Tariq Ramadan tries again…

…and the chances are good: the Marxist-Muslim POTUS Obambo  has a big boner for Islamofascists:  pseudo-academic Tariq Ramadan was barred from entering the United States in 2004 by the Bush State Department, but the usual suspects have been hard at work to get the ban lifted ever since.


Tariq Ramadan Rides Again

JONATHAN TOBIN – Commentary Magazine

The New York Times reports today about the ongoing efforts to win Islamist scholar Tariq Ramadan entry into the United States. The State Department banned him from entering the country in 2004 after he was offered at a job at the University of Notre Dame. Since then, the Swiss national of Egyptian ancestry has become a cause célèbre for intellectuals eager to show they don’t support the war on Islamist terror. According to the Times, the American Civil Liberties Union appeal of his ban will be heard by the Federal Second Circuit next Tuesday.

* From LGF: The New York Times is unequivocally in favor of letting Ramadan teach at Notre Dame, of course: U.S. Is Urged to Lift Ban on Foreign Scholars.  Moreover, the effort to paint Ramadan as simply a controversial academic is false, as Fouad Ajami pointed out in a valuable article in the Wall Street Journal in 2004

The Times article treats the matter as just another example of the evil Bush administration’s trashing of civil liberties. The sole reason given for the ban according to the paper is that he gave $1,300 to a Swiss charity that served as a front for Hamas. But the truth about Ramadan is that he is a vicious Islamist whose work is dedicated to delegitimizing the United States and the State of Israel.

* More BS every day: Feds to ease restrictions on ‘American Taliban’

* Pseudo Intellectual Snake Oil Salesman Tariq Ramadan In The Hot Seat

Bringing him to this country to pose as an educator is a travesty. Nor is this a question of civil liberties, since unlike American citizens who have the right to say whatever they like without government interference, foreign foes of this country have no intrinsic right to travel or work here. Moreover, the effort to paint Ramadan as simply a controversial academic is false, as Fouad Ajami pointed out in a valuable article in the Wall Street Journal in 2004. A victory for Ramadan would be one more confirmation that under Barack Obama, America has slipped back into a complacent Sept. 10 mentality in regard to those who would destroy us.


* Netherlands: Ramadan unmasked

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  1. From your comment, it seems you are just another person afraid of facing the truth.
    Suit yourself. Sorry to have stumbled upon such a biased an nonsensical post and wasted my time.

  2. Holy Moly!! But, you couldn’t be more wrong about this gentleman………. Before you so viciously judge this man such a criminal. You should go to your Local Public Library or Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. And check out or purchase “Western Muslims, And The Future of Islam”……………………….. His book reads like any other common sense work that speaks of any newer group of arrival’s on America’s, Canadas, Western Europes, Australias, and New Zealands Shores. Looking to obtain that American Dream. Of working hard and being able to come by the things we all want. A peaceful life in an idylic town, with a nice home, a couple of brand new cars, and a good paying job to afford it all. That same beautiful capitalistic dream we’re all trying our damndest to come by……………………….. Anyway, go to the Library or Barnes n’ Nobles and read “Western Muslims, And The Future of Islam” for yourself if you don’t believe me.

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