Muslim Infil-traitors Debate How to Smear "Right Wing" Parties

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“We must not let parties like the BNP spread their message of hate in our communities.” (We must only allow the Muslims spread their message of hate in our communities because everything else is ‘Islamophobic’/ed)

THE north west’s only Muslim MEP Sajjad Karim will be chairing a meeting this morning about the rise of extremism in Europe.

The legal affairs spokesperson and vice-president of the equality and diversity intergroup will be chairing the meeting in Brussels about how to cope and manage the rise of extremist parties including the BNP across Europe.

*  Well, I guess we’re all “right wingers” now because the left is wrong on every issue…


The Conservative MEP will warn how in north west of England, the BNP is becoming increasingly motivated and mobilised and will discussing tactics and techniques to manage the augmentation of parties with extremist ideals and how best to educate the electorate about the parties they can chose to vote for.

The aim is to also gather key thinkers to create a “unique” forum in which to develop innovative ideas about the policy challenges facing Europe and to evolve practical solutions to help address them.

The BNP needs only a slight improvement to add 2 per cent to its last 6.4 per cent of votes in the 2004 elections “to rear its ugly head” in the north west and to win a European Parliament seat, where the leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin is said to be standing.

The meeting has been organised by the European Ideas Network (EIN) which is sponsored by the EPP-ED, an open pan-European think tank process designed to promote new thinking on the key challenges that Member States of the European Union are facing.

The European Ideas Network has become an important meeting point and serves as an intellectual cross-road for the centre-right in European politics. The EIN regularly brings together politicians, businessmen, academics, policy advisers, think tankers, journalists and representatives of civil society who share a common outlook on Europe-wide issues.

The key speaker at the meeting is Dr Allan Janik, research fellow at Innsbruck University, professor of philosophy at the University of Vienna and Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology.

Said Mr Karim: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to chair what I know will be an innovative, creative and extremely interesting meeting.

“As the first British Muslim to be elected into the European Parliament, I have a special interest in ensuring that the rise of extremist parties in Europe and in my north west constituency is prevented, albeit democratically.

“We must not let parties like the BNP spread their message of hate in our communities.”

4 thoughts on “Muslim Infil-traitors Debate How to Smear "Right Wing" Parties”

  1. I will not have my right to hears others speak impeded by Karim and his ilk. If a person or group wishes to speak, then I have every right to hear them, and to then accept or reject the message. I find that the imposition of a filter, especially one controlled by individuals of questionable circumstance (eg muslims), totally unacceptable and I interpret this as a direct attack on our freedoms. I sincerely hope that European citizens write to their local MEPS and express their dissatisfaction with EIN for accepting this topic and particularly with allowing a muslim to chair/control the debate.

  2. “We must not let parties like the BNP spread their message of hate in our communities.”

    Start with your own community & its hate messages – “Europe
    you will pay – Your 9/11 is on its way”, “death to those who blaspheme
    against [false] prophet” etc, and the politicians who do nothing except
    fawn and appease.

  3. A big part of the problem is the inability of politicians and law makers in Europe to openly condemn specific activities that are found within specific ethnologies. The far left, with its flawed philosophies. holds so much sway because Hitler is still very fresh in European memories. The muslims have finally realised the existence of this archilles heel and they are exploiting it.
    What concerns me, to a great extent, is that many highly intelligent and eductated europeans believe that the european socio-political systems can self-compensate to minimize the damage from mass muslim migration. I am quite certain that this confidence is undeserved.

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