Integration is Done!

Muslim Brotherhood operative Tariq Ramadan is quite outspoken about the Islamic game plan. Beats me how anyone can call this sly jihadist a ‘moderate’ or a ‘reformer’- he is neither.

“Islamic Reformation is Done!”

“The Germans claim that they want to integrate you in their society. We tell them we are going to integrate them in our Umma (Muslim world) after converting them to Islam.”

He said the same in America:

Tariq Ramadan openly calls for Muslim colonization of the U.S. 

‘It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing the United States of America.’ –Dallas, July 27, 2011

No ‘reformation’ to see here. You will be colonized, infidel. Islam will rule, like in the days of the marauding Muhammad. Colonization means sedition, subversion, sabotage, terror, thuggery, coercion and intimidation.

Here you can see how integration of Muslims in France  is ‘done’ in reality.

thanks to SOS Oesterreich:

Giscard d’Estaign:  we must stop immigration!

Mitterand: “we must reduce immigration”

Chirac: “We must limit immigration”.

Sarkozy: ‘we need to  be more selective with immigration”.

The new minister of interior: “The problem with immigration is resolved”.

And that’s what reality looks like, dare to compare:

Spot the difference between EUrabia & Africa:


Tariq Ramadan Deposits a Steaming Pile of Taqiyya @ Puff Ho


“When the MB grows up and holds the reigns of power in Egypt, we can be just like democratic, secular Turkey”, is what stealth jihadist Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan al Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) wants us to believe.

Trouble is, that Turkey is no longer democratic or secular, because the Muslim Brothers under the sly Erdogan-Gul democracy killers are about to turn the clock back to pre-Ataturk times as you can see here: the Turkish military is scared of the insidious  way its government has been able to  slip fundamentalists  into various ministries: UK fears Islamization of Turkish military, cable says

Democratic Turkey Is the Template for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Tariq Ramadan @ Puff Ho

OXFORD, England — Even as the mass demonstrations began in Tunisia, who would have thought that Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s regime would have collapsed so quickly? Who could have predicted that Egypt would soon witness such unprecedented popular protest? A barrier has fallen. Nothing will be the same again. It is quite likely that other countries will follow the lead of Egypt, given its central and symbolic significance. But what will be the role of the Islamists after the collapse of the dictatorships?

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Brother Tariq Lectures the Pope


Brother Tariq Rubs it: “this discussion is not the right one…”

Just shut up, infidel. Don’t oppose Islamization, don’t oppose the genocide we are planning for your nation, your culture and civilization. Islam is a European religion, a German religion, a French religion, you need 20 million workers…..   We are here, we are here to stay, nothing you can do about it…”

Once again, the smooth talking grandson of Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, insults our intelligence with the old

“Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Next, he wants the pope to speak for Muslims:

“What is needed, which I recognise the Pope has already done on some occasions, is to not intervene solely when the discrimination regards Christians, but also when the victims are Muslims or belong to another faith,” Ramadan stressed.

Translation: NATO forces in Iraq & Afghanistan are terrorizing  Islamic terrorists, for brother Tariq, that is “when the victims are Muslims.”

“The attacks have a terrible impact on the international image of Islam,” -what could be more concerning to him?

“It is incorrect to say the Coptic community in Egypt is in danger.” Really? Let’s look at the recent record — leaving out the New Year’s Day church bombing in which jihadists murdered 23 Copts:

That takes us back to November 16, 2010, just nine weeks ago. So why would this great Muslim reformer so egregiously misrepresent the plight of Christians in Egypt? A clue may come from French journalist Caroline Fourest, who has published a book-length study of Ramadan’s sly duplicity, Brother Tariq. Fourest concludes that this much-lionized putative Muslim Martin Luther is actually anything but a reformer: in reality, Ramadan is “remaining scrupulously faithful to the strategy mapped out by his grandfather, a strategy of advance stage by stage” toward the imposition of Islamic law in the West.

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Burqa Debate Downunder

Insight: Banning the Burqa or Freedom Sack for All?

The French Senate has voted to ban the burqa in public places.

Similar laws are being considered in Belgium, Spain and Italy.

President Sarkozy said in Parliament “We cannot accept that in our country some women will be imprisoned behind a fence cut off from all social life, deprived of identity. This is not a principle that the French republic has about women’s dignity.”

