Must be a "black thing…"

Say it loud. I’m Black and I’m proud… not to be Muslim

 Black Muslims

Malcolm X

One of the most bizarre manifestations of African-American pride is its contemporary identification with Islam. The Nation of Islam (Black Muslim movement) plays on the racism against black people by white people hence you hear them use terms like “white devils”, etc.

The Muslim Hadith says Muhammad was a white man, so Black Muslims actually serve Islamic whites, even though they speak against whites.

* The  Muslim hadith says the following about blacks:

Muslims are told that Africans have hearts “grosser than a donkey”–Ishaq: 243 “I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!’ He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks…. Allah sent down concerning him: ‘To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful punishment.” [Surah 9:61] “Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey’s.'”Yet and still Louis Farrakan and his followers will tell us the lie that Christianity is the white man’s religion.  

Another sad aspect of Black Muslims is that many African-Americans are drawn to Islam out of racial pride, thinking that there is some sort of association with Africa. Muslim evangelicals in the black communities and in prisons often play this up in an attempt to persuade the gullible into rejecting Christianity as the “white man’s religion.”

Orthodox Islam does not want to be identified with the Black Muslim movement in America. It is seen as heretical and is not considered part of Islam.

NC State Senator becomes CAIR’s Board Chairman


This is a canny move for CAIR: choosing an American who does not use an Arabic name will give an emphasis to the “American” aspect of the name “Council on American-Islamic Relations” that had not been present before, and the fact that he is a politician also will strengthen the perception that the group unhesitatingly endorses the American system and the U.S. Constitution, despite the statement by its cofounder and former Board Chairman, Omar Ahmad, that the Qur’an should be “the highest authority in America,” and the organization’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

But all is not well with Shaw: Pamela notes, among other things, that Shaw traveled to Saudi Arabia to participate in a Muslims-only conference on Islam and its “enemies” (why doesn’t Buddhism have “enemies”?). The notorious Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi also appeared there — the cleric who recently described Jews as “a profligate, cunning arrogant band of people”: “Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.”

Now, anyone with an ounce of common sense and fair-mindedness knows that to appear at a conference at which someone else also appears, or to appear in a photograph with someone, does not mean that one necessarily agrees with every statement made and position taken by that person. But why isn’t the mainstream media asking Shaw to clarify his own positions? As far as I know, he hasn’t been asked a single, solitary question about this jaunt to Saudi Arabia (and who paid for it), and about what he thinks of Qaradawi’s Jew-hatred and his positions on other matters. Now, why is that?

“Islamic group taps Fayetteville senator,” from the Fayetteville Observer, March 4:  via Jihad Watch

RALEIGH — Sen. Larry Shaw of Fayetteville has been elected chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.Shaw, a Democrat, has served on the organization’s board for three years.

He described the council, known as CAIR, as a civil rights organization. Shaw said he looks forward to partnering with President Obama’s administration to protect civil liberties and help improve America’s international image.

“We just want to work with them to foster better understanding and mutual accommodating,” Shaw said….

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  1. here is a list of translations for 9:61 please let me know which one you used. nice try.

    Sahih International
    And among them are those who abuse the Prophet and say, “He is an ear.” Say, “[It is] an ear of goodness for you that believes in Allah and believes the believers and [is] a mercy to those who believe among you.” And those who abuse the Messenger of Allah – for them is a painful punishment.

    Muhsin Khan
    And among them are men who hurt the Prophet (Muhammad SAW) and say: “He is (lending his) ear (to every news).” Say: “He listens to what is best for you; he believes in Allah; has faith in the believers; and is a mercy to those of you who believe.” But those who hurt Allah’s Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will have a painful torment.

    And of them are those who vex the Prophet and say: He is only a hearer. Say: A hearer of good for you, who believeth in Allah and is true to the believers, and a mercy for such of you as believe. Those who vex the messenger of Allah, for them there is a painful doom.

    Yusuf Ali
    Among them are men who molest the Prophet and say, “He is (all) ear.” Say, “He listens to what is best for you: he believes in Allah, has faith in the Believers, and is a Mercy to those of you who believe.” But those who molest the Messenger will have a grievous penalty.

    And there are some of them who molest the Prophet and say: He is one who believes every thing that he hears; say: A hearer of good for you (who) believes in Allah and believes the faithful and a mercy for those of you who believe; and (as for) those who molest the Messenger of Allah, they shall have a painful punishment.

    Dr. Ghali
    And of them are the ones who hurt the Prophet and say, “He is an ear!” (i.e., He listens to everything, welfare) Say “An ear (i.e., giving ear, listening) of charity (Or: benefit; the choicest thing, welfare) for you. He believes in Allah, and believes (i.e. trusts, reassures) the believers, and (is) a mercy for the ones of you who have believed; and the ones who hurt the Messenger of Allah, for them is a painful torment.”.

    if you want people to take you seriously you should at least use a verse that exists.

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