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Australians come from all over the world. Italians, Greeks, Armenians, Germans, Chinese, Jews, Japanese, Spaniards, Indians, Vietnamese, all have made significant, generous contributions to make this country what it is: a modern, multicultural nation-state, a  benevolent democracy, a prosperous society with a lifestyle second to none. Traditionally, all immigrants have done their best to contribute to society, some have founded universities and hospitals, some have given generously for the arts, some excelled in sports, others have done well in business.

No group of immigrants have ever arrived on these shores who brought with them a criminal intend and an inbred obsession to overthrow the elected government and subject the people of this country to the barbaric regime of a  terroristic 7th century cult.  A regime that would see women under black shrouds,  stoning of adulterous women, public flogging, chopping body-parts of thieves and other criminals, female genital mutilation, child marriage, polygamy, honor killings and open warfare against disbelievers.

And then the Muslims arrived:

From the excellent Militant Islam Monitor

                                      Listen to the gratitude

Written by Wendy Larkson


Recently a group of Vietnamese living in Sydney decided to raise money to help the bushfire victims. A cheque for more than $70,000 for the Victorian bushfire appeal was presented to Vinnies [charity organisation which helps all people of all backgrounds] on February 23, after an outpouring of sympathy and kindness from the Vietnamese Catholic community. Most notable are the reasons given for the generosity. A priest says the following about the donors:. 

We’ve been so indebted to the Australian community and I think they are supporting this because Australia was so generous with them when they first arrived here,” said Vietnamese chaplain and assistant priest at Cabramatta, Fr Liem Duong. He said although “it would take a lifetime to pay back the generosity we’ve been shown”, Vietnamese families across Sydney are determined to help those affected by the devastating Black Saturday fires. (source)

Can anyone detect a distinct tone of gratitude here that is deliberately directed at Australia and Australians who have helped the Vietnamese refugees settle here? The reason it is worth focussing on is because it highlights a feature so often lacking in the Muslim community, which tends to be very critical of Australians who gave them shelter and a ‘life’ here. Added to that there is ‘moral posturing’ that somehow their way of life is better than that of those who helped them. 

Again, notice the way that the sentiments are expressed in the following report from this week’s Catholic Weekly n Sydney.    

“This generation, we are Australian, and this was a call on all Australians to help.” Fr Toan Nguyen, head of the Vietnamese chaplaincy, who presented the cheque for $70,467 to Vinnies representative Julie McDonald, said: “We just want to show that we are part of the community, part of society, and part of the Catholic Church.  [my italics]. (source)

While the idea for this appeal came from the Catholic community, not everyone is a part of the Catholic church – but the group saw themselves as part of ‘the community’, ‘part of society’ – that is part of the WIDER pluralist society in Australia.. However, they would have collected money from all their friends, Buddhists, Catholic and Protestant and so it is a very general gift, and again, note the following.


“We are always grateful to the Australian community, because we are all boat people, and now we feel we should give something back. “When many of us arrived, the St Vincent de Paul Society helped us get established and we are still grateful for their compassion, for making us part of the community, and we wanted to give this money to them.”  (source)

It is interesting that emphasis in the above takes stock of the‘welfare’ help given on arrival [about which some Australians at the time complained] and which is now being remembered and given back in this way to the current needy group of people – the victims of the bushfires. Note the desire to be considered Australian, note the love of Australia.
No such love from the Muselmaniacs. There’s more, here


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  1. The Koranists lack gratitude because, simply put, they are missionaries (from hell, no doubt) who seek to convert every “infidel” they come across or exterminate their targets in trying to convert them. They have nothing to be grateful for in their minds-they head West with that one purpose in mind like computers carrying out programming. To them, gratitude simply does not compute.

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