People smugglers back in business thanks to KRudd


Andrew Bolt

The people smugglers’ verdict is now in – Kevin Rudd has put out the welcome mat:

A BOAT carrying up to 40 asylum seekers, believed to be Iraqi men, women and children, has arrived at Christmas Island undetected and unescorted… It is the third vessel to arrive in Australian waters in a matter of weeks.

Watch the costs mount. And pray that we don’t once and watch more  boats sinking at sea, their passengers victims of Rudd’s kindness.

3 thoughts on “People smugglers back in business thanks to KRudd”

  1. The number has to be around 13 boat loads in 12 months. Just 2 weeks ago, it was up to the 9th then I was reading about the 10th. FFSake.
    I hope all the krudd voters are happy now. I have never been more disgusted as I feel right now, and with the economy in the state that it is in we need more freeloaders like we need an iranian missile heading our way. The costs will skyrocket, and it is the taxpayers who are footing the bill. krudd needs a clear message that boat people are not wanted here.

  2. We must write directly to KRUDD and tell him that this cannot go on – Cite the numerous examples of muslims behaving like swine (ie assualt in Melbourne, Sydney etc). BUT WE MUST WRITE TO THESE IDIOTS IN THE GOVERNMENT. AND WE MUST DO THIS OFTEN!!!

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