Sydney: Muslim Crime-Boss Roasted in Drive-By Shooting

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Police confirm drive-by shooting victim was Abdul Qadier Darwiche

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Drug boss executed

THE head of one of Sydney’s most powerful drug dealing crime syndicates was shot dead in a drive-by shooting at a busy intersection yesterday, sparking police fears the brazen killing in front of pedestrians would reignite a gang war.

THE head of one of Sydney’s most powerful drug dealing crime syndicates was shot dead in a drive-by shooting at a busy intersection yesterday, sparking police fears the brazen killing in front of pedestrians would reignite a gang war.

Shooting, stabbing in violent Sydney

Reader’s Comments: Police probe drive-by shootings surge – The Daily Telegraph

Four arrested over drive-by shootings

As police called for calm among members of Sydney’s Middle Eastern community last night the dead man was named as Abdul Qadier Darwiche, 37, of Condell Park, whose younger brother Adnan “Eddie” Darwiche, of Lakemba, is serving life for double murder.



POLICE have confirmed that a man gunned down in a brazen daylight drive-by shooting in Sydney was alleged crime boss Abdul Qadier Darwiche.

The 37-year-old Condell Park man died at the wheel of his car after being sprayed by gunfire on the Hume Highway at Miller Road, in Bass Hill, at about 3.30pm (AEDT) yesterday.

Police today confirmed newspaper reports that the victim had been Mr Darwiche.

In September 2007, police Detective Inspector Michael Ryan publicly named Abdul Darwiche as the head of a “criminal syndicate”, Fairfax reported.

In 2006, Mr Darwiche was found not guilty of the attempted murder of Farouk “Frank” Razzack who allegedly headed a rival clan, it reported.

Abdul Darwiche is the older brother of Adnan “Eddie” Darwiche of Lakemba who has been jailed for a double murder.

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  1. For those of you are are not well informed, several years ago a young lad knocked on a door in eastern Sysdney – he was looking for a party to which he had been invited. He knocked on a muslim door – the muslims kidnapped him, tortured him and then killed him. In a example typical of muslim humour they made a point of telephoning his parents yearly on the anniversary of his murder in order to describe, graphically, their sons death to them. The incompetent and useless Sydney police did nothing to help the parents (hang your head in shame, PC Plod). Only after a considerable period of time was a list of suspects compiled and finally a muslim thug (guess his family name) was arrested – the Darwiche family was involved in the murder of the young Australian.

  2. How much blow back from muslim immigration will we be subjected to before either (a) the
    authorities crack down, or (b) someone else does. Appeasement is futile, as are attempts
    to mix iron with clay, no matter how much jizyah & “sensitivity training” they throw in the pot.

  3. date: Oct 17th 1998
    location: Telopea St. Punchbowl
    Name of victim: Edward Lee

    There are contradictory reports about what happened. One file that I read several years ago stated that Edward had knocked on the door of the muslim house in order to ask for an address. He was then dragged inside and beaten and then knifed to death. A report also exists in which his parent details several years of abusive phone calls by suspected muslims on the anniversary of their sons death. I am trying to source
    these again but at present it appears the search may take some time. Other reports are kinder to the muslims – these are easy to find on the web – you probably have most of these sources anyway – here is an example My original email was based on the earlier reports I read – I will track these down and send links or articles.

    Four years after the murder, and after attacks by muslim thugs on police (including a machine gun attack on a police station in Lakemba – Darwiche was almost certainly involved, three individuals were arrested and charged with murder. The muslim lebanese community is pretty tight and Darwiche was the “family” boss of one of the four main muzz crim groups – Telopea St Boy, Razza and Darwiche group and another. His family were almost certainly aware of the murder – one of the muslim thugs who killed Edward is Mohamed Dib who was a Telopea gang member – their “soldiers” maintain contact with each other esp. in the mosque – so while it is difficult to find a direct link between Darwiche and the murder, it is pretty clear that no information was passed to the police because of orders set by Darwiche and the other muslim thugs. I apologise as the original email was a little inflamatory and one should keep a cool head. It is just that I have had about enough of the antics of these islamic extremists – the trick is however to keep a lid on the anger in order so that you dont become something like the muzzes – it is rather difficult sometimes.

  4. How dare use make a site like this discriminating us MUSLIMS. whenever a muslim does something use outline the religion but when a non muslim does something even worse it doesnt even come up on news. No wonder alot of stabbing happens to non muslims in this country, if use were to treat us fair & equal we would show more respect to this country & the non muslims. If this site isnt edited in a week time, I am going to take this to court and I am dead serious. This is nothing but racism. I am going to report this website and find out who created it.

  5. Although a similar climate, Sydney is not Sidon or Tyre. This strategy of intimidation your mob employ is only lead to one thing, an even worse reputation and eventual hard crackdown. The people of Sydney have had enough.

    And you can’t breed us out ! Since we cut capped unskilled annual migrant intakes, you’re unable to now get in. A piece of advice………start learning Mandarin…………I am!

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