Now fire service introduces hijab headscarves for Muslim workers

Originally from Mail Online but lifted from Bunglawussie’s ‘Islamophobia Watch’ where they find the comments objectionable

Thus the headline to a story in today’s Daily Mail. The report itself is in fact quite neutral, but the editorial staff presumably chose this headline to provoke a particular response among the paper’s readers. And they were not disappointed. Some examples of online comments:

“God, I’m sick and tired of minority splinter groups.”

“Pathetic, the powers at be in this country are fast becoming our enemies.”

“I wonder when the Government will wake up or we will finally elect a Government which represent the majority and not ethnic minorities?”

“If Muslim recruits insist on wearing more than standard fire service uniforms, they can pay for it themselves.”

“another National Disgrace”

“Yet more discrimination against the Indigenous population. Uniform should be UNIFORM, whatever your religion.”

“How can a woman clad in all this flowing garb be expected to fight a fire?”

“Attending a fire with flamable material wrapped around your head – they are just taking the p!ss now aren’t they? However I have no objections to sending as many as possible into burning buildings.”

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Whole lotta whingeing and whining going on:


Muslim youth organisations denied state funding

“Muslim organisations find themselves in a strange place in relation to government policy. While being asked to tackle the ‘extremists’ and show leadership, they are denied the very infrastructure deemed necessary for every other provider of services to children and young people.

“While the YMCA and the other successful applicants can apparently be trusted to provide generic services, Muslim organisations seemingly cannot. One must ask whether an equalities impact assessment was carried out as part of this exercise. Funding will evidently be directed to young Muslims as Muslim terrorists, but not when they are mere Muslim young people. There is a name for this: it’s called Islamophobia.”

Muhammad Khan in the Guardian, 31 March 2009