Huge Bomb Lab Found in Mosque

Mosques are not simply places of worship:

( Hamas terrorists in Kalkilya built a large supply of bombs and stored them in a local mosque without raising suspicion from local Palestinian Authority armed forces who represent the rival Fatah faction. However, the terrorists were out of luck on Wednesday, Passover eve, when a simple electric shortage gave away their plans.

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The shortage caused a small fire in the mosque, bringing PA forces to the building, where they found bombs ready for use and large cannisters of bomb-making materials. The mosque was closed down, and PA sappers removed the explosives.

The bombs were then turned over to the IDF, which sent experts to detonate the weapons in a controlled explosion.


A captain in the PA forces told Israeli journalists that the mosque had been used to both produce and store the bombs. “It was a huge weapons lab,” he said.

Four people have been arrested in connection to the incident, he said, two of them members of Hamas and two “everyday citizens.”

Kalkilya and surrounding villages have been the source of several recent attacks on Israeli citizens. Two Israelis were wounded in rock attacks in the past month when driving in the area, and other rock and firebomb attacks on vehicles have been reported.

Kalkilya is located just minutes from the Israeli city of Kfar Saba and the Trans-Israel highway. However, due to the Judea and Samaria security barrier, Kalkilya terrorists have largely turned away from attacking Israelis in those areas, and have focused on harming Jews in Samaria.

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  1. Hey Yussuf you fat muzz dog, care to comment on your coreligionists using mosques as weapons depots.

  2. Kaw – seconding your suggestion.

    I would just *love* to see sudden surprise raids and searches on all known mosques within the non-Muslim countries; carried out simultaneously, by large, well-armed teams with sniffer dogs trained to detect cadavers, drugs and explosives. And search every one from basement to attic, making sure to check for hidden safes, false ceilings, false floors, tunnels, etc. Teams of forensic accountants and computer experts to go through the mosque’s and the imam’s computers and all relevant financial records. Turn ’em upside down and shake ’em and see what falls out of their pockets.

    Churches and synagogues in the West would have nothing to fear from such an inspection. Our consciences – and our cupboards – are clear.

    But somehow I suspect that many mosques would turn out to be hiding all kinds of nasty things.

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