In Australia, a recent decision by a judge to have a witness remove her face veil has sparked controversy and recent polls show that the majority of Australians support a ban.

Part 1/4

The participants are: Tariq Ramadan, Cory Bernardi, Amina Ghafoor, Jacques Myard

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

Here’s Pat Condell, as good as a cold shower:

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WaPo Hack Sally Quinn Slams Glenn Beck; Claims Submission is Christian Doctrine

Defending the anointed one against the irrepressible fact that he is indeed a Muslim, WaPo shill Sally Quinn works herself into a post menopausal frenzy.  She then drifts into uncharted territory:

“Glenn Beck then went on to claim that submitting to God’s will is not Christian. He said “Submission to his will. That’s Islam.” Beck implies that Christians do not submit to God’s will. Is he out of his mind, or simply unaware that submission to God’s will was spoken by Jesus in the Garden, preached by Paul, and part of hundreds of Christian hymns and millions of Christian prayers? What kind of Christian is Beck?

Funny that.

Don’t we believe in free will? Has inshallah-fatalism hijacked the Christian faith now? Are there Christians who no longer believe in ‘help yourself and G-d will help you?’. I’m puzzled.

On closer examination, it seems Sally Quinn doesn’t know much about anything.

Here she is being lectured by Tariq Ramadan on jihad. (Here’s Part II if you can bear it)

A qualified interviewer would have asked questions, Sally doesn’t. Instead, she appears to be totally befuddled with the man…. She is equally hopeless with ex-Paki ambassador (snake oil salesman)  Akbar Ahmed, who tells her the usual victim story  and babbles on about “our obligation to help Muslims ” in their nefarious ways…….

Looks like I’m not the only one convinced that Sally shouldn’t be in the news business:

Akbar Ahmed speaks like a snake slithers, he is the typical sly Islamist, who keeps saying  things like “nice little country you got here, would be a shame if something happened to it”– but when it comes to the Koran, he can’t help himself:

‘Burn Quran Day’ an outrage to Muslims

“not a single American would be safe in Pakistan.” Akbar explains how his coreligionists were quivering with anger as they asked him to explain why Americans hated Islam.

You wanna read this, from CNN

More nonsense from Akbar  Ahmed:

“Founding Fathers read and honored the Quran”

Hugh Fitzgerald takes him to the cleaners:

Barack Obama, The New York Times, that Iftar Dinner, and the rewriting of history

"Crapule intellectuelle" loses court case…..

Court Rules Against Silver-Tongued  Muslim Brotherhood Propagandist Tariq Ramadan

Brother Tariq before his hair transplantation

The Islamic propagandist extraordinaire was banned by the US under Bush and welcomed to the US under Obama. His first US stop? A co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood-front CAIR Chicago event, of course. He has been speaking across America (check out the absymal failure of his US book tour).

Not only did he lose in court, but he has to pay court fees.

Islam academic legally dismissed Rotterdam council was within its legal rights when it dismissed academic Tariq Ramadan in August 2009, a court ruled on Wednesday.

Ramadan was asking for €75,000 for wrongful dismissal, but the court ruled he has no claim. Instead, he will have to pay the €3,638 cost of the case.

The Islamic philosopher lost his job as city integration officer after officials discovered he presented a tv show for a broadcast company financed by Iran.

Erasmus University also ended his contract as a visiting professor.

Even the French Foreign minister Bernard Kouchner called him a “crapule intellectuelle.”

More from Atlas: Court Rules Against Tariq Ramadan, “crapule intellectuelle”

Tariq Ramadan is so full of shiite it makes my head hurt:

Jihad is all about resistance and reform, spiritual travel of the soul, to better yourself…..

Compo Jihad: Tariq Ramadan wants €75,000 for wrongful dismissal

Pseudo scholar Tariq Ramadan, sacked by Rotterdam city council last year, is asking for €75,000 compensation for wrongful dismissal.

The chances are good, as we can see here:

Dutch News

Ramadan lost his job as city integration adviser after officials discovered he presented a tv show for a broadcast company financed by Iran. The city said this could not be combined with his other roles.

Erasmus University also ended his contract as a visiting professor.

Court hearings over the compensation claim began on Monday. Ramadan claims the sacking damaged “his reputation as an Islamic scholar.”

