President Hussein ends the "War on Terror", calls it "Overseas Contingency Operation"

America’s Orwellian nightmare unfolds:
We have no enemies, only friends with grievances yet to be addressed…

After sputtering and coughing for many years, the War On Terror appears to be finally over. It was always a silly thing, a war on a tactic of the enemy rather than on the enemy as such, but as we all know, the Global Jihad is The Enemy Who Cannot Be Named.

And so now we are engaged in a great “Overseas Contingency Operation”, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. And be assured: if the Overseas Contingency Operatives succeed in pulling off another Contingency Operation on American soil on the scale of 9/11, or more than one, we will indeed be sorely tested — and utterly unprepared to meet the multifaceted cultural, military, political, and spiritual challenge the enemy presents.

“The End of the Global War on Terror,” by Al Kamen in the Washington Post, via Robert Spencer’s JW

2 thoughts on “President Hussein ends the "War on Terror", calls it "Overseas Contingency Operation"”

  1. The oceans are no longer a barrier between us and the world. Planes can fly faster and farther, missles can be launched longer distances and nuclear bombs can be delivered the same way cocain can be delivered into our country.

    Here we are ignoring one of that most dangerous times in history. Obama has it in his mind that the world is a good place and were just here to please everyone. This is Obamas ideology. “Say whatever needs to be said to make people like me.” He did it all through the campaign and this is what he wants from world leaders… He ignores the fact he is our president, not a canidate. If he doesnt wake up soon, he is going to find out there are people in this world who run over the naive and complacent.

    Here is a world scenario for you!

    The year is 2011 America is pulling out its last troops from Iraq, the war in Afghanistan is going no where fast. Russia is putting up road blocks at every corner to get us out of Afghanistan. Obama is considering the war in Afghanistan lost and sets a pull out date. Iran is on the brink of testing nuclear missles. Israel turns to Obama and asks to deal with Iran. In Obamas complacency he talks about peace and debates on doing the “right thing.” Israel understands they cant wait for Obama to get done obloviating the obvious.
    Israel initiates an attack on Irans nuclear facilities, they blow up enough to make a dent. Iran threatens retaliation. Obama blames Israel for its tenacity for a pre~emptive strike. Russia gets involved because ultimately the nuclear facilities Israel blew up were built by Russia. Angering Putin to the point of war. Obama in his passive aggressive stance says no way Russia, we wont allow it. Russia initiates a plan to take america down. Being friends with Venezuala and Cuba, doing war games and moving millitary equipment to Venezuala and Cuba since 2009 they are set for a pre~emptive strike of their own, against the UNITED STATES. Russian and Venezualan planes fly out from the Far east and far west of the country. Heading for the Central plains and West Coast of America 2 AM by 4 AM long distance missles are launched from Cuba headed directly for Kansas, Mississippi and Texas. Within the hour the planes Russia and Venezuala have launched drive as far North as they can possibly make it and launch air to ground missles loaded with nuclear and bilogical weapons. Their planes might not make it out of safety but the deed is done… Half of California is cooked, the great cities of Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee are decimated. If they can reach any farther up? They will try… America is descimated Millions dead and millions more will die.

    With America out of the way Russia turns its full force against Israel with Iran, Iraq, and a great millitary to destroy Israel!

    And there you have it the scenario for Ezekiels War

  2. doublespeak |ˈdəbəlˌspēk|
    deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language : the art of political doublespeak.

    Brought to you by the same Left-wing that accused the Bush administration of being “Orwellian”.

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