Why are "Afghan boat-people" arriving in Australia?

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They just keep coming: Boat people sent to Christmas Island

* They are Afghan Muslims. Their Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia are religiously obliged to offer them shelter. Why are they coming to Australia, a Judeo-Christian nation?

Could it be that they are not migrants, not asylum seekers, not refugees but infil-traitors instead?

A FISHING boat carrying 54 people, mostly Afghan asylum seekers, was intercepted off the Northern Territory at the weekend.  The boatload is the largest in more than a year and is the ninth since September.



Italy: Hundreds more illegal immigrants land on Lampedusa

Palermo, 16 March (AKI) – The recent wave of illegal immigrants heading for Italy by boat continued on Monday when coastguard intercepted a boat with 257 illegal immigrants on board ten miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.
Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been arriving on Lampedusa each week aboard people smuggling boats that set sail from the North African coast, especially during the warmer months between March and October.   

The Italian government is currently seeking repatriation agreements with the various North African countries.  But the majority of illegal migrants (63 percent) enter Italy by land or plane, according to Italy’s interior ministry. More from AKI

ANSAmed) – VALLETTA, MARCH 16 – The Maltese government has not authorised the Italian navy ship ‘Minerva’ to enter the port of Valletta to offload the 76 migrants (including 13 women) to whom it came to the rescue as they drifted in a rubber dinghy 40 miles south of Lampedusa in Maltese waters.  More from Ansamed


A navy patrol boat intercepted the boat on Saturday night at Cobourg Peninsula, north-east of Darwin after Northern Territory park rangers raised an alert.

It is believed the boat had an Indonesian crew. Among the asylum seekers were a woman a boy.

The asylum seekers were being taken to Christmas Island’s immigration detention centre, and will arrive in about six days.

“The group … will be detained and undergo health, security, identity and other checks to establish their identity and reasons for their voyage,” said Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus.

Late last year, the Government opened an 800-bed Christmas Island detention centre built by the Howard government because of an influx of boat people.

There have been 74 boat people arrivals off the Australian coast this year, including 20 at Ashmore Reef off Australia’s far north-west in early January.

Last year, there were 164 unauthorised arrivals, 16 more than the previous year.

Opposition immigration spokeswoman Sharman Stone said changes to immigration policy meant Australia was now viewed as an easy target by people smugglers.

“People smugglers take advantage of people who have to pay thousands of dollars up front and lie to them about the conditions.” Dr Stone said.

The Government has denied there has been any marked increase in arrivals since the change of policy last year, arguing arrivals have coincided with favourable sea conditions.


Pro-jihadist culture finds receptive audience among Afghan expatriates in Britain

This story demonstrates several trends in Muslim communities in Britain and elsewhere, especially in western Europe. First, there is both the lack of assimilation, and the complete lack of any intentions to assimilate, ever — a problem enabled by lack of due diligence in accepting “refugees,” and social welfare benefits extended without the firm expectation that the recipient becomes a productive part of society at some point. That combination is all but “Miracle-Gro” for a closed, parallel society with a sense of entitlement.

Another is the infusion of jihadist teachings into Muslim youth culture, which constitutes another large-scale “misunderstanding” of Islam’s vaunted peaceful and tolerant teachings. Funny how that keeps happening. Moreover, note the widespread acceptance of sympathy in the broader community for Britain’s would-be Taliban — “Britaliban,” if you will.

Lastly, in that vein, the article writer seems eager to emphasize the non-operational nature of the “youths” in this article. No, not every kid in the neighborhood with a football makes the NFL or even the college team. And not every kid in the neighborhood watching jihadist videos online will board a London train with visions of Islamic paradise dancing in his head. But it doesn’t take many to create untold damage made all the more tragic by the missed opportunities to engage the ideology behind the attack.

