from its shores.

Where is Malta in all this?

Turn Gaddafi from being part of the problem to being Gaddafi the solution

To be frank, I am certain that it is within Gaddafi’s power to stop all illegal immigration from Libya to Malta.

First, Gaddafi needs to acknowledge that Malta was never a colonial power and, like Libya, Malta was itself also a colony. Malta never inflicted any damage on Libya. (He won’t. Gaddafi is not interested in reasoning, he wants Malta to submit to Islam/ed)

Once Gaddafi accepts that Malta was a colony and not a colonial power, then it follows that Malta does not owe compensation to anyone for any wrongs committed by colonial States.

Gaddafi is proud to be a devout Muslim, and it has to be said frankly that sending Muslims illegally to Malta is morally wrong and goes against being a good Muslim. 

(How naive is that?/ed)

Not only has Malta never caused any harm to Libya – Malta supported Libya through the most difficult times, so it does not deserve this treatment. (What a foolish statement!)

Let’s be Frank on Libya 

in the EU 

If this moral argument fails to move Gaddafi our next step is to use our strength in the EU. Malta must exert more pressure on Libya including diplomatic, and if necessary, economic sanctions through the EU.

I am convinced that combining diplomatic pressure with economic sanctions and moral pressure through a respected negotiator will bring results.

Look at Lockerbie. It was only after Nelson Mandela put moral pressure on Gaddafi that Gaddafi accepted CIVIL responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing.

Mandela negotiated a deal with Gaddafi – a deal which was a compromise – the United Nations would not press criminal charges against Gaddafi provided Gaddafi accepted civil responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing, and hand over the suspects to the international court.

The combination of UN sanctions on Libya combined with the moral diplomacy of the respected figure of Nelson Mandela compelled Gaddafi to accept this solution.

Gaddafi accepted the compromise, handed over the two Libyan suspects involved in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which resulted in the deaths of 270 innocent people in December 1988, accepted civil responsibility and paid $2.7 billion dollars in compensation.

The United Nations lifted economic sanctions and did not press criminal charges.

We must speak frankly to a country which subjected us to gun boat diplomacy. Speaking frankly does not constitute a diplomatic incident.

I wish to speak for all Maltese in this FRANK manner – this can only happen if the Maltese elect me as an MEP to speak on their behalf.

Meanwhile, no Maltese need speak for Libya. Libya has its own ministers for home affairs.


One cannot get around what Jefferson heard when he went with John Adams to wait upon Tripoli’s ambassador to London in March 1785. When they inquired by what right the Barbary states preyed upon American shipping, enslaving both crews and passengers, America’s two foremost envoys were informed that “it was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.” (It is worth noting that the United States played no part in the Crusades, or in the Catholic reconquista of Andalusia.)


2 thoughts on “Malta and the Libyan-African Invasion”

  1. The quote by Houari Boumédienne is interesting now that the Algerian “wombs” (known in the West as women) are producing 1.76 kids in their lifetime; below the replacement rate. Libya’s total fertility rate (TFR) is higher at 3 kids – likely kept high due to oil wealth allowing women to stay home. But the nation itself has a population size of a moderately large city. It is itself being entered by large numbers of sub-Saharan migrants (including Christians and animists who sometimes keep going to Europe and sometimes put down roots in Libya. Egypt’s TFR is not all that far above replacement rate at 2.66 kids per woman over her life. Tunisia is 1.73 kids per woman (and the average age of the female portion of the population is near 30 yrs meaning a significant fraction of the country’s women are exiting the age of childbearing). Morocco’s TFR is 2.51 kids per woman and Turkey’s is 2.21 – with an average female age of 28.1 years. Also, the idea that a replacement fertility rate is 2.1 assumes the health and survival factors of prosperous wealthy nations. In nations where honour killings and fertility complications from genital mutilation procedures exist I suspect that replacement rate fertility needs to be higher and even a small but significant conversion rate to secular and Christian view points could put many of these Muslim populations over the replacement fertility line as far as Islam is concerned.

    I don’t mean to say that large numbers of illegals coming to Italy via Libya is not a serious problem as large-scale illegal immigration is for any society but with falling fertility and unemployment rates in North Africa and high(ish) unemployment in Europe there will be progressively less push on North Africans to emigrate and less pull on them from Europe. I see Islam’s airplane beginning to stall. Other regions of the Islamic world are at different points in the transition but the trend is clear. The few Islamic nations where fertility is still very high are also close to other, mostly Islamic nations where fertility is below replacement. They may not equal Europe as a destination but they are a far easier trip.

    1. It would be interesting to know where you take these numbers from, since all our records indicate otherwise. The Islamic countries are clearly overbreeding and outbreeding Western countries, especially Europe. Their failed, unsustainable economies and the resulting squalor plus the mission to make the world Islamic drives young Muhammedans to invade the countries of the infidels, where they expect to be taken care of by the law of Allah. BTW, its not only the Arabs and Berbers from the Mediterranean rim that seek to get across the water, but for the most part black Africans who flee even worse conditions.

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