If this continues, America will be Islamic


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Un-indicted co-conspirator, terror tied CAIR (Niwad Awad) is dictating the terms of America’s submission to Islam. Note the demands for more Muslim advisory posts in the administration in order to change domestic and foreign policy (2:41), plus the usual victim card, etc., etc. as outlined in the Doha Compact (below) and the US-Muslim engagement document. The  agit-props from CAIR need to be arrested and shipped out to Gitmo, they have no place making demands on FOX TV/ed


Litigation Jihad pays big bucks:

Muslim girl gets $400,000 from Nevada school district in headscarf bully case

$400,000 for schoolyard bullying — and with no proof, and no description of the alleged threatener! Do you think Jana Elhifny had some high-priced legal support from Islamic advocacy groups? If she actually received any death threats, that is abominable, and even worse if school administrators did nothing, but the amount of the settlement here and the lack of any substantiation whatsoever of Elhifny’s charges suggests that the main point of this case is not that students deserve not to be threatened and harassed in school. “Muslim Girl Gets $400G From Nevada School District in Head Scarf Bully Case,” from FoxNews, thanks to JW

Biden warns Israel not to attack Iran

Better to let them nuke Israel and be done with it, eh, Joe?

“Biden warns Israel off any attack on Iran,” by Paul Richter for the Los Angeles Times

Islam: The Greatest Threat To Civilization by Amit Ghate  highly recommended!


*  Obama’s “Policies” (Pandering) Praised by Islamic World…

*  Obama’s Reality Check Abroad  (Washington Times)

While the US President speaks of a deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan, a video circulates showing what the people there are in for if he gets his way.

Obama: Islam has Shaped America  (FrontPage Magazine)

Well, there’s no denying that Islam has certainly changed the shape of the New York skyline.

* Fitzgerald: Islam has “shaped the world for the better”?

Textbook Lies About Islam by Raymond Ibrahim

Political correctness and fear have led to the whitewashing of Islam in books used by American students.

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  1. Sheik,

    That article from the Capitalism Magazine by Amit Ghate is f’ckn brilliant. I love it. Elected to defend us our politicians are either inept and corrupt, delusional or plainly do not have the balls for the job. They took my gun away and promised to defend me. So f’ckn defend me.

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