What reputation? That he is a propagandist for the Muslim Brotherhood?

It is scandalous that this creep could get a chair in any university in the West.

Brother Tariq's America Tour: "There is only one Islam"

Julia Duin from WaPo gushes:

Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-born Islamic scholar snake who was just allowed into the United States after a six-year ban instituted by the Bush administration, told American Muslims on Tuesday to get involved with all sectors of American society, instead of being “obsessed” with whether they’re considered terrorists.

“It was a silly decision of the Bush administration to prevent me from entering the country for ideological reasons…”

He used the recent debate over health care reform as an area where Muslims could have stepped up, saying it’s time they came up with a “new applied ethics [that] is rooted in Islamic tradition.”

Rooted ethics? Islamic tradition?  Health care reform? WTF?  Do Islamic countries do health care or reform?

Pamela rips him a new one:

The Abysmal Failure of Tariq Ramadan’s Propaganda Tour

Stealth jhadist nonpareil Tariq Ramadan’s books are not selling at all, despite the onslaught of press he’s been getting — coupled with the extra PR support from a freelance publicist that the ACLU hired for him on his whirlwind tour of America. Not to mention  the tacit support of the jihadist in the White House. His publisher seems to think that this is all well and good and that Oxford should continue to shell out money to schlep him across the US. I think they are fools.

He’s a subversive scumbag who seeks to destroy all that is good in the West. Remember, he despises you.

Robert has this: Tariq Ramadan manages simultaneously to deny and affirm that he’s a stealth jihadist

But somehow, the truth seeps out: The long and foggy war

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss-born academic last week told The Washington Post that jihad “has nothing to do with holy war. … Where you are trying to resist bad temptations and reform yourself with good aspirations that you have, this is a jihad of the self.”

What makes this lie so brazen — the Post did not think to question it — is Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Banna himself stated clearly the Qur’an and other Islamic doctrines “summon people … to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting.” In addition: The Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas. Among Hamas’ founders was Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, who also was Osama bin Laden’s mentor. As Andy McCarthy relates in “Willful Blindness,” Azzam “galvanized Muslims worldwide with his call to jihad — traditional, unreservedly violent jihad.”

None of this should be surprising. What is: the obstinate naivete, the determined ignorance, the continuing willful blindness of so many of our political and media leaders in the face of the 21st century’s most daunting and deadly threat.

Clifford May/American Republican

CNN: Ammanpour interviews Tariq Ramadan (now with hair-plugs)


Canuckjihad got a mention for featuring this picture below: The Tariqster Shows Up

Zogby was lurking in the wings, sang along and  added a little  smoke & mirrors….

Fox in the henhouse, interviewed by  the biggest goose on CNN

I’ll post the video as soon as it becomes available…..


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"Europe is failing its Muslims?" Not. Muslims failed Europe big time. Muslims are an epic failure…

And who is behind this idiotic concept that demands that Europe  has to submit to Islam?

H/T Vlad Tepes Blog

Why, Tariq Ramadan, of course. Self-proclaimed “brother in humanity”-  (as if there was such a concept in Islam!)

You see, its all out fault, we have the wrong perception:

“Muslims are at home, they are integrated, they are here to stay…… Muslims contribute, now they give….”

Its the ignorant Europeans who created  “unemployment, class discrimination, racism, segregation, wrong policies…”

The Bunglawussi shrieket and accuses Douglas Murray of Islamophobia, who retorts:

“It is grotesque to argue that Europe has failed its Muslims. It has been made repeatedly obvious that it is Islam that has failed Europe.”

Writing on his Telegraph blog, Douglas (“conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board“, “there’s a very rational fear in being scared of Islam today and wanting to act against it“) Murray provides an entirely objective assessment of his recent debate with Tariq Ramadan.

Here’s Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (Fleming Rose comes across weak as piss, Douglas Murray also falls into the trap)

Part 5

There appears to be 6 parts, you can find them on youtube

In other news:

Bunglawussi upsetness:

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia-Watch is upset with Taj Hargey,  Imam of the Summertown Islamic Congregation in Oxford, who opposes the building of an ultra-conservative Tablighi Jamaat mosque in Camberley.

Another Muslim upsets Pitt/Harry’s Place