Lizard Watch: "There's a (big) difference between kneeling and bending over"

The above quote, you may have recognized it, is from Frank Zappa. A Muslim  would say “out of context”  but us regular folks who wear tennis shoes or an occasional python boot…. (you get the drift)  When it comes to relativism, Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs leads the fray for the fake conservatives moral supremacists who are allowed to post in his heavily censored echo-chamber.

“Bush Also Bowed Before the Saudi King” 


Rob Kuznia–

Sure, Bush also bowed to the Saudi king, how else could the latter put a medallion around his neck? We’re not saying Bush’s delirious participation in the Saudi sword dance activities was not embarrassing.  Of course it was! But receiving a medallion and positioning yourself for it is not the same as bowing down deeply, and that’s what the Obamessiah did. 

Wrote one of his posters: “Okay… so where was the bow? I saw President Bush lower his head to have a medal placed on around his neck which is very different from a supplicating bow of greeting.” That’s all there’s to it, or not?

The barrage of comments prompted Johnson to write another entry on Monday morning responding to the criticism. 

“Presidential pandering to the Saudis has been going on for decades, it didn’t start with Barack Obama, and it’s purely hypocritical to make excuses for George W. Bush while screaming that Obama did something no other President has ever done,” he wrote. 

This deference to a very bad country has been going on for decades; it didn’t start with Barack Obama, or with George W. Bush….

* Unfortunately, that’s true. Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

4 thoughts on “Lizard Watch: "There's a (big) difference between kneeling and bending over"”

  1. I am of the age where in my youth I was taught to bow, how to address the Queen, the Prime minister or the Archbishop. I can state without the least hesitation that Obambi did not bow. When bowing to your sovreign, superior or a person who deserves a bow you , if you are a gentleman, take the same stance as you would in a salute – another thing Obambi has not mastered – keep your legs and back straight and bow only from the waist. If you will look carefully at the photo, he has his legs akimbo like a little girl on her first appearance at court. This is far closer to a curtsy then a proper formal court bow.

  2. Good work. Keep up exposing LGF.
    LGF is too pro-jihadi for my taste. Charles is anti-G-d IMHO but it requires your research or a careful reading between the lines to find that he is pro-jihadi. At least Charles still supports Israel. What do you think happened to him? Did he fall off his bike and got brain damaged or do you think he sold out? LGF was much different a couple of years ago.

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