“Jihad chic comes to London,” by Sami Yousafzai for Newsweek, via JW

I still don’t know who wanted me dead. I was sitting in my car one day last november, not far from my house in the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar, when a group of strangers walked up. One of them pointed a pistol through my window. I remember he wore a turban and shalwar kameez—the tunic and baggy pants common in the area—and he had a long beard, dyed red with henna. He shot me in the chest, hand and arm, and then fled with his friends. Miraculously, none of the bullets hit any arteries or vital organs, and as soon as a doctor patched me up and I was strong enough to travel, I booked a flight to London. I planned to lie low for a while, to rest and seek further medical help for a bullet that was lodged in my arm. But more than that, I just wanted to be somewhere calm and safe, far from AK-toting gunmen, suicide bombers and the daily, random violence of Pakistan’s borderlands.

London was a revelation—cold, clean and orderly—but my sense of relief didn’t last long. In one of the city’s many South Asian neighborhoods, I saw a tall young Afghan who reminded me of my would-be assassin, striding down the street like a bad dream. He too wore a shalwar kameez, and a big turban of white silk was wrapped loosely around his head. His beard was long, and his hair was shoulder length. Anyone dressed like that in Islamabad would be immediately picked up for questioning by the police. I had flown halfway across the world to get away from killers who resembled this young Londoner. I stared after him until he was gone from view.

But as days passed I spotted him again and again. He stood out even in a neighborhood full of Asians dressed in traditional garb—shalwar kameez, saris, abayas. Locals had a nickname for him: Talib Jan. It’s a friendly Afghan slang term for a Taliban member, something like GI Joe for Americans. The area’s crowded, rundown row houses had become home to hundreds of Afghans who first arrived in England as fugitives from the Taliban’s intolerance and brutality. Nevertheless, most of Jan’s neighbors spoke of him tolerantly or even approvingly.

In fact, during my three-month stay in England I met a surprising number of Muslims who shared Jan’s fascination with the Taliban. The older generation, urbane and relatively well educated, had little love for the extremists. But among some younger men, frustrated and marginalized in British society, I discovered a fury that was depressingly familiar. I met many immigrants who were blatant, vocal and unquestioning in their support for what they imagined to be “jihad.” Few seemed troubled by the brutality that characterized Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar’s reign, or by his banning of music or girls’ education. Indeed, many looked back on Omar’s rule as a kind of Islamic utopia, and they eagerly snapped up the Islamist leaflets handed out after Friday prayers at various mosques around town.

I first introduced myself to Jan at one of those mosques. I complimented his taste in clothes: that’s how people dress back home in Afghanistan, I said. (I was born in northern Afghanistan; my family fled to Pakistan in 1979 to escape the Soviet invasion.) His fierce appearance to the contrary, Jan turned out to be friendly and outgoing. He listened with interest to my story, but mostly he talked about himself, his Islamist views, his fierce support for the Taliban and his contempt for the Brits and Americans fighting them.

His vehemence surprised me. Twenty-three years old, Jan had been born in eastern Afghanistan and attended a madrassa in Pakistan. The Taliban still ruled Afghanistan when his parents paid a people smuggler to sneak Jan to England at 14. There he applied for and was granted political asylum, claiming that the Taliban had persecuted him and his family. Now he’s a legal resident, yet openly cheers for his supposed oppressors to defeat troops from his adopted homeland in Afghanistan. The irony seems lost on him. […]

Jan is a terror to his neighbors. He prowls the streets as a one-man, self-appointed morality patrol. He castigates young Muslim couples he sees holding hands in public, and he badgers acquaintances for shaping their beards into what he disapprovingly calls a “French cut” that frames the mouth. His diatribes can be frightening. Several young men told me they were afraid Jan had friends who could create problems for them or their relatives in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Some feared they might be disowned if Jan got word to their families about their “immoral” living in London.

Jan, too, is always glad to pull out his Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and share streaming videos of Taliban training camps and Coalition convoys hitting IEDs. He even has Taliban ring tones—fire-and-brimstone sermons and Qur’anic recitals from jihadist mullahs. If you want copies, he’ll transfer them to your phone or point you to the right Web site. “I’m winning converts to a holy cause every day,” he says. As for the cops, Jan says he’s careful to break no laws and claims he’s never had problems with the police. They seem to regard him as a deeply religious man, he says, or at least as a harmless eccentric.

A curious detail:

In fact, Jan embodies a powerful need among many young Muslims in Britain to preserve a sense of identity in a strange land. One 50-year-old engineer told me he worries constantly about his four children, especially his two sons, ages 19 and 20. He says they seem addicted to Internet porn, but what scares him even more is the amount of time they spend on jihadist Web sites. He worries as well about extremist operatives who hang out at local mosques trying to recruit young people to the Taliban cause. […]

Of course, a common thread there is the promise of virgins in paradise for “martyrs.”

Most of these young men, even Jan, would probably never give up their lives in Britain to join the jihad in Afghanistan. But something of that far-off fight, some tinge of blood and chaos and hatred, has certainly seeped into London’s streets. Alokozai, 27, arrived in London a year ago after an arduous trip via the Afghans’ underground railway. He used to be an interpreter/fixer for British troops in Kandahar. The pay was excellent by Afghan standards—some $1,600 a month—but then the death threats began. His family’s life would be worthless unless he left his job, the anonymous letters warned. He quit as he was told; in Britain he applied for political asylum, thinking he had finally escaped the Taliban’s wrath.

Then the phone woke him one night at 3 a.m. “Death angels will soon clutch at your throat,” an Afghan voice warned. “Remember, we have Islamic brothers in the U.K. Your family should not rest easy in Kandahar either.” He says he could only listen to the voice, too scared to say anything.

Alokozai worries all the time now. Too many Afghans in London sympathize with the Taliban, he says. He thinks many recent asylum seekers, especially from southern Afghanistan, have ties to the Taliban and remain under the sway of extremist ideas. “They will create trouble for Britain in the near future,” he predicts. But equally disturbing to him are the thoroughly assimilated Muslims who also treat him like a traitor to his religion. When they find out he worked for British forces in Afghanistan, they ask him, “How many houses did you bomb?” and “How many innocents did you kill?” “These people are as narrow-minded and have as much hate in their eyes as the Taliban do in Afghanistan,” he says. “I cannot understand how these Afghans and Pakistanis can wear Western clothes, dance and drink, and then condemn me and see the Taliban as their heroes.”…

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  1. I used to live in Malaysia. The Bosnian muslim refugees there did not get on well with the malays..they much preferred the Malaysian christians , who of course helped them a lot when they first arrived.
    Some relations were recently back in KL and said there is lots of Middle easteners there now..They started coming as tourists in big numbers after sept 11.
    Countries like Malaysia only accept muslim refugees. Isn’t it high time Western countries started saying we only accept Christian refugees.

  2. I agree that there wil be an extremist uprising not only in Britain, but Europe and Canada as well. I am a Canadian Citizen and fear the worse in the years to come. Ofcourse I agree with “theresaj” that the West must allow only Christain refugees or curtail refugess on thw whole. I give Australia two thumbs up , a pat on the back and all good for stopping these refugess from coming into this country.

  3. These asylum seekers are sponsored by rich organizations. If those people are so poor, where do they get the money to pay their way on to a boat destined for Australia. The riches Muslims are from the Oil rich Arab countries and one of their leaders did make a statement that they will take over without shooting one bullet. By accepting these people, we play right into their plans. Do yourself a favour and watch this You-tube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kKkY5EpVpY

    Wake up Australia!! By accepting these people, you are allowing those nations, that don’t domesticate in Australia to rob this land from our children. Let those people apply through proper channels. The boats will not stop unless you sent all of them back. Give them a migration pack, and wave the migration fees, but let them apply through the proper channels from their own countries…

  4. I can only reflect on what I believe and it simply put .

    Do not stay in someones house and accept their shelter and their food if you do not respect them .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

    Do not criticise anothers customs and beliefs if you live in their house and share their lives .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

    Do not stay in another country if you do not believe as they do and you do not wish to assimilate .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

    Do not follow in someone elses ” God ” if you do not believe or wish to destroy them .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

    If you want to fix all the things that are wrong .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

    If you are not content with your life and want to make changes .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

    If I am wrong then all who live and believe as I do are wrong for you .
    Leave quickly and go to where you believe you belong !

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